age author description
2011-07-24 Johannes Hofmann disable 'Found font:' messagesdefault tip
2011-07-24 corvid typo
2011-07-24 Jorge Arellano Cid Added labels to the search_url examples in dillorc
2011-07-24 Jorge Arellano Cid Added an optional label to dillorc's search_url. Format: "[<label> ]<url>"
2011-07-24 Jorge Arellano Cid Added multiple search engines (with several 'search_url' lines in dillorc)
2011-07-22 corvid rm comment
2011-07-21 corvid work around a fl_width() bug
2011-07-19 Jorge Arellano Cid merge
2011-07-19 Jorge Arellano Cid Cancel the expected URL after offering a download (BUG#982)
2011-07-19 corvid ChangeLog
2011-07-18 corvid turn on wrapping for textarea
2011-07-18 Johannes Hofmann merge
2011-07-18 Johannes Hofmann prefer fontFamily over fontStyle should a desired font not exist
2011-07-18 Jorge Arellano Cid Minor changes to user_help.html
2011-07-17 corvid more fl_toupper
2011-07-17 corvid comment typo
2011-07-17 corvid selection press button 3, don't bother going through most of the link stuff
2011-07-17 corvid clean up FltkViewBase::handle
2011-07-16 Jorge Arellano Cid Corrected the URL for keysrc in the help page
2011-07-15 Jorge Arellano Cid Updated user_help.html to follow dillo3-help.html
2011-07-15 Jorge Arellano Cid Updated the local help file, and the remote help URL
2011-07-12 corvid dillorc font suggestions
2011-07-12 Jorge Arellano Cid Updated doc/user_help.html (WRT Escape key)
2011-07-11 corvid tooltip label measurement and alignment
2011-07-11 corvid rm tooltip string escaping (again)
2011-07-11 corvid ChangeLog
2011-07-11 corvid for small-caps, make use of fltk-1.3's fl_toupper
2011-07-11 Jorge Arellano Cid Made "hide-panels" hide the findbar, then panels (and removed "fullscreen").
2011-07-10 Jorge Arellano Cid avoid a lingering tooltip from the StatusBar (Bugmeter)
2011-07-10 Jorge Arellano Cid Workaround: avoid a lingering tooltip from the Panel
2011-07-08 Jorge Arellano Cid Cancel the tooltip window when a popup menu is shown
2011-07-08 Jorge Arellano Cid Add a small delay before showing the tooltip
2011-07-08 Jorge Arellano Cid Layout::moveToWidget(): send crossing events considering border cases
2011-07-08 Jorge Arellano Cid Workaround: fixes hiding a tooltip with the keyboard or mousewheel
2011-07-07 corvid fix comment
2011-07-07 corvid fix comment
2011-07-03 corvid draw the labels when hidden inputs are shown
2011-06-30 Jorge Arellano Cid Workaround for downloads dpi: It had display glitches on some machines. !?
2011-06-29 Jorge Arellano Cid Fixed a bug that made the main area lose keyboard events with selection lists
2011-06-29 Jorge Arellano Cid Remove wrong comment
2011-06-27 Jorge Arellano Cid Enabled CTRL+{a,e,d,k} in search dialog (for start,end,del,cut)
2011-06-27 Jorge Arellano Cid Replaced fl_input() with a custom dialog
2011-06-27 corvid menu: tab before window
2011-06-25 corvid rm some references to fltk2
2011-06-23 corvid multimedia key names
2011-06-23 corvid non-ASCII keybindings
2011-06-21 Jorge Arellano Cid Eliminated a pack of 22 compiler warnings (gcc-4.6.1 amd64)
2011-06-21 corvid rm comment warning about (left|right)-tab
2011-06-20 Domingo Alvarez Duarte avoid linking unused printer code
2011-06-18 Jorge Arellano Cid Enabled CTRL+{a,e,d,k} shortcuts for form's inputs
2011-06-18 Jorge Arellano Cid silenced a lingering debug MSG
2011-06-18 Jorge Arellano Cid Made dillorc's middle_click_drags_page=NO operative again
2011-06-16 corvid rm unused double-click code
2011-06-15 Jorge Arellano Cid remove lingering MSG in selection.cc
2011-06-15 Jorge Arellano Cid Re-indent selection.cc for clarity
2011-06-14 Jorge Arellano Cid merge
2011-06-14 Jorge Arellano Cid Made tab and window titles more informative (WRT length)
2011-06-14 Jorge Arellano Cid indent: made html.cc fit in 80 columns
2011-06-14 corvid comment typo
2011-06-13 Jorge Arellano Cid Redraw current page when tabs = 2 and the new one doesn't take focus