diff src/styleengine.hh @ 895:816f3c5f9286

remove unused order_count parameter It seems that in dillo-0.8.0-css-3 it was used to make sure that later definitions of the same CSS property have more weight than previous ones. If for example a first stylesheet sets background-color to black, and a second stylesheet sets it to green, green should win. But as we currently parese everything in order (throughing away all parsed CSS data when a new CSS stylesheet has arrived), we don't need to remember the original ordering of stylesheets.
author Johannes Hofmann <Johannes.Hofmann@gmx.de>
date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 07:40:23 +0100
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--- a/src/styleengine.hh	Sun Feb 01 20:53:44 2009 -0300
+++ b/src/styleengine.hh	Mon Feb 02 07:40:23 2009 +0100
@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@
             return NULL;
-      void parse (const char *buf, int buflen, int order_count, CssOrigin origin);
+      void parse (const char *buf, int buflen, CssOrigin origin);
       void startElement (int tag);
       void setId (const char *id);
       void setClass (const char *klass);