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date Mon, 25 May 2009 18:58:49 +0200
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Dillo project


+- Added ipv6 addresses iteration and ipv4 fallback.
   Patch: James Turner, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Added support for numeric IPv6 addresses entered into the url bar.
 - Used the URL authority part instead of stripped default port in HTTP query.
 - Fixed Bookmarks modify's HTML so it wraps nicely on handhelds.
   Patches: Justus Winter
+- Implemented "search previous" in string searches.
   Patch: João Ricardo Lourenço
+- Fix for file inputs without values (forms).
 - Tuned input width a bit.
 - Cleaned up resource embedding (forms)
 - Made cookierc parsing more robust.
 - Switched a_UIcmd_save() to take its URL from history (not location bar).
 - Set prefs.vw_fontname as default font for the UI.
 - Fix: recover page focus when clicking outside of a widget.
 - Fixed a segfault bug in the test/ directory.
 - Set middle click to submit in a new TAB. (Helps to keep form data!)
 - Added support for the Q element. BUG#343
 - Cleaned up Html_pop_tag().
 - Ported the command line interface from dillo1 (XID not working yet).
 - Switched file dpi error messages to HTML.
 - Added a right-click menu to form controls (show hiddens, submit, reset)
 - Remove now-redundant generate_submit pref
 - Added the "http_language" dillorc option for setting HTTP's Accept-Language.
 - Refactored prefs.c to a much smaller size!
 - Fixed a SEGFAULT bug on redirections without Location.
 - Obey SELECT's size attribute.
 - Replace image loading button and page menu option with a tools menu option.
 - Implemented the "overline" text-decoration.
 - Enhanced and cleaned up text decorations for SUB and SUP.
 - Added "View Stylesheets" to the page menu.
 - Remove standard_widget_colors dillorc option.
 - Added dillo(1) man page.
   Patches: place (AKA corvid)
+- Switched SSL-enabled to (./configure --enable-ssl).
 - Standardised the installation of dpid/dpidrc with auto* tools.
 - Set the ScrollGroup as the resizable widget in downloads dpi.
 - Cleaned up and normalized D_SUN_LEN usage.
 - Fixed incorrect use of VOIDP2INT in Dialog_user_password_cb().
 - Ensure that the dlib dStr* functions are used everywhere.
 - Fixed a memory leak in Html_tag_open_link().
 - Fixed a memory leak in Klist().
 - Fix the comment for DLWin::del() (dpi/
 - Removed redundant caller NULL checks already in the API.
   Patches: Jeremy Henty
+- Implemented Basic authentication!
   Patch: Jeremy Henty, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Added "-fno-rtti -fno-exceptions" to CXXFLAGS (reduces binary size).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, place (AKA corvid)
+- Allowed compilation with older machines by removing a few C99isms.
 - Added use of inttypes.h when stdint.h isn't found.
   Patches: Dan Fandrich
+- Made the DNS resolver report in numeric address notation.
   Patch: Justus Winter
+- Reduced warnings with gcc-4.3.
   Patch: Thomas Orgis
+- Made the parser recognize "[^ ]/>"-terminated XML elements.
 - Implemented basic CSS infrastructure.
 - Brought in Sebastian's CSS parser from dillo-0.8.0-css-3.
 - Read user style from ~/.dillo/style.css.
 - Added support for descendant and child selectors.
 - Improved CSS selector matching performance using hash tables.
 - Support selector specificity.
 - Add support for font-size and font-weight enum values.
 - Added "font_max_size", "font_min_size" dillorc options.
 - Add workaround for fltk bug #2062.
 - Reduce number of styleEngine::style0() calls.
 - Replace bg_color dillorc option.
 - Remove text_color, link_color, and force_my_colors dillorc options.
 - Fix CSS string parsing bug.
 - Replace visited_color dillorc option.
 - Add support for negative numbers in CSS parser.
 - Fix allow_white_bg dillorc option.
 - Load <style></style> content only if applicable.
 - Allow negative values for specific CSS properties only.
 - Disable negative margins for now as dw/* does not support them yet.
 - Support CSS @import directive.
 - Disable form widgets while stylesheets are loading.
 - Fix image scaling on reload with border, margin, or padding > 0.
 - Implement --xid command line option (used by claws mail client).
 - Make tab expansion in plain text utf8 aware.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Updated the GPL copyright note in the source files.
   Patch: Detlef Riekenberg
+- Implemented a close-tab button for the GUI.
   Patch: João Ricardo Lourenço, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Added the "middle_click_drags_page" dillorc option.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Thomas Orgis
+- Added configurable keybindings! (in ~/.dillo/keysrc)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Tim Nieradzik, place (AKA corvid)
+- Fixed a memory leak with DilloImage structures.
   Patch: Johannes Hofmann, place (AKA corvid)
+- Set the File menu label to hide when the File menu-button is shown.
 - Set a new iconv() test in
 - Allowed the rc parser to skip whitespace around the equal sign.
 - Fixed the parser not to call Html_tag_close_* functions twice.
 - Implemented loading of remote CSS Stylesheet.
 - Made a big cleanup of cache.c WRT charset decoding (fixes bugs).
 - Made an extensive cleanup/fixup of the whole image handling process.
 - Implemented the tools button with a couple CSS options.
 - Removed the nav.h dependency from
 - Made the repush() operation more general and suited for CSS use.
 - Fixed collapsing of whitespace entities in HTML mode.
 - Updated the URL resolver to comply with RFC-3986.
 - Fixed handling of META's content-type with no MIME type (e.g. only charset).
 - Added support for a quoted URL in META refresh.
 - Added instant client-side redirects (aka. zero-delay META refresh).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid


+- Moved clicked from ButtonResource to Resource.
   Patch: place (AKA corvid)
+- Cleaned up unused code in fltkviewbase.
   Patch: Johannes Hofmann
+- Added lout/msg.h and normalized debug messages to use it.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid



+- Ported Dillo from GTK1 to FLTK2.
 - Ported a susbstantial part of the code from C to C++ (FLTK2 is in C++).
 - Wrote a new library: Dlib. With "Dlib" Dillo doesn't need glib anymore.
 - Ported all the code to Dlib.
 - Fixed Http_must_use_proxy() to be case insensitive.
 - Fixed some leaks and bugs in the cookies dpi.
 - Made Dillo's UI Control Panel resizable on-the-fly.
 - Implemented a new, simpler, dillorc parser.
 - Added handling of "localhost" in file URIs.
 - Fix: recognize "http://foo" and "http://foo/" as the same URL (BUG#497).
 - Reimplemented the Concomitant Callback chains into a uniform scheme!
   (two query branches and a single answer branch). It simplifies a lot the
   former CCC paths and allows for easier error control.
 - Added a new method for internally-generated urls: a_Cache_entry_inject().
 - Switched the cache to use Dlib's Dstr for its data storage.
 - Removed threads from IO. Now it only uses select-based watches.
 - Reimplemented IO.c and dpi.c to use Dlib's Dstr as its main buffer.
 - Turned Klist into a sorted list.
 - Removed one data-copy stage in Html_write_raw().
 - Switched gcc's "fmt..." syntax to ISO C __VA_ARGS__.
 - Fixed Dillo and its dpis to work from "/tmp" (for easy device unmount).
 - Simplified http.c by reusing the new non-blocking writes in IO.
 - Reworked the capi API so cache is only accessable from capi.
 - Rewrote the CCC's OpAbort handling.
 - Rewrote the DNS API and the Dpid start code inside Dillo.
 - Implemented Stop button to not only stop rendering but also networking.
 - Fixed the problem of scrolling position (remember position in a page).
 - Implemented a new scheme of scroll-position remembering. This is one per
   visited page intead of one per url (this is more standard).
 - Fixed a subtle bug in klist that was affecting IO.
 - Fixed the position of the Bug Meter popup menu.
 - Hooked vertical scrolling to the mouse wheel.
 - Reimplemented using a class, and hooked memory-release.
 - Reimplemented using a class, removed the linkblock,
   and hooked memory-release to dw destruction.
 - Switched UI shortcuts from a global event handler to UI::handle.
 - Bound Ctrl+Space to toggle fullscreen mode.
 - Switched dillo to push a URL with fragment (anchor) into the stack.
 - Added a workaround for a CCC reentrancy segfault.
 - Bound FltkMultiLineTextResource to the html parser (TEXTAREA).
 - Added code to ignore the first <P> after <LI>.
 - Added a http_referer preference. See details in dillorc.
 - Added a text placeholder: "[IMG]" for img_off mode.
 - Fixed a SEGFAULT bug in http.c (handling of web->url).
 - Fixed handling of #anchors with repush, and other operations.
 - Implemented a_Dialog_choice5(). May be used by dpis and dillo.
 - Improved parsing of collapsing white space.
 - FTP dpi: Fixed algorithm bugs and improved the mime-type detector.
 - CCC: added reentrancy control to the OpEnd and OpAbort operations.
 - CCC: enhanced the debug function and implemented OpAbort for dpi.
 - Hooked a decoder for text/plain with charset.
 - Forbid dpi GET and POST from non dpi-generated urls.
 - Cleaned up a_Url_new().
 - Implemented tabbed browsing.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Connected signals to <li> elements (fixes links within lists).
 - Enabled text, background-color, panel_size, geometry, fullscreen,
   start_page, geometry offset, proxy_user and limit_text_width in preferences.
 - Enabled clicking over image links.
 - Improved notification upon leaving links.
 - Implemented image-link URL showing in status bar.
 - Added missing size-parsing for the <hr> element.
 - Hooked "Activate" to the form_receiver.
 - Connected the plain page context menu.
 - Added code for the image menu and hooked it to dw2 signals.
 - Hooked the page and link menus.
 - Added a image-loading toggle button to the UI.
 - Enabled hiding widgets of the control panel from dillorc.
 - Added a save-directory preference (save_dir in dillorc).
 - Fixed page-popup-menu to use the stack's top URL instead of base_url.
 - Added the "static" qualifier where missing.
 - Bound "Copy link location".
 - Bound preliminar find text support.
 - Added line numbers and enabled wrapping in the "View Source" window.
 - Added HTTP-1.1's chunked transfer support!
 - Made the stop button sensitive when loading an image.
 - Added more statics in dpi, const in pixmaps, and removed redundant includes.
 - Made cleanups in prefs (hiding local data/defs/symbols).
 - Fixed a segfault in cookies.c when no .dillo directory exists.
 - Added a MSG_HTTP for HTTP/1.1's warning headers.
 - Added support for multi-line header fields.
 - Added support for "charset" in the HTTP header field for Content-Type.
 - Added support for progressive display of progressive jpegs.
 - Fixed progressive display of interlaced pngs.
 - Enabled colspan=0 in tables parsing.
 - Fixed a memory leak in cookies.c
 - Added "standard_widget_colors" preference. It allows a more stylish look.
 - Fixed the return value of Cache_parse_multiple_field.
 - Added the multipart/form-data encoding method to form submission.
 - Fixed a bug in Html_parse_entity.
 - Fixed a bug in a_Url_cmp.
 - Fixed a bug in Cookies_parse_one. Set it to a single return point too!
 - Added dStr_memmem() and dStr_printable() to dlib.
 - Split Html_append_input() into smaller functions.
 - Implemented ISINDEX.
 - Added input image for FORMS.
 - Added button for FORMS.
 - Added nesting checks for BUTTON, SELECT and FORM.
 - Fix: shape=default is the background in a client-side image map.
 - Enabled client and server-side image maps.
 - Switched Window::destroy to Window::delete, fixing side effects.
 - Made zlib a configure requirement, and cleaned up
 - Fixed a segfault bug in Nav.c.
 - Switched from charset to content-type for handling data.
 - Moved charset decoding into cache.
 - Implemented OBJECT as link (similar to FRAME).
 - Enabled the file dpi to look inside gzipped files.
 - Allowed form inputs outside the FORM element (it's in the standard).
 - Fixed a segfault bug in VERBATIM mode.
 - Made image inputs less of a special case by using x,y in ComplexButton.
 - Made forms show their action URL upon enter/leave mouse events (safety).
 - Fixed a memory leak in
 - Switched from DEBUG_MSG to MSG.
   Patches: place (AKA corvid)
+- Fixed a problem with locally-installed dpis.
 - Added code for optional image loading (nice interface) very advanced!
 - Added an experimental gzip decoder! 
 - Implemented "Load Images" in the page menu and cleaned up html.hh.
 - Added shortcuts: PgDn=Spc, PgUp=b, Back=BackSpace, Forw=Shift+Backspace.
 - Made a cleanup in cache's parse header code.
 - Added support for "charset" in the META element.
 - Added a_Capi_get_flags(). It requests a cache entry's status as flags.
 - Switched URL_DATA type from char* to a dStr.
 - Implemented the file input control for forms.
 - Fixed data guesser to detect ASCII, LATIN1, UTF8, KOI8-R, CP-1251 as text.
   Patch: place, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fixed a cookies-related dillo freeze bug happening at:
   Patch: Andreas Kemnade, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fixed a va_list-related SEGFAULT on 64bit-arch in dStr_vsprintfa().
   Added const declarations in html parser.
   Patch: Vincent Thomasset
+- Fixed void to int conversions for 64bit-arch.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, higuita
+- Set the url resolver to escape illegal chars instead of stripping.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Jeremy Henty
+- Added suport for old iconv() (const char** as 2nd arg).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Christian Kellermann
+- Added a strndup() replacement in dw2
   Patch: Alexander Becher, Johannes Hofmann, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fixed calcHashValue() to only return non-negative numbers (was SEGFAULT).
 - Improved scrolling performance on large pages by copying screen data
    instead of rendering.
 - Updated to check only for fltk2-config.
 - Implemented drag-scrolling with the mouse's middle button.
 - Disabled double buffering (good for debugging redraws).
 - Switched dns.c from gethostbyname* to getaddrinfo (& removed libc5 code).
 - Made "New browser window" inherit the panel style of its parent.
 - Made TopGroup a PackedGroup, simplifying UI code and removing workarounds.
 - Added a redraw(DAMAGE_HIGHLIGHT) call to Back, Forw and Stop buttons.
 - Fixed a segfault bug when closing a bw under active networking.
 - Removed the unused SPCBuf variable.
 - Fixed a freeze-bug in IO.c where the IOwatch for reading was not removed.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Made progress bars resize automatically.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Improved FLTK library detection at configure time.
   Patch: Frank Gevaerts
+- Bound Ctrl-R to reload.
 - Made dialogs use font_factor (e.g. view source).
 - Implemented the SELECT element in FORMS!
 - Implemented MULTIPLE SELECT in FORMS.
 - Fixed a memory leak in nav.c
!- cleanup (in progress). New classes, form API, source split.
 - Fixed a bug in style caching.
   Patches: Jeremy Henty
+- Added int32_t, EAI_NODATA and iconv tests for FreeBSD.
   Patch: Thomas-Martin Seck
+- Made CTRL-l focus the location bar instead of popping up a dialog.
 - Set key bindings with modifiers to work when alone only.
 - Replaced the findtext dialog with an in-window widget!
   Patches: Justus Winter


        - Fixed bug in dw::core::ExtIterator (wrong mask, see also Jorge's
          patch "createvar.diff" from Nov 08).
        - Applied Jorge's patch for dw::core::AlignedTextblock
          ("lists.diff" in mail from Nov 08).
        - Applied Jorge's patch for dw::core::Textblock ("links.diff" in
          mail from Nov 08).
        - Applied Jorge's patch for ("conf.diff" in mail from
          Nov 08).
        - Renamed ExtIterator to DeepIterator.
        - Implemented CharIterator (as an alternative to word iterators).
        - Implemented text search (simple KMP based on CharIterator).
        - Completed scrolling.
          Patches: Sebastian Geerken

        + Implemented drag scrolling with mouse's middle button.
        - Enabled commented out partial image redraw, adding some checks.
        - Enabled clipped redraws (avoids some flickering).
        - Improvement: avoid complete redraws for child widget updates.
        - Added code to really delete fltk2 widgets embedded in dw2.
        - Fixed partial redraws and scrolling interference.
        - Added combination of drawing rectangles into a larger one.
        - Bug fix: a newly added rectangle may contain others.
        - Made draw() check whether a rectangle is visible at drawing time.
        - The background is now cleared properly on partial redraws.
        - Made getWidgetAtPoint() a virtual method of widget and implemented a
          custom one for TextBlock, reducing CPU usage on pages full of links.
        - Added a style reference and an initialization to mustQueueResize.
        - Replaced prepareCreateFltkWidget with an explicit call to add().
        - Fixed an assertion-exit bug in DeepIterator.
        - Fixed two viewport bugs: in drawing and scrolling.
        - Made scrollbars really children of FltkViewport.
        - Avoided multiple redraws when Layout::resizeIdle() queues itself.
        - Set FltkViewBase::draw to intersect with view area for expose.
        - Set cursor shape to CURSOR_MOVE on drag. Disabled drag over links.
        - Added Layout::queueDrawExcept(), it reduces flickering by avoiding
          a redraw when another rectangle is added.
        - Fixed a scrollIdleId test to properly compare against -1.
        - Set FltkPlatform::removeIdle to use removeRef() instead of remove().
        - Cleaned up scroll code and moved updateCanvasWidgets() out of draw().
        - Switched begin-end pairs with add() calls (fixes side-effect bugs!).
        - Fixed checks in adjustScrollPos() to not allow wild values.
        - Added double buffering for partial redraws!
        - Implemented ComplexButton.
        - Fixed find text so it works for phrases and PRE-wrapped text.
        - Fixed a bug in DeepIterator::prev.
        - Added the "lout" namespace.
        - Reduced memory usage in 30% by reusing styles, reducing the size
          of struct Content, and not preallocating in SimpleVector. !
        - Made fontsTable and colorsTable static members of Font and Color.
        - Moved highlighting information from struct Word into Textblock
          to save memory.
        - Reduced memory usage 10% with a custom memory handler in Textblock.
        - Fixed a segfault when searching for single characters.
        - Fixed memory leaks by s/delete/delete[]/ where necessary.
        - Fixed three iterator memory leaks in Iterator::scrollTo().
        - Changed DeepIterator to always clone its parameter (segfault bug).
        - Implemented selection of multibyte glyphs (UTF-8).
        - Removed the canvasWidgets list (fltk's children seem enough).
        - Switched misc:assert() to the standard assert() call.
          Patches: Johannes Hofmann
        + Fixed a segfault-on-empty-strings bug in ConstString::hashValue.
        - Fixed a segfault in reallocChildren (colspan/rowspan related).
        - Fixed another assertion-exit bug in DeepIterator.
        - Added the dw::fltk::ui::FltkMultiLineTextResource class.
        - Implemented TEXTAREA using fltk::TextEditor.
        - Bugfix: added the missing fltk::setfont calls before ::getwidth.
        - Bugfix: initialized scrollIdleNotInterrupted variable.
        - Commented out obsolete DEBUG_MSG lines in
        - Fixed rowspan apportion when no single rowspan=1 row is found.
        - Fixed allocateFltkWidget to handle and display FltkListResource.
        - Fixed a slithery BUG in lout::misc::Stringbuffer.
        - Implemented multiple item selection in FltkSelectionResource.
          Patches: Jeremy Henty
        + Added an extra argument in the link signals
          (I recommended that instead of an array of image handlers --jcid)
        - Aded an x_img camp to style (an image array index, like x_link).
        - Added the same workaround in for WHEN_ENTER_KEY_ALWAYS.
        - Fixed shading ( and implemented FltkViewBase::drawPolygon().
        - Implemented Circle and Disk bullet drawing.
        - Fixed a bug in FltkViewBase::getClippingView.
        - Made FltkColor::FltkColor use ::fltk::BLACK (bugfix).
        - Fixed a bug with dissappearing widgets when scrolling with low CPU.
        - Fixed a bug with the canvas offset of scrolling bars.
        - Fixed a typo bug in scrollIdle() and a typo in processMouseEvent().
        - Fixed an offset arithmetic bug with widgets inside textblock.
        - Fixed RTFL debugging messages.
        - Switched ComplexButton to use "Activate" instead of "Clicked" signal.
        - Made the ComplexButton resource remember its click x,y.
        - Added "enter" and "leave" signals into class Resource.
          Patches: place
        + Enabled mouse wheel scrolling. 
          FltkViewport::setScrollStep() sets how many points at a time.
        - Added setDeleteCallback(DW_Callback_t func, void *data) to widget.
          This allows to hook a callback when the widget is destroyed.
        - Implemented a weighted apportionment algorithm for table rowspan.
        - Implemented a weighted apportionment algorithm for table colspan.
        - Implemented percentage widths in tables (better rendering!).
        - Fixed an initialization bug in hruler.
        - Fixed a bug in the textblock's wrapping algorithm.
        - Fixed a bug in table cellpadding.
        - Fixed a bug in getContentHeight().
        - Changed the table-apportion algorithms + bug fixes. Big work!
        - Fixed a mistake in the CSS-box-model PNG image (style-box-model.png).
        - Added initialization for scrollX and scrollY.
        - Fixed a typo bug in adjustScrollPos().
        - Fixed two typo bugs in Textblock::drawLine().
        - Changed Textblock::addText() to internally allocate its text string,
          making the memory handling opaque to the caller.
          Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
        + Added actual text selection.
          Patch: Sebastian Geerken, place
        + Implemented dw::fltk::ui::FltkOptionMenuResource::isSelected(),
          added Item::createNewGroupWidget(), Item::createNewWidget().
          Patch: Jeremy Henty, Johannes Hofmann
        + Implemented the necessary base for image maps.
          Patch: Johannes Hofmann, place

        - Fixed event handling in FLTK views. (Fixes links and several
          problems with UI resources.)
        - Implemented clipping views. (dw::Image used this already in
          version 0.0.41.)
        - Added "activated" signals to UI resources.
          Patches: Sebastian Geerken


0.8.5-pre-dw-redesign-1 [internal]
- Prototype

dillo-0.8.3-pre-dw-redesign-3 [Aug 30, 2004]
 - * Fixed bug GtkDwViewport, which caused some redraws to be ignored.
   * Added GdkDwPreview.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken

dillo-0.8.3-pre-dw-redesign-2 [Aug 28, 2004]
 - * Added images to the current state of the redesign.
     - New module Imgbuf, see doc/Imgbuf.txt for details.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken

dillo-0.8.3-pre-dw-redesign-1 [Aug 25, 2004]
 - * Introduced an abstraction layer between Dw and Gtk+. See README-port and
     doc/DwRender.txt for more details.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken

Dillo project

dillo-0.8.6 [Apr 26, 2006]

 - * Designed and implemented a dpi protocol library (libDpip.a in /dpip).
   * Added a couple of new dpip commands.
   * Fixed and uniformed the escaping of values inside dpip tags.
   * Ported the bookmarks, download, file, https, ftp and hello plugins,
     plus the dpid daemon and the rest of the source tree to use it.
   * Improved the dpi buffer reception to handle split buffers (This was
     required for handling arbitrary data streams with dpip).
   * Fixed a bug in Cache_entry_remove_raw.
   * Added a couple of "const" and C++ wrappers to dpiutil's API.
   * Fixed a serious bug with the FTP plugin that led to two downloads of the
     same file when left-clicking a non-viewable file.
   * Added MIME/type detection to the FTP plugin, and removed popen().
   * Set the dpi daemon (dpid) not to exit when the downloads dpi is running.
   * Improved the accuracy of the illegal-character error reporting for URLs.
   * Now save dialog replaces %20 and ' ' with '_' in the Filename suggestion.
   * Made URL ADT automatically count and strip illegal characters from URLs.
   * Added dpi/ (Default FLTK2-based GUI for downloads dpi).
   * Added "./configure --disable-dlgui" to build without FLTK2-GUI downloads.
   * Fixed dpip's tag syntax and its parsing to accept any value string.
   * Added DOCTYPE parsing (for better bug-meter error messages).
   * Added a DOCTYPE type declaration tag to dpi-generated HTML.
   * Fixed bookmarks dpi to escape ' in URLs and &<>"' in titles (BUG#655).
   * Added a check for malicious image sizes in IMG tags.
   * Made the parser aware of buggy pages with multiple BODY and HTML elements.
   * Fixed a bug in MIME content/type detection.
   * Check HTTP Content-Type against real data (a security procedure).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added a datauri dpi to handle "data:" URIs (RFC-2397).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Ben Wiley Sittler
 - * Moved the cookies management into a dpi server: cookies.dpi.
   * Removed the restriction of only one dillo with cookies enabled!
   * Fixed a bug with cookies for sites with self-signed certificate.
   * Updated the cookies documentation.
   * Made the downloads plugin dillo-cookie aware.
   * Ported the cookies dpi to libDpip.a.
   * Merged the new dpip code into the source tree.
   Patches: Diego Sáenz, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added "./configure --disable-threaded-dns" (for some non reentrant BSDs).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Francis Daly
 - * Fixed a bug with roman literals divisible by 10 (BUG#700).
   * Fixed a bug with long alphabetically ordered lists (BUG#704).
   Patch: Glyn Kennington
 - * Fixed a file descriptor leak in the dpi protocol library.
   * Fixed a subtle segfault bug with malformed URLs in cookies.c.
   Patch: Francis Daly
 - * Improved the dpi framework. Now dpi-programs can be specified in dpidrc,
   and there's no need to touch dillo's sources to add new dpi services.
   Just make your dpi program, add a dpidrc line and play with it!
   Patch: Diego Sáenz, Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.8.5 [Jun 15, 2005]

 - * Set "file:" to work as URI for current directory.
   Patch: Diego Sáenz
 - * Added a "small" dillorc option for panel size (medium without labels).
   Patch: Eugeniy, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed the shell escaping code in the ftp plugin.
   * Added some checks for sane values in html.c.
   * Added URL filtering to the ftp and downloads dpis to avoid SMTP hacks.
   * Fixed the file dpi to react to the DpiBye command.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.8.4 [Jan 11, 2005]

 - * Fixed a possible attack (program abortion) by malicious web pages, which
     contain huge values for <table> attributes "colspan" and "rowspan".
   * Changed anchors, they are now tested to be unique, and removed properly,
     when a widget tree is changed (e.g. another page is visited). Also added
     HTML warnings.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed two minor memory leaks (IO's Buf1Start & html's SPCBuf).
   * Fixed handling of XML's "/>" tag-closing (e.g. <script ... />). BUG#514
   * Removed obsolete code from IO/file.c.
   * Added a few missing EINTR handlers in dpi.c.
   * Orthogonalized the generic parser:
       - Fixes memory leaks and widget state when recovering from bad HTML.
       - Improves error detection and validation (needed by XHTML).
       - Makes DOC tree generation possible (needed by CSS).
       - Cleaner design of handling routines for bad HTML.
       - Orthodox treatment of double optional elements (HTML, HEAD, BODY).
       - Lots of minor code cleanups.
   * Switched the dpi file server's design to pthreads (fixes a critical race).
   * Avoided a crash when indexed GIF images lack a color map (BUG#647).
   * Fixed a bug when the remote HTTP server sends no Content-Type and
     the TCP packetizing splits the header from data (BUG#650).
   * Returned the parser to the old whitespace "collapsing" mode
     (this can be changed with the SGML_SPCDEL define in html.c).
   * Fixed a memory leak for DwStyle (there was one leak per page).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a large memory leak of thread specific resources. --Very important
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Removed warnings for pointer arithmetic and strict prototypes all
     around the code (now it works under LP64 architectures).
   * Made miscelaneous cleanups for LP64 architectures.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Dieter Baron
 - * Changed dpid's umask to 0077.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Richard Zidlicky
 - * Switched to g_vsnprintf (instead of vsnprintf).
   Patch: Frank Wille
 - * Updated a bit the README file.
   Patch: Dieter Baron
 - * Made a grammatical and typographical review of the whole documentation
     in doc/. Also added some clarifications.
   * Fixed a libpng detection problem (e.g., on CYGWIN). BUG#651
   Patches: Roberto Sanchez
 - * Fixed "id" and "name" attributes parsing logic.
   * Improved the parsing algorithm for character entities. BUG#605
   Patches: Matthias Franz
 - * Fixed a security bug with uncertain data and a_Interface_msg().
   Patch: Tavis Ormandy

dillo-0.8.3 [Oct 27, 2004]

 - * Added a missing error handler for unreachable host in http.c.
   Patch: Dennis Schneider, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added fragment (aka anchor) decoding before it is set by Dw.
   Patch: Matthias Franz, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed dpid to work even when a dpi directory is empty.
   Patch: George Georgiev, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made the search dialog's URL go encoded in the query.
   Patch: Matthias Franz
 - * Fixed the width of sized text entry widgets within FORMS.
   Patch: Thorben Thuermer
 -(*)Made a library-based https dpi prototype, with certificate authentication!
   * Separated the code in dpi/ so the common base now lies in dpiutil.c.
   Patches: Garrett Kajmowicz
 - * Added SSL library detection code to
   Patch: Garrett Kajmowicz, Thomas-Martin Seck
 - * Fixed the wrong image-URL after cancelling a link-image popup (BUG#580).
   * Improved the transfer speed for the bookmarks dpi when using 2.6.x linux.
   * Fixed the downloads dpi to work when there're "'" characters in the URL.
   * Fixed " and ' characters stuffing in capi and interface for dpip commands.
  (*)Added a "dialog" command to the dpi protocol (dpip). It allows any dpi to
     make GUI choice-questions trough Dillo by using simple dpi tags.
   * Merged some dialog-generating code in interface.c and fixed a bug with
     the FORM repost dialog.
   * Designed and implemented a unified API for handling data streams inside
     dillo plugins. Servers and filters can use it.
   * Converted the bookmarks, ftp, file, hello and the https prototype dpis
     to the new dpiutil API.
   * Replaced the old 'force_visited_color' dillorc option with the new
     'contrast_visited_color' (using a renewed color-choosing algorithm).
   * Added some 'undefined ASCII' to latin1 character conversions.
   * Added the "w3c_plus_heuristics" option to dillorc.
   * Removed a segfault bug on oversized images (rare case).
   * Removed a CPU-hog on 302 redirections with cookies.
   * Made HTTP's 302 redirections non-cacheable (incomplete).
   * Implemented a new scheme for detecting redirection loops.
   * Fixed cookies to accept four legacy old-date formats for "Expires".
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Introduced a light-weight heuristic algorithm over the W3C parsing
     scheme (allows for slightly better rendering: w3c_plus_heuristics=YES).
   Patch: Rubén Fernández
 - * Moved the internal support for "file:" URIs into a dpi (server plugin).
   * Added TABLE-based rendering of directory listings to the new file dpi.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Removed DwWidget::realize and DwWidget::unrealize.
   * Made all signals expect events to abstract methods.
   * Renamed a_Dw_widget_{size_request|get_extremes|size_allocate|set_*} to
     p_*, they should not be used outside of Dw.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed the meta refresh warning to not switch from IN_HEAD to IN_BODY.
   Patch: Björn Brill

dillo-0.8.2 [Jul 06, 2004]

 - * Made PgUp/PgDn scroll by a full page, instead of a half (BUG#418).
   * Added new Gtk+ widgets GtkExtButton, GtkExtMenu, and GtkExtMenuItem.
     - Used GtkExtButton to enhance the button 3 menu of the forward button,
       backward button and bug meter buutton.
     - GtkExtMenu and GtkExtMenuItem are used to make handling button 2
       in the history menus cleaner.
   * Made bug meter button react on high-level "clicked" signal, instead of
   * New widget GtkMenuTitle, used for nicer titles in menus.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added a small handler for javascript links (BUG#546).
   * Made the parser ignore white space immediately after an open tag, and
     immediately before a close tag.
   * Fixed handling of redirection answers with unviewable MIME type (BUG#563).
   * Fixed the history-stack handling after redirection chains.
   * Fixed the character escaping logic in directory listings (BUG#564).
   * Added a small hack to view UTF-8 encoded quotation marks.
   * Added a "start_page" option to dillorc (to override the splash screen).
   * Tuned the buffering scheme for local directory listings (more speed).
   * Set some initial socket-buffering for dpis (in dpid).
   * Disallowed the "about:" method on non-root URLs (BUG#573).
   * Made the rendered area keep its focus after a form submition.
   * Fixed some include files in src/IO/.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Added hints (icons and tooltip text) to buttons featuring a right-click
     context menu.
   * Now you can copy & paste an URL into the "Clear URL" button.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Made the save and open file dialogs remember the last directory (BUG#211).
   Patch: Diego Sáenz

dillo-0.8.1 [May 14, 2004]

 - * Fixed dirent.h includes inside dpid.
   Patch: Joseph Myers
 - * Fixed a slippery bug with certain interlaced gif images (BUG#500).
   Patch: Andreas Mueller
 - * Fixed libpng-1.2.4 detection in
   Patch: Rubén Helguera
 - * Added proxy authentication support through the "http_proxyuser" option
     in dillorc (the password is asked at run time).
   Patch: Ivan Daniluk, Jorge Arellano, Francis Daly
 - * Moved tooltips to DwStyle, tooltip event handling to DwPage, and applied
     this also to the TITLE attribute of <a> and <abbr>.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed a bug related to spaces after anchors and breaks.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Removed two "type punning" gcc warnings (dw_gtk_viewport.c).
   * Added some missing "static" qualifiers.
   * Improved a_Strbuf_chars() so no list reversion is required.
   * Removed an unused data list (dns.c), and redundant code (selection.c).
   * Switch one realloc() call to g_realloc(), to match g_free() (dpi.c).
   * Removed unnecessary NULL-checks and NULL initializations.
   * Added Html_get_attr_wdef(), it lets providing a default return value.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed so pthreads are only linked where needed.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano
 - * Modified a_Misc_stuff_chars for simplicity and removed a memory leak.
   * Made the dpi framework send the HTTP query to the https dpi
     (this allows for an SSL-lib dpi and for easier session caching).
   * Cleaned up the int2void and void2int casts in CCC parameters.
   * Added container|inline model information to the HTML element table, and
     made the bug-meter and the parser aware of it. This both improves bug
     detection and rendering. 
   * Fixed newly detected HTML bugs in bookmarks dpi and file.c.
   * Fixed opening files with a ':' character in its name (again).
   * Added binaryconst.h (allows for binary constants in C).
   * Fixed The ladder effect with lists (BUG#534).
   * Made the bug-meter detect tags lacking a closing '>' (BUG#532).
   * Made the bug-meter detect excluded inline elements from <PRE>.
   * Eliminated a segfault source with tricky <input> tags (BUG#552).
   * Fixed <address> to render as a block element (BUG#527).
   * Added a content test for "name" and "id" attribute values (BUG#536).
   * Fixed the URL resolver handling of the "//" sequence in <path> (BUG#535).
   * Added "show_extra_warnings" and removed "use_old_parser" (dillorc).
   * Added minor support for the deprecated <MENU> element.
   * Eliminated a race condition that produced segfaults when a dpi transfer
     was cancelled before the contents were sent (a very rare case).
   * Added a test for socklen_t in
   * Fixed the downloads dpi to handle both new savenames and target directory.
   * GdkRgb: fixed handling of not usable system default visual and colormap.
   * Made dillo recognize unhandled MIME types, and offer a download dialog!
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.8.0 [Feb 08, 2004]

 - * Added a right-mouse-button popup for images!
   Patch: Frank de Lange, Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made main document window grab focus on startup, fullwindow,
     and after open url (BUG#330)
   * Set Ctrl-U to focus the location entry,
     Ctrl-R to reload, and Ctrl-H to hide controls.
   Patches: Johan Hovold, Jorge Arellano, Stephan Goetter
 - * Added a missing handler for broken-connection condition.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Phil Pennock
 - * Introduced a new way of handling dillo plugins! Now the
   communications and managing is done by a daemon: dpid.
   This comes with a lot of advantages described in Dpid.txt.
   Patch: Programming: Ferdi Franceschini; Design: Jorge Arellano
 - * Wrote documentation for dpid (Dpid.txt).
   * Removed a memory leak in Get_line().
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Ferdi Franceschini
 - * Developed a plugin for downloads. It uses wget and can handle several
   connections at the same time.
   * Developed stress tests for both dpid and the downloads dpi.
   Patches: Ferdi Franceschini
 - * Adapted dpi.c to manage plugins through dpid.
   * Improved the incoming dpi-stream processing to accept images from a dpi.
   * Added/updated lots of dpi-related comments.
   * Updated the dpi1 spec.
   * Removed the forced end-to-end reload that was set upon dpis. Now,
     dpi-generated pages can be cached.
   * Made dillo able to handle multiple plugins (still lacks a dynamic API)
   * Wrote bare bones plugins for handling: FTP and HTTPS.
   * Wrote an example plugin: HELLO  --kind of "Hello world".
   * Made all the bindings to make it work (fully commented).
   * Added code for automatical and non-blocking dpid start!
   * Added an extensible secondary URL convenience for popup menus.
   * Attached the image popup to the link menu (when the link is an image).
   * Removed a memory leak in the selection code (commands.c).
   * Cleaned up memory handling when reusing the GioChannel for IPv6.
   * Removed a race-condition-polling-CPU-hog bug in IO! (hairy... ;)
   * Adapted the generic parser to make HTML error detection, providing
     the line number and a hint (expected tag) in the error message!
   * Added a bug-meter button that shows the count of detected HTML errors
     (left click shows the errors, right click offers a validation menu).
   * Added information about optional, required and forbidden end tags.
   * Modified the parser's handling of closing tags to account for elements
     with an optional close tag, and for more accurate diagnosis messages.
   * Added 'use_old_parser' option to dillorc (boolean).
   * Fixed the handling of HEAD and BODY elements to account for their
     double optional condition (both open and close tags are optional).
   * Added the MSG() macro to msg.h and replaced g_print() with it.
   * Added the "show_msg" dillorc option to disable MSG().
   * Increased the number of warning messages reported by gcc.
   * Solved a lot of signed/unsigned problems.
   * Made the necessary cleanups/bug-removals for the new warning level.
   * Connected the dpi stream to the cache using the CCC!
   * Fixed the cache API by introducing the new call a_Capi_get_buf().
   * Fixed a race condition and a multiple request problem.
   * Cleaned up the code for the progressbar widgets.
   * Standarized unix domain sockets with AF_LOCAL for portability.
   * Minor cleanups for a smooth compile on older systems (libc5).
   * Fixed the handling of P element for the HTML nesting checks.
   * Set Ctrl-B for bookmarks shortcut (instead of Alt-B).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Enhanced the speed of the actual selection of text.
   * Added command line option --debug-rendering.
   * Added "button_sensitive" attribute to DwWidget, which is needed to
     make <BUTTON>'s accessable at all. (They were inaccessable since the
     introduction of text selection!)
   * Changed behaviour of DwButton, see NOTE at beginning of dw_button.c.
   * Added "collapsing margins" to DwPage.
   * Added CSS "list-style-type" and "display" equivalents to DwStyle, changed
     definition of "font", replaced "nowrap" by "white-space", and renamed
     "link" to "x_link".
   * DwBullet now uses DwStyle for the bullet type, made necessary changes
     in HTML parser.
   * Changed DwStyleLength, now only pixel values and percentages are
     supported. (For CSS, anything else will be done elsewhere.)
   * Added word backgrounds to DwPage (not yet used.)
   * Added the possibility to clip widget drawings (new function
   * Made images showing the ALT text as long as no image data has been
   * Cleaned up event handling and related code: "link_*" signals now return
     gboolean, and DwWidget events are signals.
   * Moved DwRectangle and related to dw.c.
   * Rewrote idle drawing, fixed BUG#202.
   * Removed p_Dw_widget_queue_clear*.
   * Added --enable-rtfl option to configure.
   * Fixed a bug in findtext (wrong highlighting).
   * Many changes in scrolling: added x coordinate (except for anchors), and
     DW_[VH]POS_INTO_VIEW position. Added x coordinate also to DilloUrl.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed bug in DwImage::link_clicked signal.
   Patch: Stephan Goetter, Frank de Lange (simultaneously and independent :-)
 - * Fixed memory leak in Html_tag_open_isindex.
   * Added numerical keypad cursor keys navigation.
   * Changed return values of Dw event methods from gint to gboolean.
   * Cleaned up debug message generation by using glib wrappers.
   * Replaced DwStyle::SubSup by new DwStyleVAlignType values, and
     DwStyle::uline and DwPage::strike by new DwStyle::text_decorations.
   * Added new convenience macros DW_WIDGET_HEIGHT, DW_WIDGET_CONTENT_HEIGHT,
   * Added configure options to disable either: png, jpeg or gif.
   * Fixed for proper library linking for dpis and dpid.
   * Improved libpng detection.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed wrong handling of coordinates in ISMAP and USEMAP images.
   * Added a hand-shaped cursor to input controls of type image.
   * Fixed a off-by-one memory leak in Dw(Ext)Iterator.
   * Fixed NULL result handling of p_Dw_widget_text_iterator() in DwBullet,
     DwHRuler and DwImage.
   * Made dpid/ aware of $(DESTDIR).
   * Fixed wrong return value of a_Findtext_search for widget == NULL.
   Patches: Frank de Lange
 - * Fixed a bug in Dw cursor code.
   Patch: Frank de Lange, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Corrected marshal functions for DwWidget signals.
   Patch: Anders Gavare, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added support for anchors using the "id" attribute (BUG#495).
   * Defined dillo's version-string in one place only:
   Patch: Francis Daly
 - * Removed a segfault source with corrupted MIME types in HTTP (BUG#501).
   * Made SPAM-safe URLs aware of image buttons (BUG#508).
   Patch: Francis Daly, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added a web search dialog (with toolbar icon, shortcut: Ctrl-S).
     The search engine can be set in dillorc (defaults to google).
   Patch: Johan Hovold, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a problem with libpng options detection (
   Patch: Rubén Fernández
 - * Added "pthreads" (with an "s") detection to
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Added the "-geometry" switch to the CLI.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Jan Dittmer

dillo-0.7.3 [Aug 03, 2003]

 - * Some more selection goodies:
     - Redesign of the selection state model, now the selection is preserved
       as long as possible.
     - Highlighted text is now drawn inverse (new DwWidget::bg_color).
     - Selection of images, list bullets and hrulers (as text), with a common
       text iterator for the respective widgets.
   * Borders may now be drawn inverse (needed for selection).
   * Improved the speed when selecting large areas. (BUG#450)
   * Fixed a bug in DwPage extremes.
   * Fixed a wrong implementation of incremental resizing for DwPage.
     (Affected functions: Dw_page_rewrap and a_Dw_page_add_widget)
   * Fixed a bug in a_Dw_widget_size_allocate.
   * Made jumping to anchors faster (removes CPU hog).
   * Fixed a bug in Dw_page_get_extremes().
   * Made (invalid) <li>'s without <ol> or <ul> defined, and independent of
     each other.
   * Fixed rendering of <frameset>.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Made a new set of toolbar icons!
   Patch: John Grantham (
 - * Added support for the hspace and vspace attributes of the IMG tag.
   * Made only left button activate the image input type (BUG#367,#451).
   * Fixed SELECT with "multiple" but without "size" (BUG#469).
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added titles to bookmark server's html pages.
   Patch: Kelson Vibber
 - * Made IFRAME to be handled like FRAME (shows link).
   Patch: Nikita Borodikhin, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a bug in 'a_Misc_stristr' that permeated findtext. (BUG#447)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, "squirrelblue"
 - * Finished handling of single and double quotes inside dpi tags.
   * Fixed a bug for named-entities' character codes greater than 255.
   * Introduced a small UCS to Latin1 converter to help rendering.
   * Added a check for Unix98's "socklen_t" (BUG#466).
   * Added the missing EINTR handlers in IO.c and file.c.
   * Fixed the problem of adding garbage anchors.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.7.2 [Apr 30, 2003]

 - * Implemented text selection! (aka: Copy&Paste) (BUG#59)
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken, Eric Gaudet
 - * Fixed IPv6 support when the unthreaded server is used.
   Patch: Damien Couderc, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed the IPv6 socket connection code for *BSD.
   Patch: Daniel Hartmeier, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made the URL_SpamSafe flag be inherited by the BASE element.
   Patch: Melvin Hadasht
 - * Switched to use AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM instead of 'uname'.
   Patch: Patrice Mandin
 - * Added "image/x-png" to MIME types (obsolete, but should be recognized).
   Patch: Paolo P.
 - * Fixed the code that handled the installation of "dillorc".
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Fixed a lot of glitches in notably libpng and libjpeg
   detection, enabling and disabling. (BUG#: 386, 407, 392, 349)!
   Patches: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Fixed two leaks in Dw(Ext)Iterator.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Repaired some minor misbehaviours in the cookie-strings parser.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano
 - * Enabled entities parsing in HTML-given hidden and password values.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Francis Daly
 - * Implemented character stuffing in dpi (Fix bookmarks with quotes) BUG#434.
   * Added a HTML warning message for META outside HEAD.
   * Removed a segfault source when the server doesn't send content/type info.
   * Added file type detection for filenames without extension.
   * Removed the warnings detected with gcc 3.2.2.
   * Fixed the VERBATIM parsing mode and replaced the SCRIPT mode with it.
   * Fixed the problem with CR handling in TEXTAREA (BUG#318).
   * Fixed initial value parsing within TEXTAREA tags (BUG#400).
   * Fixed loading files with spaces in the name (command line) BUG#437.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo- [Mar 11, 2003]

 - * Fixed a bug in the bugfix that used uninitialized memory contents
     causing all kind of undesirable side effects.
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer

dillo-0.7.1 [Mar 10, 2003]                      -- bugfix release

 - * Fixed the setting of the FD_CLOEXEC flag.
   Patch: Raphael Barabas
 - * Added an automatic file-locking alternative for systems lacking flock().
   Patch: Yang Guilong
 - * Fixed a memory leak with pixmaps.
   Patch: Keith Packard
 - * Fixed the link color switch with scroll wheel mouses (BUG#348)
   Patch: Stephen Lewis
 - * Made the bookmarks server keep a backup file: bm.txt.bak.
   * Fixed not loading the bookmarks file (and erasing the bookmarks).
   * Added some missing EINTR handlers.
   * Added a handler for unresponsive dpi sockets!
   * Restricted dpi-requests to dpi-generated pages only.
   * Used -1 instead of WAIT_ANY (some systems don't have it). (BUG#413)
   * Fixed a source bug when G_DNS_THREADED is not defined. (BUG#421)
   * Switched sprintf to g_snprintf which is safer.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.7.0 [Feb 17, 2003]

 - * Added IPv6 support! [./configure --enable-ipv6] (BUG#351)
   Patch: Philip Blundell
 - * Fixing char escaping/encoding problems with file URIs (BUG#321)
   * Fixing buffer overflow sources in file.c.
   * Switched the image tooltip from "alt" to "title" attribute.
   Patch: Francis Daly, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added code so that tooltips stay within the screen.
   Patch: Pekka Lampila, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed a problem occurring when scrolling with the "b" key.
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed a memory leak in DwAlignedPage.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Moved stuff into remove_cookie() and add_cookie() functions.
   * Made cookies sort once in add_cookie().
   * Removed some unneeded casts and calls in cookies.
   * Repairing some minor misbehaviours in Cookies_parse_string().
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano, Madis Janson
 - * Fixed a bug in Dw_widget_mouse_event.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a bug in DwPage ("height" argument).
   Patch: Pekka Lampila
 - * Removed a segfault source in http.c
   Patch: Madis Janson
 - * Removed space around tables.
   * Implemented the <button> tag! (BUG#276)
   * Added iterators (DwItetator, DwExtItetator, DwWordItetator).
     - Rewrote findtext, added highlighting and "case sensitive" option.
     - Improved findtext dialog placement too!
   * Implemented "ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER}" for <table>, and
   * Implemented character alignment, applied it on ALIGN=CHAR and CHAR for
     <tr>, <td> and <th>.
     - New widget DwTableCell.
     - Some smaller changes in DwAlignedPage and DwPage (virtual word_wrap,
   * Implemented vertical alignment of table cells.
     - Changed behavior of Dw_page_size_allocate.
     - Applied it on "VALIGN={TOP|BOTTOM|MIDDLE|BASELINE}" for <tr>, <td> and
     - Fixed splash screen.
   * Set the height of <BR>'s in non-empty lines to zero.
   * Moved some code from html.c to a_Dw_page_change_link_color.
   * Made bullets size depending on the font size.
   * Fixed too wide widgets in lists (e.g. nested lists).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added support for <input type=image...> (BUG#313)
   Patch: Madis Janson, Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made a better EAGAIN handler, and enabled FreeIOVec operation in IOWrite.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed include directives for config.h
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Claude Marinier
 - * Made lots of minor cleanups.
   Patches: Lex Hider, Jorge Arellano, Rudmer van Dijk
 - * Added a simple command line interface, and enabled some options (BUG#372).
   * Added full-window option in command line and dillorc.
   * Added an option to set offline URLs from CLI.
   * Made dillo embeddable into other GTK applications.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Melvin Hadasht
 - * Made drafts for dillo plugins protocol (dpi1)
   Work: Jorge Arellano, Eric Gaudet
 - * Avoided a file lock when cookiesrc disables cookies (BUG#358).
   * Fixed scroll-jumping between widgets when pressing Up&Dn arrows.
   * Added a tiny warning/handler for meta refresh.
   * Concomitant Control Chain (CCC):
     - Extended the theory to allow bidirectional message passing.
     - Renewed the API.
     - Improved the debugging code.
     - Redesigned the old CCCs, and made a new one for plugins (dpi).
     - Reimplemented dillo's core with the new chains.
   * Input/Output engine (IO):
     - Extended the functionallity with a threaded operation that
       allows buffered writes of small chunks on the same FD.
     - Created a new IO API, and adapted dillo to it.
   * Used the new CCC and IO to implement dillo plugins! (dpi).
   * Implemented the internal support for a bookmarks dpi.
   * Wrote a dpi-program for bookmarks.
   * Created capi.c, a meta module for cache.c.
   * Restructured Html_write so custom HTML can be inserted.
   * Set BackSpace and Shift+BackSpace to work as Back/Forward buttons.
   * Set the escape key as a dialog closing shortcut.
   * Removed a segfault in find text with a string of spaces (BUG#393)
   * Added wrappers/whitespace filtering for pasted/typed/CLI URLs. (RFC-2396)
   * Added an HTML warning message for illegal characters inside URLs.
   * Made dpi communication go through unix domain sockets.
   * Enabled dillo to launch the bookmarks plugin!
   * Made some cleanups in IO/.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.6 [May 30, 2002]

 - * Added a few canonical casts to fix some obvious 64bit issues.
   Patch: pvalchev
 - * Fixed a bug with cookies path parsing.
   * Fixed persistent-cookies obliteration (BUG#312, BUG#314)
   * Set max 20 persistent cookies for each domain.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Switched flock to lockf.
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Made a little bugfix in doc/
   Patch: Grigory Bakunov
 - * Removed the < 256 hostname length restraint from http queries.
   * Made a date-parser that copes with three HTTP date-syntaxes (BUG#335)
   * Made the HTML parser a bit more robust with bad HTML (BUG#325, BUG#326)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.5 [Apr 26, 2002]

 - * Improved a bit table rendering speed.
   Patch: Mark Schreiber
 - * Extended Dw crossing events.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added code to autoresize the "View source" window (BUG#198).
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Improved *BSD detection code at './configure' time.
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added a (pthread_t) cast in dns.c
   * Fixed a problem with #fragment hash-lookup (in anchors_table).
   * Added code to install/test usr/local/etc/dillorc (BUG#287)
   * Added control-character filtering for pasted/typed URLs.
   * Replaced the old cache list with a hash table!
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed a momentous memory leak in png decoding.
   * Fixed a segfault source in GIF colormap handling.
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added fontname selection to dillorc.
   Patch: Arvind Narayanan
 - * Removed a segfault source under G_IO_ERR conditions in IO.c.
   Patch: Madis Janson
 - * Removed a wild deallocation chance in klist.c
   Patch: Pekka Lampila
 - * Fixed saving of pages that result from POST.
   Patch: Nikita Borodikhin
 - * Fixed a tiny bug with dillorc parsing on certain locales (BUG#301)
   Patch: Lars Clausen, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added support for cookies! RFC-2965 (BUG#82)
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Lars Clausen, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added code to detect redirect-loops (BUG#260)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Chet Murthy
 - * Added support for missing Content-Type in HTTP headers (BUG#216)
   * Added support for a bare '>' inside attribute values (BUG#306)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Allowed enter to submit forms when there's a single text entry.
   * Added 'generate_submit' and 'enterpress_forces_submit' to dillorc.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Mark Schreiber.
 - * Added support for rendering adjacent <BR>, Tabs in <PRE>, and linebreak
     handling (BUG#244, BUG#179, BUG#291).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Mark Schreiber, Sebastian Geerken.
 - * Switched a_List_* methods to three parameters (and wiped BUG#286)
   * Fixed two little bugs within url.c (BUG#294)
   * Created an API for nav_stack usage (a handy cleanup).
   * Set the attribute parser to trim leading and trailing white space.
   * Fixed a problem with NULL requests to the dns (BUG#296).
   * Added Tru64(tm) detection code at './configure' time.
   * Fixed the parser to skip <style> and <script> contents (BUG#316).
   * Bound the space key to PgDn, and 'b' | 'B' to PgUp.
   * Allowed 'query' and 'fragment' in POST submitions (BUG#284).
   * Changed the url module API (the URL_* macros), and updated the calling
     modules, removing several potential bugs at the same time --toilsome.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.4 [Jan 29, 2002]

 - * Implemented remembering of page-scrolling-position! (BUG#219)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Moved jpeg's include directory from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS in
   Patch: John L. Utz, Lionel Ulmer
 - * Made a standarization cleanup to every *.h
   * Cleaned some casts to use the GPOINTER_TO_INT and GINT_TO_POINTER macros.
   * Added the 'static' qualifier to some module-internal variables.
   * Added the 'static' qualifier to module-internal functions!
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * New widget DwAlignedPage for alignment of vertical arrays.
     - New widget DwListItem for nicer list items (based on some extensions
       of DwPage) BUG#271.
   * Implemented text alignments (except CHAR).
     - Extension of DwStyle and DwPage.
     - Applied it on "ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER}" for <hr>, and
       "ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER|JUSTIFY}" for <p>, <hN>, <div>, <td> and
       <th>. Implemented <center> --BUGs #215, #189.
   * Small change in DwPageWord (space_style), fixes problems with spaces and
     underlining (BUG#278).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added 'force_visited_colors' to dillorc. It asserts a different color
   on visited links, regardless of the author's setting.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Updated and improved several #include directives inside *.c
   * Added history.c for linear history and scroll-position tracking.
     Now the navigation-stack references linear history and nav-expect
     holds a DilloUrl (history.c provides an API).
   * Fixed a rare data-integrity race-condition with popups (BUG#225)
   * Made small icons a bit narrower.
   * Fixed a problem with image-maps handling code (BUG#277)
   * Added support for several domains in dillorc's 'no_proxy' variable.
   * Fixed a small boundary-bug in named-colors parsing.
   * Implemented IOs validity-test with klist (avoids a rare segfault source).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.3 [Dec 23, 2001]

 - * Removed a_Dw_widget_set_usize.
   * Removed *_indent in DwStyle, this is now done by nested widgets.
   * List items are now single widgets, this fixes bug #78.
   * Extended queue_resize and related code, removed fast resizing.
     - Applied these changes on DwPage (many changes!).
   * Changes in requisition of DwPage.
   * Added a nice indenter to the pagemarks! ("Jump to..." menu).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Reworked the dicache to use a hash table and use image versions.
   * Wiped some dicache glitches, and added a dillorc option turn it off!
     (reducing memory usage significatively).
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Added support for OSes that use a slightly different 'struct sockaddr'.
   Patch: Johan Danielsson
 - * Removed a cache leak when reloading (BUG#257).
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added full-screen mode! (left double-click toggles it).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Extended interface customization options in dillorc (a must for iPAQ).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sam Engström
 - * Rewrote the whole tag-parsing code with a new scheme (single pass FSM!)
     (BUG#190, BUG#197, BUG#207, BUG#228, BUG#239) --Big work here.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Set form encoding to escape everything but alphanumeric and -_.* (BUG#236)
   * Rewrote Html_tag_open_input.
   * Extended BACK and FWD key shortcuts to: {ALT | MOD*} + {, | .}    :-)
   * Fixed URI fragment parsing (BUG#247).
   * Centered FindText and OpenUrl dialog windows.
   * Structured dillorc (now it's more readable! ;)
   * Added a dillorc option to force transient_dialogs.
   * Fixed a subtle bug with HTTP end-to-end reload (BUG#234).
   * Fixed form submition when action has <query> or <fragment> (BUG#255)
   * Added fast URL resolving methods! (96% rfc2396 compliant by now) BUG#256
   * Switched form-urlencoded CR to be sent as CR LF pair (BUG#266).
   * Fixed leaving open FDs when the socket connection fails (BUG#268).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.2 [Oct 17, 2001]

 - * Added code to parse away <?...> tags (BUG#203).
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Made an explicit ISO8859-1 requirement in font loading (BUG#193).
   Patch: Karsten M. Self
 - * Added a temporary handler for frames! (lynx/w3m like).
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Added gtk_set_locale to dillo's init sequence (BUG#173).
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Martynas Jocius
 - * Added support for <big> and <small> tags (BUG#221).
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added back and forward history popup menus! (BUG#227)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Eric Gaudet, Olaf Dietsche
 - * Removed anchors from to-proxy queries (also added some checks, BUG#210).
   * Removed a leak in url.c
   * Fixed a bug with command-line HTML files that reference images (BUG#217).
   * Improved status-bar messages a bit, modified toolbar pixmaps and
     reduced the number of a_Url_dup calls.
   * Set Ctrl-Q to close window and Alt-Q to quit.
   * Devised an abstract model for parsing, wrote it into HtmlParser.txt and
     made dillo compliant with it!
   * Fixed CR/LF entities parsing inside <PRE> (BUG#188)
   * Added an error message for unsupported protocols (BUG#226)
   * Removed some warnings detected with different gcc versions.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.1 [Sep 13, 2001]

 - * Changed calculation of shaded colors.
   * Eliminated redundant code when drawing background colors.
   * Fixed a bug in DwStyle drawing functions.
   * Fixed a bug in Dw_page_calc_widget_size.
   * Some changes for <hr> (also BUG#168).
   * Added <tr> backgrounds.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added support for hexadecimal character references, as &#xA1; (BUG#183)
   Patch: Liam Quinn
 - * Replaced atoi(3) calls with strtol(3).
   * Made path comparison case sensitive in a_Url_cmp.
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Added a tiny handler for <DIV>
   Patch: Robert J. Thomson
 - * Fixed a segfault source in color parsing, and extended it a bit.
   Patch: Scott Cooper, Jorge Arellano
 - * Removed a leak with the DilloImage structure (when image is not found).
   * Fixed (and made faster) Url_str_resolve_relative (BUG#194)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Added parsing support for %HexHex escape sequences in file URIs
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini, Agustín Ferrín :)
 - * Implemented Ctrl-W (close window) (BUG#87)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Martynas Jocius
 - * Fixed a segfault when dillo cannot access ~/.dillo for some reason.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Amit Vainsencher
 - * Fixed the segfault from untrue Content-Length in HTTP header (BUG#187)
   * Fixed closing an active browser window from the window manager (bug#91)
   * Eliminated anchors from HTTP queries (BUG#195)
   * Fixed the repeated reload segfault (BUG#69)
   * Updated some docs in doc/ dir.
   * Added a keyed-list ADT (klist.[ch])
   * Removed a segfault source in dns.c.
   * Massive changes in Cache module: redesigned the external and internal API,
     implemented new methods, changed several algorithms, removed transitory
     and obsoleted code, removed a segfault source and improved CCC operations.
   * Changes in Http module: extended error handling, improved abort sequences,
     and added code that's aware of race conditions (based on klist ADT).
   * Uniformed CCC start operation in IO, http and cache modules.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.0 [July 31, 2001]

 - * Fixed a bunch of memory leaks!
   * Fixed links on pages with only one line, tuned text-entries size and
     fixed the HTTP header problem (BUG#180)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Improved dialogs handling: find_text, view_source, open_url, open_file,
     save_link and save_page (also removed a leak here).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Modified GtkDwScrolledWindow and GtkDwViewport, now scrollbars work much
     better. This also fixes of the wrong viewport length (BUG#137).
   * Implemented tables! (incomplete)
     - Changes in Dw: DwTable and DwWidget::get_extremes.
     - html.c: extended DilloHtmlState, added code for table parsing, moved
       some attributes from DwPage into the HTML linkblock.
   * Restructured code for image maps (works now with tables).
   * Removed "alt" attribute from <a> tag (no standard).
   * Fixed a bug in a_Url_dup.
   * Extended Dw events: leave_notify_event is now called for more widgets.
   * Extended DwPage and DwImage signal "link_entered".
   * Extended DwStyle by CSS-style boxes, background colors and border_spacing:
     - Implemented borders around image links (BUG#169).
   * Fixed the wrong PNG background? (BUG#172)
   * Corrected handling of styles by the html parser.
   * Added alternative, "fast" resizing method.
   * Added a simple possibility to scroll long option menus (BUG#158)
   * Added backing pixmap, this prevents flickering (BUG#174).
   * Changes and extensions in handling lenghts, see doc/DwStyle.txt.
   * Added option "limit_text_width".
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added nowrap attribute to DwStyle, and applied it to <pre> (BUG#134),
     <td> and <th>.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added a_List_resize to list.h methods.
   * Added debug.h to standarize debugging messages.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added file selection while saving pages or links.
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Added a few 'const', a missing header and some strength reductions.
   Patch: Aaron Lehmann
 - * Made dillo to also check '/etc/dillorc' for options.
   Patch: Eduardo Marcel Maçan, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made a help page, and linked it to 'about:help' (BUG#72)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Kristian A. Rink
 - * Added an "alt" camp to DilloUrl
   * Fixed the linkblock memory-leak (BUG#163)
   * Fixed local file loading from the command line (BUG#164)
   * Fixed server-side image maps support (BUG#165)
   * Added code for accel-keys on toolbar buttons
   * Fixed the segfault with unconnected servers (BUG#170)
   * Fixed the open HTTP-sockets problem (BUG#171)
   * Reimplemented the low-level file descriptor handling with GIOChannels
     (and dillo became even faster!)
   * Made reload-button to request an end-to-end reload (BUG#64)
   * Fixed the multiple-POST problem, and added a confirmation dialog (BUG#175)
   * Finished fixing the repeated link-click problem (BUG#74)
   * Misc: rewrote the 'about:splash' method, tuned DwPage for minimal
     memory usage, improved a_Color_parse and Html_read_coords, cleaned-up
     popup-menus and linkblock initialization, eliminated a lock-source in
   * Added DEBUG_HTML_MSG macro for invalid HTML messages.
   * Fixed the nav-stack (and multiple #anchors) problem (BUG#177)
   * Added code to avoid segfaults with unhandled MIME types.
   * Fixed dns.c from solving the same address on different channels (BUG#178)
   * Improved error handling and extended the CCC scope! (mainly HTTP).
   * Fixed a Dw-leak that was affecting: hr, bullets, images, tables (&pages)!
   * Made several cleanups and added/fixed comments in various places.
   * Reimplemented find-text with a faster algorithm and extended semantics!!
   * Fixed some oddities with our autoconf stuff.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.5.1 [May 30, 2001]

 - * Designed a new URL handling scheme, and integrated it throughout the code!
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Removed a significative memory leak in dw_page.
   * Added support for EAGAIN in IO.c
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Removed 6 memory leaks! (of varying significance)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a bug in DwPage (BUG#162, crash when clicking on links).
   * Removed a_Dw_gtk_viewport_queue_anchor and related code (becomes obsolete
     with the new URL handling scheme).
   * Speed-optimized key moving in GtkDwScrolledFrame (no more blocking).
   * Fixed two memory leaks, in Dw_style_color_remove, and
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Implemented the splash screen with "about:" (No more splash-file saving!)
   * Set all pthreads to run in detached state.
   * Reworked dillo's interface so now there're six options; available by
     changing 'panel_size' and the new 'small_icons' in dillorc.
   * Removed a minor leak in dns.c and a wild-deallocation source.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.5.0 [May 10, 2001]

 - * Implemented <IMG> ALT as tooltip.
   * Fixed bug #135 (incorrect update of statusbar when leaving "ismap" img).
   Patches: Livio Baldini, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Completed image scaling (BUG#75).
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed proxy support (BUG#150).
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed two bugs in the Dw event handling.
   * Fixed bugs in DwEmbedGtk and GtkDwViewport: idle functions are now
     removed properly.
   * Fixed bug in DwEmbedGtk (added call of parent_class->destroy).
   * Moved DwPageAttr into a new submodule (DwStyle).
     - Applied DwStyle to DwBullet (BUG#146).
     - Implemented immediate changing of link color provisionally (BUG#152).
   * Fixed positioning of headers (half of BUG#118).
   * Fixed rendering of <b><i> and <i><b> (BUG#145).
   * Fixed unrecognized dillorc text_color setting (BUG#151).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Changed word/line structure of DwPage
   * Improved FORM sending (standar name/value submits) and processing;
     added READONLY, SIZE, MAXLENGTH attributes, type=BUTTON and some cleanups
   * Fixed VERBATIM parsing mode (BUG#130)
   * Fixed a bug in calculating the page width (BUG#136)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added a dillorc option to set the location entry within the menu bar.
   Patch: Eric Gaudet
 - * Integrated some modifications to ease compiling on GNU Darwin.
   * Added support for leading whitespaces in HREF (BUG#120)
   * Fixed anchor's hash_table and a few more quirks (were warnings on Alpha)
   * Fixed entities parsing in URI attributes (BUG#114)
   * Fixed stop button's sensitivity on plain files (BUG#142)
   * Made filesize more accurate on directory listings (BUG#143)
   * Introduced the new Concomitant Control Chain (CCC) design!
     - All the way in the quering branch
     - Halfway in the answering branch
     - Introduced more error handling and status messages
     - Started implementing error control using the CCC!
     - Fixed too much caching (BUG#84)
     - Fixed a CPU hog error condition (BUG#144)
     - Eliminated the segfault from outdated dns answers (BUG#140)
     - Fixed repeated Back (faster than rendering) segfault.
   * Cleaned the header include files
   * Incremented the valid-charset for dillorc identifiers (BUG#149)
   * Added support for unterminated quotation of attribute values (BUG#155)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.4.0 [March 3, 2001]

 - * Rewrote most of the Dw module from scratch:
    - Page widget: ported, added support for relative sizes of widgets, and
      changed behaviour for pressing button 2 on a link.
    - Removed the now unnecessary event boxes for check and radio buttons.
    - Modified the code outside to use new Dw.
   * Started to implement relative sizes for images (in html.c)
   * Implemented attributes WIDTH, SIZE and NOSHADE of the <hr> tag.
   * Added focus adjustment for selection lists (<SELECT>)
   * Implemented TAB, Shift+TAB navigation in FORMS (BUG#86)
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Included a scaling font_factor into dillorc!
   Patch: Bruno Widmann
 - * Fixed bugs #125 and #129 (menu item focus and radio reset in forms)
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added code to ignore anything inside STYLE tags.
   Patch: Mark McLoughlin
 - * Implemented image rendering based on GdkRGB and DwImage!
   * Fixed 4 bit color planes support, cleaned the image code,
     removed a few leaks and added documentation (Images.txt).
   * Ported every patch from 0.3.2 to 0.4.0
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.3.2 [February 22, 2001]

 - * Added the option to use oblique font instead of italic (dillorc)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Changed Dw_page_find_line_index to use a binary search
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added a visual hint for visited links (BUG#117)
   * Repaired the dillorc parser to skip unknown symbols (BUG#119)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet
 - * Fixed the segfault for controls outside FORM and SELECT elements (BUG#121)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added support for SUB and SUP tags (BUG#115)
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added a geometry directive to dillorc (sets initial browser size)
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed bookmarks loading in new browser windows (BUG#110)
   * Included a workaround for BUG#71
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed a CPU hog when clicking ftp URLs (BUG#123)
   * Set a 64 bytes threshold on pagemark headers
   Patch: Jorge Arellano
 - * Added check for negative image sizes.
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Sebastian Geerken

dillo-0.3.1 [December 22, 2000]

 - * Implemented basic Find-text functionality
   Patch: Sam Dennis, Sebastian Geerken, Allan Clark and Jorge Arellano :-)
 - * Implemented "Pagemarks" (Kind of a headings-based page index!)
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken and Eric Gaudet
 - * Fixed nested-lists numbering, and added support for "type" (BUG#76)
   * Added support for image maps, both usemap and ismap! (BUG#27)
   * Set "on" as default value for check boxes
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added "Copy link location" to the link menu
   Patch: Eric Gaudet
 - * Removed redundant functions from misc.c
   * Added support for BASE, CODE, DFN, KBD, SAMP and VAR tags (BUG#106)
   * Added support for TAB characters in plain text files (BUG#112)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a_Url_squeeze (BUG#100)
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added gamma support and basic transparency for PNG images (BUG#60)
   * Moved menu_popup into the 'bw' structure (BUG#96)
   * Fixed the gif decoder to get image size from the right place (BUG#98)
   * Made the new browser window size the same as the parent (BUG#55)
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Added support for ISINDEX method (BUG#15)
   Patch: Sam Dennis
 - * Added support for bare '<' character parsing
   * Removed every sign-conflict warnings given by gcc with '-W -Wall'
   * Fixed several identation problems (rendering)
   * Implemented "Save link as" (link menu)
   * Removed the subtle bug that used to segfault when deleting and processing
     queue clients at the same time (BUG#111).
   * + Some comments, cleanups, size reductions, minor optimizations etc.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.3.0 [November 13, 2000]
(Lots of patches are pending!)

 - * Added support for <strike>, <s>, <del> and <u> tags.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a bug in #anchors code
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Parsed text between script tags, out of the rendering part.
   * Added support for decimal entities that start with 0.
   * Added some comments to html.c
   Patches: Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
 - * Added support for corrupted png images (avoids segfaults!)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed empty title bookmarking (BUG#85 and #88)
   Patch: Livio
 - * Fixed view-source to take its URL from the right place.
   Patch: Sam Dennis
 - * Added font support for the compaq iPaq linux distribution.
   Patch: Eric Christianson
 - * Fixed spaced attribute parsing (BUG#79).
   * Fixed concurrent save and downloading!
   * Added alpha support for external (simple) plugins.
 ? * Added a workaround (maybe a bug fix) for BUG#77 (No segfault).
   * Introduced a new design layer between the IO and Dw:
    - The imgsink stuff was completely removed.
    - The dicache was rewritten from scratch and integrated
      into the normal cache.
    - A single client queue is being used for both caches.
    - The file descriptors were replaced by cache keys that serve
      as connection handlers.
    - The image data structure and related sources got changed.
    - Every decoder (png, gif, jpeg) was adapted to the new scheme.
   * Fixed the file-images caching problem and the associated memory-leaks.
   * Improved progress bar accuracy for images.
   * Added progress bar functionality for plain text (+comments +cleanups)
   * Fixed the right-click-over-plain-text segfault (BUG#80).
   * Started improving the right-mouse-button menus.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.4 [August 21, 2000]

 - * Fixed the white square bug with PNG images (BUG #4)
   Patch: Luca Rota
 - * Added support for #anchors! (BUG #10)
   * Added support for resolving relative #anchors (BUG #65)
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed a segfault-source that produced BUG #61.
   * Made several cleanups and standarizations in html.c
   * Extended entity-parsing scope, and the list of supported entities.
   * Rearranged TagInfo data into a new structure.
   * Added the base for refresh support in META tags.
   Patches: Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
 - * Added support for TEXTAREA tags!
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Improved and fixed Html_parse_entities.
   * Reimplemented the Stash buffer with a GString.
   * Fixed a bug with \r\n-terminated HTML lines.
   * Added redirection support for relative URLs (BUG #73).
   * Added some comments and minor fixes to patches.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Linked "open link in new window" to mouse button #2 (#3 also works)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet

dillo-0.2.3 [August 4, 2000]

 - * Removed "search.h" include in http.c (freeBSD compatibility).
   Patch: Kurt J. Lidl
 - * Removed several memory leaks that were sprinkled through the code.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a segfault crash when hitting PgDn in the URL box (BUG #54).
   * Removed a segfault source in commands.c
   * Made some minor fixes to Dw and added more comments to the code.
   * Made changes in dw_gtk_view.c, and fixed the rendering problem that
     arise when changing from a scrolled page into another (BUG #58).
   * Changes in hruler dynamic resize --not finished though.
   * Removed a floating point exception bug in image handling code (image.c)
   * Dramatically improved rendering speed!!! Most notably long HTML pages
     with lots of links; Improvement ranges from 2 to 5 times faster! (aprox.)
   * Fixed misplaced rendering of small pages (BUG #35)
   * Fixed the bookmark bug with empty title strings (BUG #57, #67)
   * Completed support for "\r", "\n" and "\r\n" in PRE tags.
   * Fixed text rendering between multiple selection boxes (BUG #56)
   * Added several minor enhancements (comments, formatting, speed, etc)
   * Added extensive documentation! (IO.txt, DilloWidget.txt and Dw.txt)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.2 [July 9, 2000]

 - * Added a gtk_window_set_wmclass to all windows to prevent dialogs
     from having the same size as the main window. (Ex: with Sawfish)
   * Made some width and height changes to the SELECT-stuff
   * Added "submit" to submit buttons without a value.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a segfault when calling "about:" method
   Patch: Dominic Wong
 - * Added an option to force dillorc-defined colors (Try it with slashdot!)
   * Fixed display of encoded-URL-links on the status bar
   Patches: Adam Sampson
 - * Removed several compiler dependencies
     (detected with lcc on a 64 bit machine)
   * Modified mime.c and Url.c to use list.h, and eliminated hdlr.c
   * Standarized unsigned types to glib all around the code
   * Added some includes for libc5 compatibility
   * Modified IO_callback to avoid a CPU-hog (it happened in some systems).
   * Fixed a bug that added a trailing ampersand to GET and POST queries.
   * FIxed attribute parsing. It had nasty side effects; as providing
     wrong attribute values to POST and GET methods.
   * Joined Url.c and url.c into a single module.
   * Reimplemented URL resolving functions.
   * Implemented a new parser for "file:" URLs  (Try "file:" & "file:.").
   * Removed child_linkblock and changed the HTML stack handling
     (both changes result in a simpler, easier to understand code).
   * Modified and removed a segfault source in Html_lb_new.
   * Modified forms handling to be more tolerant with messy HTML.
   * Linked "image/pjpeg" in MIME types (progressive jpeg)
   * Fixed form submittion when there's no submit button (bug #49)
     Now dillo can search on freshmeat, altavista, etc!
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.1 [June 17, 2000]

 - * Modified the pixmaps for better interface perception ;)
   * Modified Dw_gtk_view_adjustment_value_changed to update the visible
     rectangle even though the widget is not realized; it seems to work!
   * Implemented the horizontal ruler as a Dw  --dw_hruler.[ch]
     Fixed its expose problems (Bug #13). (todo: resizing).
   * Changed Dw_gtk_progressbar module to "progressbar" --naming stuff
   * Added Content-length in file headers (avoids reallocations)
   * Modified form submittion and encoding to use dynamic memory allocation
   * Eliminated a dns.c hack that passed an int as a void* ;)
   * Updated the documentation with an extensive IO description.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added some functionality to reload button (not complete yet)
   Patch: Luca Rota , Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Fixed hash handling within URL parsing. (Bug #9)
   Patch: Marcos Ramírez , Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.0 [June 2, 2000]

 - * Finally reimplemented the whole networking process (***BIG changes***)
        Rewrote from scratch: IO, cache, web, http, socket, ...
        Modified: gif, png, jpeg, html, nav, plain, ... (Every client)
     All the querying, retrieving, caching and delivering is NEW!!!
   * Eliminated CPU-hogging while waiting for a DNS query to complete
   * Eliminated CPU-hogging when facing redirections
   * Implemented basic redirection functionality
   * Eliminated several segmentation fault bugs
   * Modified autoconf stuff
   * Modified source-code tree and libraries
   * Reduced binary size
   * Eliminated a memory leak in socket connections
   * Created a new socket connection scheme
   * Implemented Cache as the main networking abstraction layer
   * Joined almost every URL-retrieving module into libDio
   * Set the basis for save-link-as functionality (see save function)
   * Modified the navigation stack to a cleaner design
   * Improved status bar messages when connecting
   * Changed some function names
   * Created new pixmaps for the toolbar!
   * Added a "new" button near the URL to clear the entry!
   * Added a_List_remove to list.h
   * Updated documentation in doc/
     (README, Cache.txt, store.txt, Dillo.txt, Images.txt and IO.txt)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added a workaround patch for BUG #35 (page expose problems)
   Patch: Andrew McPherson

dillo-0.1.0 [Mar 30, 2000]

 - * Fixed a bug that used to lock hostname queries.
     ('DNS can't resolve name' mesg.)
   * Fixed the wrong parent link when browsing directory contents
   * Changed the file/directory HTML-output-layout
   * Finally rewrote the whole file.c module :-)
   * Made Http_query buffer overflow-safe
   * Commented and cleaned web.c
   * Changed the licence to GPL. (Raph agreed on that)
   * Fixed a tag-search bug in html.c; it produced rendering problems.
   * Fixed a parsing problem with tags that were split on different lines
   * Fixed the after-tables parsing problem
   * Added a startup page
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Fixed a bug with http queries that sometimes produced infinite loops
   Patch: Marcos Ramírez

dillo-0.0.6 [Mar 9, 2000]

 - * Readded an old, wiped-by-mistake, bug fix.
   * Added preferences settings using a readable config (dillorc)
   * Added a page-title trimmer facility (39 chars) to bookmarks saving.
   Patch: Luca Rota
 - * Fixed three memory leaks in bookmarks reading
   * Added 'Open link in a new window' within the right button pop-up-menu
   Patch: Sammy Mannaert
 - * Fixed a bug that used to put two slashes on directory file anchors
   * Actualized plugin.txt to current code base (and a bit of fix)
   * Changed "fprintf(stderr..." to "g_print(..."
   * Improved list.h
   * Fixed image URLs both for HTTP and local files!
   * Fixed tag attribute parsing (The trimmed-text-inside-buttons bug)
   * Wrote several documentation files (placed them in doc/)
   * Fixed transparent image rendering
   * Implemented a binary search for HTML tags (just a bit faster)
   * Small leak fixes and some corrections to http.c
   * Made style fixes, added function comments and things like that.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.0.5 [Feb 3, 2000]

 - * Added progress bars (to be improved)
   Patch: James McCollough, Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Rearranged, changed and commented the decompressed image cache code
   * Fixed autoconf stuff to include zlib
   * Added memory deallocating functions to cache, dicache, socket, http & dns
   * Fixed memory leaks in jpeg.c, png.c and gif.c
   * Made several changes in dw_page.c and dw_image.c
   * Introduced 'list.h' source, and standarized the whole code to use it
   * Fixed image rendering (Fixed algorithms and data structures) BIG CHANGES
   * Removed some false comments and added true ones (I hope ;)
   * Made several "standarizing" changes all over the code and
   * some other changes (not worth listing)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added support for 'text' and 'link' colors inside <BODY> tags
   * Standarized all memory management to glib functions
   * Fixed the plugin API to work again (forked)
   * Removed a warning (remove not implemented for Dw_view and Dw_scroller)
   * Solved the page-without-title bug in bookmarks.
   Patches: Luca Rota

dillo-0.0.4 [Jan 4, 2000]

 - * Removed the test widget
   * Added a jpeg image decoder error-handler
   Patches: Sammy Mannaert
 - * Changed some ADTs to glib to be compatible with newer glibc2 systems
   * Added background color alternative when bg. is white (or not specified)
   * Improved connecting time status messages
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added background color support.
   Patch: Luca Rota, James McCollough
 - * Added support for <OL></OL> tags
   * Added view-source and view-bookmarks functionality
   * Improved PgUP/PgDown and Up/Down response. (No need to grab focus!)
   * Fixed openfile gtk run-time warning
   * Fixed the focus problem with text camps
   * Fixed the title-linger bug with pages that don't specify title.
   * Added a preliminary right button menu
   * Added POST method support
   Patches: Luca Rota
 - * Added PNG image support.
   Source Code: Geoff Lane, Patch: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.0.3.tar.gz [Dec 18, 1999]

 - * Finished the whole Naming&Coding effort!!!
   Stage 2 worked by: Luca Rota and Jorge Arellano
 - * Removed all compile time warnings (at least with gcc
   * Added more documentation inside the code
   * Removed the '~/.dillo' directory creation bug.
   * Integrated a patch for menu module
   * Renamed menus.c to menu.c
   * And some other minor things...
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.0.2.tar.gz [Dec, 1999  --Does anyone remember the day?]

 - * Finished stage one of the naming&coding design (Hey, it's 1.3 Mb of code!)
   Worked by: Jorge Arellano, Sammy Mannaert, James McCollough and Luca Rota
 - * Removed some bugs and renamed the source files.
   * Heavily rearranged URL/ an IO/ files for better understanding & debugging
   * Added more documentation within the sources
   * Recoded automake stuff
   * Integrated some queued patches
   * (And several things that I have no time to write now! :-)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.0.1.tar.gz [Dec, 1999]

 - * Halfway release, amidst stage one of the naming&coding effort.
   Worked by: Jorge Arellano, Sammy Mannaert, James McCollough and Luca Rota

dillo-0.0.0.tar.gz [Dec, 1999]

 - * Applied a cleanning patch to menus.[ch]
   Patch: Sammy Mannaert
 - * Made a threaded DNS scheme (several improvements: now it works with gdb)
   * Bug fix on TMP_FAILURE_RETRY
   * Bug fix on links not been followed (Url parsing)
   * Changed the default pixmaps
   * Maked automake, autoconf, autoheader, changes
   * Changed binary name
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid