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cookies comments I was going to say something in the comments about simplicity and not implementing every little bit of the rfc when we don't know of cookies that make it necessary, but then I suppose that's all implied with dillo.
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date Tue, 17 May 2011 22:48:50 +0000
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Dillo project

dillo-2.2.1 [not released yet]

+- Implemented "View source" as a dpi.
 - Accept application/xhtml+xml.
 - Small caps support.
 - Border-collapse, border-style properties.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Configurable User-Agent HTTP header.
   Patch: Alexander Voigt, corvid
+- Include Accept header in HTTP queries.
 - Work with libpng-1.4.
 - Handle zero-width space.
 - Fix segfault closing window from WM.
 - Limit total number of cookies.
 - Use the suffix/subdomain field in cookies.txt.
 - Follow most specific matching rule in cookiesrc.
 - Fix segfault with form inputs and repush for stylesheets.
 - Handle white-space: pre-wrap and pre-line.
 - Support for the word-spacing property.
 - Fix segfault with https and self-signed certificates.
 - Text-indent property.
   Patches: corvid
+- Reintroduce bg_color dillorc option.
 - Make Dillo compile with Clang.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Implement line-height.
 - Draw image maps when image not loaded.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann, corvid
+- Support @media rules.
 - Implement media-conditional @import rules.
 - Configure/Makefile cleanup.
   Patches: Jeremy Henty


dillo-2.2 [Feb 11, 2010]

+- Added keybindings for scrolling.
 - Help button and local help file.
   Patches: corvid, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Add support for multiple class names in CSS.
 - Fix X11 coordinate overflows with huge borders.
 - Improve CSS font parsing.
 - Enable font face setting via <font> element.
 - Ignore XML comment markers in CSS.
 - Split up long lines in to avoid X11 coordinate overflows.
 - Fix user agent style for nested <ul>.
 - Add support for CSS property list-style-position.
 - Support border-width: thin | medium | thick.
 - Fix CSS_SHORTHAND_DIRECTIONS case in CssParser.
 - Add quirk to reset font properties in tables (fixes e.g. gmail).
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Cleaned up system includes in dpid directory.
 - Fixed CustProgressBox() for systems without weak symbols.
 - Handle signed chars. Added dIsspace() and dIsalnum() to dlib.
 - Added a_Dpip_get_attr_l() to DPIP's API.
 - Changed the CCCs to build in one step (for both HTTP and DPI). This
   is simpler and helps to avoid race conditions.
 - Updated CCCwork.txt to the new scheme.
 - Fixed a bug with OPTION element (it was parsing entities twice).
 - Bugfix: remove the empty cache entry lingering after connection abort.
 - Switched capi to use dlib's Dlist instead of a_List_* methods.
 - Remove empty cache entries on Stop-button press and new link request!
 - Fixed URL unescaping in the datauri DPI.
 - Changed and reimplemented the DPI API.
   * Fixed bugs and updated all DPI programs:
   * Reimplemented the file dpi using select(). No pthreads-based anymore.
   * Fixed ftp dpi: downloads, streamed transfer, error feedback.
   * Fixed a bug in dillo with lingering cache entries.
   * Made dpidc a C language program.
   * Made the internal dsh implementation use unique functions for read/write.
   * Removed the write/fwrite mix in DPIP.
   * Made the DPIP API token-based. Packet assembling is coded inside DPIP!
   * Several cleanups and more error handling sprinkled all over too.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fix segfault from AREA when MAP is missing name attribute.
 - Fix image map coordinates when margin/border/padding present.
 - Handle stylesheet @charset.
 - Fix cache segfault when cache entry removed.
 - Split words that contain whitespace as numeric character references.
 - Allow linebreaks around Chinese/Japanese characters.
 - Fix segfault in Html_parse_doctype (BUG#918).
 - Change exit code used for bad command line argument.
 - By default, do not use proxy for localhost (BUG 921).
 - Fix scrolling for text search.
 - Added 'save' key action (not bound by default).
 - Tooltips
 - Fix segfault when radio button lacks name attribute.
 - Enable popup menu below bottom of page content (BUG#856).
 - Handle JPEGs with CMYK color space.
 - Allow keysyms in keysrc.
 - Explicitly check installation bindir for dpid (BUG 930)
 - General cookies overhaul.
   Patches: corvid
+- Support for the letter-spacing property.
   Patch: Johannes Hofmann, corvid
+- Fixed a bug in w3c_mode. In fact it wasn't working at all.
 - Improve stylesheet menu.
   Patches: Jeremy Henty
+- Limit number of simultaneous connections (BUG 685).
   Patch: Johannes Hofmann, Jorge Arellano Cid


dillo-2.1.1 [Jul 3, 2009]

+- Add additional size checks for images.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Johannes Hofmann, corvid
+- Fixed a bug in parsing RGB color values (CSS).
 - Added support for css colors of the form rgb(255, 255, 255).
 - Assert that SimpleVector size is positive.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Removed redundant system includes.
 - Added the "nop" keybinding (nop = NO_OPERATION; cancels a default hook).
 - Added 'stop' key action (not bound by default).
 - Fixed segfault when URL is NULL and dpis can't be found.
   Patches: place (AKA corvid)
+- Reduced 'warning: ignoring return value of ...'
   Patch: Michal Nowak, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Check chdir() return code in Paths::init.
 - Removed return from a_Nav_unref_buf()
 - Do not build proto.c (file is empty); GCC warning
   Patches: Michal Nowak


dillo-2.1 [Jun 15, 2009]

+- Added ipv6 addresses iteration and ipv4 fallback.
   Patch: James Turner, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Added support for numeric IPv6 addresses entered into the url bar.
 - Made the DNS resolver report in numeric address notation.
 - Used the URL authority part instead of stripped default port in HTTP query.
 - Fixed Bookmarks modify's HTML so it wraps nicely on handhelds.
   Patches: Justus Winter
+- Implemented "search previous" in string searches.
   Patch: João Ricardo Lourenço
+- Fix for file inputs without values (forms).
 - Tuned input width a bit.
 - Cleaned up resource embedding (forms)
 - Made cookierc parsing more robust.
 - Switched a_UIcmd_save() to take its URL from history (not location bar).
 - Set prefs.vw_fontname as default font for the UI.
 - Fix: recover page focus when clicking outside of a widget.
 - Fixed a segfault bug in the test/ directory.
 - Set middle click to submit in a new TAB. (Helps to keep form data!)
 - Added support for the Q element. BUG#343
 - Cleaned up Html_pop_tag().
 - Ported the command line interface from dillo1
 - Switched file dpi error messages to HTML.
 - Added a right-click menu to form controls (show hiddens, submit, reset)
 - Remove now-redundant generate_submit pref
 - Added the "http_language" dillorc option for setting HTTP's Accept-Language.
 - Refactored prefs.c to a much smaller size!
 - Fixed a SEGFAULT bug on redirections without Location.
 - Obey SELECT's size attribute.
 - Replace image loading button and page menu option with a tools menu option.
 - Implemented the "overline" text-decoration.
 - Enhanced and cleaned up text decorations for SUB and SUP.
 - Added "View Stylesheets" to the page menu.
 - Remove standard_widget_colors dillorc option.
 - Added dillo(1) man page.
 - Proxy support for HTTPS.
 - System config files have moved to sysconfdir/dillo/
 - Add keysrc.
   Patches: place (AKA corvid)
+- Switched SSL-enabled to (./configure --enable-ssl).
 - Standardised the installation of dpid/dpidrc with auto* tools.
 - Set the ScrollGroup as the resizable widget in downloads dpi.
 - Cleaned up and normalized D_SUN_LEN usage.
 - Fixed incorrect use of VOIDP2INT in Dialog_user_password_cb().
 - Ensure that the dlib dStr* functions are used everywhere.
 - Fixed a memory leak in Html_tag_open_link().
 - Fixed a memory leak in Klist().
 - Fix the comment for DLWin::del() (dpi/
 - Removed redundant caller NULL checks already in the API.
   Patches: Jeremy Henty
+- Implemented Basic authentication!
   Patch: Jeremy Henty, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Added "-fno-rtti -fno-exceptions" to CXXFLAGS (reduces binary size).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, place (AKA corvid)
+- Allowed compilation with older machines by removing a few C99isms.
 - Added use of inttypes.h when stdint.h isn't found.
   Patches: Dan Fandrich
+- Reduced warnings with gcc-4.3.
   Patch: Thomas Orgis
+- Made the parser recognize "[^ ]/>"-terminated XML elements.
 - Implemented basic CSS infrastructure.
 - Brought in Sebastian's CSS parser from dillo-0.8.0-css-3.
 - Read user style from ~/.dillo/style.css.
 - Added support for descendant and child selectors.
 - Improved CSS selector matching performance using hash tables.
 - Support selector specificity.
 - Add support for font-size and font-weight enum values.
 - Added "font_max_size", "font_min_size" dillorc options.
 - Add workaround for fltk bug #2062.
 - Reduce number of styleEngine::style0() calls.
 - Replace bg_color dillorc option.
 - Remove text_color, link_color, and force_my_colors dillorc options.
 - Fix CSS string parsing bug.
 - Replace visited_color dillorc option.
 - Add support for negative numbers in CSS parser.
 - Fix allow_white_bg dillorc option.
 - Load <style></style> content only if applicable.
 - Allow negative values for specific CSS properties only.
 - Disable negative margins for now as dw/* does not support them yet.
 - Support CSS @import directive.
 - Disable form widgets while stylesheets are loading.
 - Fix image scaling on reload with border, margin, or padding > 0.
 - Implement --xid command line option (used by claws mail client).
 - Make tab expansion in plain text utf8 aware.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Updated the GPL copyright note in the source files.
   Patch: Detlef Riekenberg
+- Implemented a close-tab button for the GUI.
   Patch: João Ricardo Lourenço, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Added the "middle_click_drags_page" dillorc option.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Thomas Orgis
+- Added configurable keybindings! (in ~/.dillo/keysrc)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Tim Nieradzik, place (AKA corvid)
+- Fixed a memory leak with DilloImage structures.
   Patch: Johannes Hofmann, place (AKA corvid)
+- Set the File menu label to hide when the File menu-button is shown.
 - Set a new iconv() test in
 - Allowed the rc parser to skip whitespace around the equal sign.
 - Fixed the parser not to call Html_tag_close_* functions twice.
 - Implemented loading of remote CSS Stylesheet.
 - Made a big cleanup of cache.c WRT charset decoding (fixes bugs).
 - Made an extensive cleanup/fixup of the whole image handling process.
 - Implemented the tools button with a couple CSS options.
 - Removed the nav.h dependency from
 - Made the repush() operation more general and suited for CSS use.
 - Fixed collapsing of whitespace entities in HTML mode.
 - Updated the URL resolver to comply with RFC-3986.
 - Fixed handling of META's content-type with no MIME type (e.g. only charset).
 - Added support for a quoted URL in META refresh.
 - Added instant client-side redirects (aka. zero-delay META refresh).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid


+- Moved clicked from ButtonResource to Resource.
   Patch: place (AKA corvid)
+- Cleaned up unused code in fltkviewbase.
   Patch: Johannes Hofmann
+- Added lout/msg.h and normalized debug messages to use it.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid


dillo-2.0 [Oct 14, 2008]

+- Ported Dillo from GTK1 to FLTK2.
 - Ported a susbstantial part of the code from C to C++ (FLTK2 is in C++).
 - Wrote a new library: Dlib. With "Dlib" Dillo doesn't need glib anymore.
 - Ported all the code to Dlib.
 - Fixed Http_must_use_proxy() to be case insensitive.
 - Fixed some leaks and bugs in the cookies dpi.
 - Made Dillo's UI Control Panel resizable on-the-fly.
 - Implemented a new, simpler, dillorc parser.
 - Added handling of "localhost" in file URIs.
 - Fix: recognize "http://foo" and "http://foo/" as the same URL (BUG#497).
 - Reimplemented the Concomitant Callback chains into a uniform scheme!
   (two query branches and a single answer branch). It simplifies a lot the
   former CCC paths and allows for easier error control.
 - Added a new method for internally-generated urls: a_Cache_entry_inject().
 - Switched the cache to use Dlib's Dstr for its data storage.
 - Removed threads from IO. Now it only uses select-based watches.
 - Reimplemented IO.c and dpi.c to use Dlib's Dstr as its main buffer.
 - Turned Klist into a sorted list.
 - Removed one data-copy stage in Html_write_raw().
 - Switched gcc's "fmt..." syntax to ISO C __VA_ARGS__.
 - Fixed Dillo and its dpis to work from "/tmp" (for easy device unmount).
 - Simplified http.c by reusing the new non-blocking writes in IO.
 - Reworked the capi API so cache is only accessable from capi.
 - Rewrote the CCC's OpAbort handling.
 - Rewrote the DNS API and the Dpid start code inside Dillo.
 - Implemented Stop button to not only stop rendering but also networking.
 - Fixed the problem of scrolling position (remember position in a page).
 - Implemented a new scheme of scroll-position remembering. This is one per
   visited page intead of one per url (this is more standard).
 - Fixed a subtle bug in klist that was affecting IO.
 - Fixed the position of the Bug Meter popup menu.
 - Hooked vertical scrolling to the mouse wheel.
 - Reimplemented using a class, and hooked memory-release.
 - Reimplemented using a class, removed the linkblock,
   and hooked memory-release to dw destruction.
 - Switched UI shortcuts from a global event handler to UI::handle.
 - Bound Ctrl+Space to toggle fullscreen mode.
 - Switched dillo to push a URL with fragment (anchor) into the stack.
 - Added a workaround for a CCC reentrancy segfault.
 - Bound FltkMultiLineTextResource to the html parser (TEXTAREA).
 - Added code to ignore the first <P> after <LI>.
 - Added a http_referer preference. See details in dillorc.
 - Added a text placeholder: "[IMG]" for img_off mode.
 - Fixed a SEGFAULT bug in http.c (handling of web->url).
 - Fixed handling of #anchors with repush, and other operations.
 - Implemented a_Dialog_choice5(). May be used by dpis and dillo.
 - Improved parsing of collapsing white space.
 - FTP dpi: Fixed algorithm bugs and improved the mime-type detector.
 - CCC: added reentrancy control to the OpEnd and OpAbort operations.
 - CCC: enhanced the debug function and implemented OpAbort for dpi.
 - Hooked a decoder for text/plain with charset.
 - Forbid dpi GET and POST from non dpi-generated urls.
 - Cleaned up a_Url_new().
 - Implemented tabbed browsing.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Connected signals to <li> elements (fixes links within lists).
 - Enabled text, background-color, panel_size, geometry, fullscreen,
   start_page, geometry offset, proxy_user and limit_text_width in preferences.
 - Enabled clicking over image links.
 - Improved notification upon leaving links.
 - Implemented image-link URL showing in status bar.
 - Added missing size-parsing for the <hr> element.
 - Hooked "Activate" to the form_receiver.
 - Connected the plain page context menu.
 - Added code for the image menu and hooked it to dw2 signals.
 - Hooked the page and link menus.
 - Added a image-loading toggle button to the UI.
 - Enabled hiding widgets of the control panel from dillorc.
 - Added a save-directory preference (save_dir in dillorc).
 - Fixed page-popup-menu to use the stack's top URL instead of base_url.
 - Added the "static" qualifier where missing.
 - Bound "Copy link location".
 - Bound preliminar find text support.
 - Added line numbers and enabled wrapping in the "View Source" window.
 - Added HTTP-1.1's chunked transfer support!
 - Made the stop button sensitive when loading an image.
 - Added more statics in dpi, const in pixmaps, and removed redundant includes.
 - Made cleanups in prefs (hiding local data/defs/symbols).
 - Fixed a segfault in cookies.c when no .dillo directory exists.
 - Added a MSG_HTTP for HTTP/1.1's warning headers.
 - Added support for multi-line header fields.
 - Added support for "charset" in the HTTP header field for Content-Type.
 - Added support for progressive display of progressive jpegs.
 - Fixed progressive display of interlaced pngs.
 - Enabled colspan=0 in tables parsing.
 - Fixed a memory leak in cookies.c
 - Added "standard_widget_colors" preference. It allows a more stylish look.
 - Fixed the return value of Cache_parse_multiple_field.
 - Added the multipart/form-data encoding method to form submission.
 - Fixed a bug in Html_parse_entity.
 - Fixed a bug in a_Url_cmp.
 - Fixed a bug in Cookies_parse_one. Set it to a single return point too!
 - Added dStr_memmem() and dStr_printable() to dlib.
 - Split Html_append_input() into smaller functions.
 - Implemented ISINDEX.
 - Added input image for FORMS.
 - Added button for FORMS.
 - Added nesting checks for BUTTON, SELECT and FORM.
 - Fix: shape=default is the background in a client-side image map.
 - Enabled client and server-side image maps.
 - Switched Window::destroy to Window::delete, fixing side effects.
 - Made zlib a configure requirement, and cleaned up
 - Fixed a segfault bug in Nav.c.
 - Switched from charset to content-type for handling data.
 - Moved charset decoding into cache.
 - Implemented OBJECT as link (similar to FRAME).
 - Enabled the file dpi to look inside gzipped files.
 - Allowed form inputs outside the FORM element (it's in the standard).
 - Fixed a segfault bug in VERBATIM mode.
 - Made image inputs less of a special case by using x,y in ComplexButton.
 - Made forms show their action URL upon enter/leave mouse events (safety).
 - Fixed a memory leak in
 - Switched from DEBUG_MSG to MSG.
   Patches: place (AKA corvid)
+- Fixed a problem with locally-installed dpis.
 - Added code for optional image loading (nice interface) very advanced!
 - Added an experimental gzip decoder! 
 - Implemented "Load Images" in the page menu and cleaned up html.hh.
 - Added shortcuts: PgDn=Spc, PgUp=b, Back=BackSpace, Forw=Shift+Backspace.
 - Made a cleanup in cache's parse header code.
 - Added support for "charset" in the META element.
 - Added a_Capi_get_flags(). It requests a cache entry's status as flags.
 - Switched URL_DATA type from char* to a dStr.
 - Implemented the file input control for forms.
 - Fixed data guesser to detect ASCII, LATIN1, UTF8, KOI8-R, CP-1251 as text.
   Patch: place, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fixed a cookies-related dillo freeze bug happening at:
   Patch: Andreas Kemnade, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fixed a va_list-related SEGFAULT on 64bit-arch in dStr_vsprintfa().
   Added const declarations in html parser.
   Patch: Vincent Thomasset
+- Fixed void to int conversions for 64bit-arch.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, higuita
+- Set the url resolver to escape illegal chars instead of stripping.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Jeremy Henty
+- Added suport for old iconv() (const char** as 2nd arg).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano Cid, Christian Kellermann
+- Added a strndup() replacement in dw2
   Patch: Alexander Becher, Johannes Hofmann, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Fixed calcHashValue() to only return non-negative numbers (was SEGFAULT).
 - Improved scrolling performance on large pages by copying screen data
    instead of rendering.
 - Updated to check only for fltk2-config.
 - Implemented drag-scrolling with the mouse's middle button.
 - Disabled double buffering (good for debugging redraws).
 - Switched dns.c from gethostbyname* to getaddrinfo (& removed libc5 code).
 - Made "New browser window" inherit the panel style of its parent.
 - Made TopGroup a PackedGroup, simplifying UI code and removing workarounds.
 - Added a redraw(DAMAGE_HIGHLIGHT) call to Back, Forw and Stop buttons.
 - Fixed a segfault bug when closing a bw under active networking.
 - Removed the unused SPCBuf variable.
 - Fixed a freeze-bug in IO.c where the IOwatch for reading was not removed.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann
+- Made progress bars resize automatically.
   Patches: Johannes Hofmann, Jorge Arellano Cid
+- Improved FLTK library detection at configure time.
   Patch: Frank Gevaerts
+- Bound Ctrl-R to reload.
 - Made dialogs use font_factor (e.g. view source).
 - Implemented the SELECT element in FORMS!
 - Implemented MULTIPLE SELECT in FORMS.
 - Fixed a memory leak in nav.c
!- cleanup (in progress). New classes, form API, source split.
 - Fixed a bug in style caching.
   Patches: Jeremy Henty
+- Added int32_t, EAI_NODATA and iconv tests for FreeBSD.
   Patch: Thomas-Martin Seck
+- Made CTRL-l focus the location bar instead of popping up a dialog.
 - Set key bindings with modifiers to work when alone only.
 - Replaced the findtext dialog with an in-window widget!
   Patches: Justus Winter


        - Fixed bug in dw::core::ExtIterator (wrong mask, see also Jorge's
          patch "createvar.diff" from Nov 08).
        - Applied Jorge's patch for dw::core::AlignedTextblock
          ("lists.diff" in mail from Nov 08).
        - Applied Jorge's patch for dw::core::Textblock ("links.diff" in
          mail from Nov 08).
        - Applied Jorge's patch for ("conf.diff" in mail from
          Nov 08).
        - Renamed ExtIterator to DeepIterator.
        - Implemented CharIterator (as an alternative to word iterators).
        - Implemented text search (simple KMP based on CharIterator).
        - Completed scrolling.
          Patches: Sebastian Geerken

        + Implemented drag scrolling with mouse's middle button.
        - Enabled commented out partial image redraw, adding some checks.
        - Enabled clipped redraws (avoids some flickering).
        - Improvement: avoid complete redraws for child widget updates.
        - Added code to really delete fltk2 widgets embedded in dw2.
        - Fixed partial redraws and scrolling interference.
        - Added combination of drawing rectangles into a larger one.
        - Bug fix: a newly added rectangle may contain others.
        - Made draw() check whether a rectangle is visible at drawing time.
        - The background is now cleared properly on partial redraws.
        - Made getWidgetAtPoint() a virtual method of widget and implemented a
          custom one for TextBlock, reducing CPU usage on pages full of links.
        - Added a style reference and an initialization to mustQueueResize.
        - Replaced prepareCreateFltkWidget with an explicit call to add().
        - Fixed an assertion-exit bug in DeepIterator.
        - Fixed two viewport bugs: in drawing and scrolling.
        - Made scrollbars really children of FltkViewport.
        - Avoided multiple redraws when Layout::resizeIdle() queues itself.
        - Set FltkViewBase::draw to intersect with view area for expose.
        - Set cursor shape to CURSOR_MOVE on drag. Disabled drag over links.
        - Added Layout::queueDrawExcept(), it reduces flickering by avoiding
          a redraw when another rectangle is added.
        - Fixed a scrollIdleId test to properly compare against -1.
        - Set FltkPlatform::removeIdle to use removeRef() instead of remove().
        - Cleaned up scroll code and moved updateCanvasWidgets() out of draw().
        - Switched begin-end pairs with add() calls (fixes side-effect bugs!).
        - Fixed checks in adjustScrollPos() to not allow wild values.
        - Added double buffering for partial redraws!
        - Implemented ComplexButton.
        - Fixed find text so it works for phrases and PRE-wrapped text.
        - Fixed a bug in DeepIterator::prev.
        - Added the "lout" namespace.
        - Reduced memory usage in 30% by reusing styles, reducing the size
          of struct Content, and not preallocating in SimpleVector. !
        - Made fontsTable and colorsTable static members of Font and Color.
        - Moved highlighting information from struct Word into Textblock
          to save memory.
        - Reduced memory usage 10% with a custom memory handler in Textblock.
        - Fixed a segfault when searching for single characters.
        - Fixed memory leaks by s/delete/delete[]/ where necessary.
        - Fixed three iterator memory leaks in Iterator::scrollTo().
        - Changed DeepIterator to always clone its parameter (segfault bug).
        - Implemented selection of multibyte glyphs (UTF-8).
        - Removed the canvasWidgets list (fltk's children seem enough).
        - Switched misc:assert() to the standard assert() call.
          Patches: Johannes Hofmann
        + Fixed a segfault-on-empty-strings bug in ConstString::hashValue.
        - Fixed a segfault in reallocChildren (colspan/rowspan related).
        - Fixed another assertion-exit bug in DeepIterator.
        - Added the dw::fltk::ui::FltkMultiLineTextResource class.
        - Implemented TEXTAREA using fltk::TextEditor.
        - Bugfix: added the missing fltk::setfont calls before ::getwidth.
        - Bugfix: initialized scrollIdleNotInterrupted variable.
        - Commented out obsolete DEBUG_MSG lines in
        - Fixed rowspan apportion when no single rowspan=1 row is found.
        - Fixed allocateFltkWidget to handle and display FltkListResource.
        - Fixed a slithery BUG in lout::misc::Stringbuffer.
        - Implemented multiple item selection in FltkSelectionResource.
          Patches: Jeremy Henty
        + Added an extra argument in the link signals
          (I recommended that instead of an array of image handlers --jcid)
        - Aded an x_img camp to style (an image array index, like x_link).
        - Added the same workaround in for WHEN_ENTER_KEY_ALWAYS.
        - Fixed shading ( and implemented FltkViewBase::drawPolygon().
        - Implemented Circle and Disk bullet drawing.
        - Fixed a bug in FltkViewBase::getClippingView.
        - Made FltkColor::FltkColor use ::fltk::BLACK (bugfix).
        - Fixed a bug with dissappearing widgets when scrolling with low CPU.
        - Fixed a bug with the canvas offset of scrolling bars.
        - Fixed a typo bug in scrollIdle() and a typo in processMouseEvent().
        - Fixed an offset arithmetic bug with widgets inside textblock.
        - Fixed RTFL debugging messages.
        - Switched ComplexButton to use "Activate" instead of "Clicked" signal.
        - Made the ComplexButton resource remember its click x,y.
        - Added "enter" and "leave" signals into class Resource.
          Patches: place
        + Enabled mouse wheel scrolling. 
          FltkViewport::setScrollStep() sets how many points at a time.
        - Added setDeleteCallback(DW_Callback_t func, void *data) to widget.
          This allows to hook a callback when the widget is destroyed.
        - Implemented a weighted apportionment algorithm for table rowspan.
        - Implemented a weighted apportionment algorithm for table colspan.
        - Implemented percentage widths in tables (better rendering!).
        - Fixed an initialization bug in hruler.
        - Fixed a bug in the textblock's wrapping algorithm.
        - Fixed a bug in table cellpadding.
        - Fixed a bug in getContentHeight().
        - Changed the table-apportion algorithms + bug fixes. Big work!
        - Fixed a mistake in the CSS-box-model PNG image (style-box-model.png).
        - Added initialization for scrollX and scrollY.
        - Fixed a typo bug in adjustScrollPos().
        - Fixed two typo bugs in Textblock::drawLine().
        - Changed Textblock::addText() to internally allocate its text string,
          making the memory handling opaque to the caller.
          Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
        + Added actual text selection.
          Patch: Sebastian Geerken, place
        + Implemented dw::fltk::ui::FltkOptionMenuResource::isSelected(),
          added Item::createNewGroupWidget(), Item::createNewWidget().
          Patch: Jeremy Henty, Johannes Hofmann
        + Implemented the necessary base for image maps.
          Patch: Johannes Hofmann, place

        - Fixed event handling in FLTK views. (Fixes links and several
          problems with UI resources.)
        - Implemented clipping views. (dw::Image used this already in
          version 0.0.41.)
        - Added "activated" signals to UI resources.
          Patches: Sebastian Geerken


0.8.5-pre-dw-redesign-1 [internal]
- Prototype

dillo-0.8.3-pre-dw-redesign-3 [Aug 30, 2004]
 - * Fixed bug GtkDwViewport, which caused some redraws to be ignored.
   * Added GdkDwPreview.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken

dillo-0.8.3-pre-dw-redesign-2 [Aug 28, 2004]
 - * Added images to the current state of the redesign.
     - New module Imgbuf, see doc/Imgbuf.txt for details.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken

dillo-0.8.3-pre-dw-redesign-1 [Aug 25, 2004]
 - * Introduced an abstraction layer between Dw and Gtk+. See README-port and
     doc/DwRender.txt for more details.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken

Dillo project

dillo-0.8.6 [Apr 26, 2006]

 - * Designed and implemented a dpi protocol library (libDpip.a in /dpip).
   * Added a couple of new dpip commands.
   * Fixed and uniformed the escaping of values inside dpip tags.
   * Ported the bookmarks, download, file, https, ftp and hello plugins,
     plus the dpid daemon and the rest of the source tree to use it.
   * Improved the dpi buffer reception to handle split buffers (This was
     required for handling arbitrary data streams with dpip).
   * Fixed a bug in Cache_entry_remove_raw.
   * Added a couple of "const" and C++ wrappers to dpiutil's API.
   * Fixed a serious bug with the FTP plugin that led to two downloads of the
     same file when left-clicking a non-viewable file.
   * Added MIME/type detection to the FTP plugin, and removed popen().
   * Set the dpi daemon (dpid) not to exit when the downloads dpi is running.
   * Improved the accuracy of the illegal-character error reporting for URLs.
   * Now save dialog replaces %20 and ' ' with '_' in the Filename suggestion.
   * Made URL ADT automatically count and strip illegal characters from URLs.
   * Added dpi/ (Default FLTK2-based GUI for downloads dpi).
   * Added "./configure --disable-dlgui" to build without FLTK2-GUI downloads.
   * Fixed dpip's tag syntax and its parsing to accept any value string.
   * Added DOCTYPE parsing (for better bug-meter error messages).
   * Added a DOCTYPE type declaration tag to dpi-generated HTML.
   * Fixed bookmarks dpi to escape ' in URLs and &<>"' in titles (BUG#655).
   * Added a check for malicious image sizes in IMG tags.
   * Made the parser aware of buggy pages with multiple BODY and HTML elements.
   * Fixed a bug in MIME content/type detection.
   * Check HTTP Content-Type against real data (a security procedure).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added a datauri dpi to handle "data:" URIs (RFC-2397).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Ben Wiley Sittler
 - * Moved the cookies management into a dpi server: cookies.dpi.
   * Removed the restriction of only one dillo with cookies enabled!
   * Fixed a bug with cookies for sites with self-signed certificate.
   * Updated the cookies documentation.
   * Made the downloads plugin dillo-cookie aware.
   * Ported the cookies dpi to libDpip.a.
   * Merged the new dpip code into the source tree.
   Patches: Diego Sáenz, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added "./configure --disable-threaded-dns" (for some non reentrant BSDs).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Francis Daly
 - * Fixed a bug with roman literals divisible by 10 (BUG#700).
   * Fixed a bug with long alphabetically ordered lists (BUG#704).
   Patch: Glyn Kennington
 - * Fixed a file descriptor leak in the dpi protocol library.
   * Fixed a subtle segfault bug with malformed URLs in cookies.c.
   Patch: Francis Daly
 - * Improved the dpi framework. Now dpi-programs can be specified in dpidrc,
   and there's no need to touch dillo's sources to add new dpi services.
   Just make your dpi program, add a dpidrc line and play with it!
   Patch: Diego Sáenz, Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.8.5 [Jun 15, 2005]

 - * Set "file:" to work as URI for current directory.
   Patch: Diego Sáenz
 - * Added a "small" dillorc option for panel size (medium without labels).
   Patch: Eugeniy, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed the shell escaping code in the ftp plugin.
   * Added some checks for sane values in html.c.
   * Added URL filtering to the ftp and downloads dpis to avoid SMTP hacks.
   * Fixed the file dpi to react to the DpiBye command.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.8.4 [Jan 11, 2005]

 - * Fixed a possible attack (program abortion) by malicious web pages, which
     contain huge values for <table> attributes "colspan" and "rowspan".
   * Changed anchors, they are now tested to be unique, and removed properly,
     when a widget tree is changed (e.g. another page is visited). Also added
     HTML warnings.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed two minor memory leaks (IO's Buf1Start & html's SPCBuf).
   * Fixed handling of XML's "/>" tag-closing (e.g. <script ... />). BUG#514
   * Removed obsolete code from IO/file.c.
   * Added a few missing EINTR handlers in dpi.c.
   * Orthogonalized the generic parser:
       - Fixes memory leaks and widget state when recovering from bad HTML.
       - Improves error detection and validation (needed by XHTML).
       - Makes DOC tree generation possible (needed by CSS).
       - Cleaner design of handling routines for bad HTML.
       - Orthodox treatment of double optional elements (HTML, HEAD, BODY).
       - Lots of minor code cleanups.
   * Switched the dpi file server's design to pthreads (fixes a critical race).
   * Avoided a crash when indexed GIF images lack a color map (BUG#647).
   * Fixed a bug when the remote HTTP server sends no Content-Type and
     the TCP packetizing splits the header from data (BUG#650).
   * Returned the parser to the old whitespace "collapsing" mode
     (this can be changed with the SGML_SPCDEL define in html.c).
   * Fixed a memory leak for DwStyle (there was one leak per page).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a large memory leak of thread specific resources. --Very important
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Removed warnings for pointer arithmetic and strict prototypes all
     around the code (now it works under LP64 architectures).
   * Made miscelaneous cleanups for LP64 architectures.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Dieter Baron
 - * Changed dpid's umask to 0077.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Richard Zidlicky
 - * Switched to g_vsnprintf (instead of vsnprintf).
   Patch: Frank Wille
 - * Updated a bit the README file.
   Patch: Dieter Baron
 - * Made a grammatical and typographical review of the whole documentation
     in doc/. Also added some clarifications.
   * Fixed a libpng detection problem (e.g., on CYGWIN). BUG#651
   Patches: Roberto Sanchez
 - * Fixed "id" and "name" attributes parsing logic.
   * Improved the parsing algorithm for character entities. BUG#605
   Patches: Matthias Franz
 - * Fixed a security bug with uncertain data and a_Interface_msg().
   Patch: Tavis Ormandy

dillo-0.8.3 [Oct 27, 2004]

 - * Added a missing error handler for unreachable host in http.c.
   Patch: Dennis Schneider, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added fragment (aka anchor) decoding before it is set by Dw.
   Patch: Matthias Franz, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed dpid to work even when a dpi directory is empty.
   Patch: George Georgiev, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made the search dialog's URL go encoded in the query.
   Patch: Matthias Franz
 - * Fixed the width of sized text entry widgets within FORMS.
   Patch: Thorben Thuermer
 -(*)Made a library-based https dpi prototype, with certificate authentication!
   * Separated the code in dpi/ so the common base now lies in dpiutil.c.
   Patches: Garrett Kajmowicz
 - * Added SSL library detection code to
   Patch: Garrett Kajmowicz, Thomas-Martin Seck
 - * Fixed the wrong image-URL after cancelling a link-image popup (BUG#580).
   * Improved the transfer speed for the bookmarks dpi when using 2.6.x linux.
   * Fixed the downloads dpi to work when there're "'" characters in the URL.
   * Fixed " and ' characters stuffing in capi and interface for dpip commands.
  (*)Added a "dialog" command to the dpi protocol (dpip). It allows any dpi to
     make GUI choice-questions trough Dillo by using simple dpi tags.
   * Merged some dialog-generating code in interface.c and fixed a bug with
     the FORM repost dialog.
   * Designed and implemented a unified API for handling data streams inside
     dillo plugins. Servers and filters can use it.
   * Converted the bookmarks, ftp, file, hello and the https prototype dpis
     to the new dpiutil API.
   * Replaced the old 'force_visited_color' dillorc option with the new
     'contrast_visited_color' (using a renewed color-choosing algorithm).
   * Added some 'undefined ASCII' to latin1 character conversions.
   * Added the "w3c_plus_heuristics" option to dillorc.
   * Removed a segfault bug on oversized images (rare case).
   * Removed a CPU-hog on 302 redirections with cookies.
   * Made HTTP's 302 redirections non-cacheable (incomplete).
   * Implemented a new scheme for detecting redirection loops.
   * Fixed cookies to accept four legacy old-date formats for "Expires".
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Introduced a light-weight heuristic algorithm over the W3C parsing
     scheme (allows for slightly better rendering: w3c_plus_heuristics=YES).
   Patch: Rubén Fernández
 - * Moved the internal support for "file:" URIs into a dpi (server plugin).
   * Added TABLE-based rendering of directory listings to the new file dpi.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Removed DwWidget::realize and DwWidget::unrealize.
   * Made all signals expect events to abstract methods.
   * Renamed a_Dw_widget_{size_request|get_extremes|size_allocate|set_*} to
     p_*, they should not be used outside of Dw.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed the meta refresh warning to not switch from IN_HEAD to IN_BODY.
   Patch: Björn Brill

dillo-0.8.2 [Jul 06, 2004]

 - * Made PgUp/PgDn scroll by a full page, instead of a half (BUG#418).
   * Added new Gtk+ widgets GtkExtButton, GtkExtMenu, and GtkExtMenuItem.
     - Used GtkExtButton to enhance the button 3 menu of the forward button,
       backward button and bug meter buutton.
     - GtkExtMenu and GtkExtMenuItem are used to make handling button 2
       in the history menus cleaner.
   * Made bug meter button react on high-level "clicked" signal, instead of
   * New widget GtkMenuTitle, used for nicer titles in menus.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added a small handler for javascript links (BUG#546).
   * Made the parser ignore white space immediately after an open tag, and
     immediately before a close tag.
   * Fixed handling of redirection answers with unviewable MIME type (BUG#563).
   * Fixed the history-stack handling after redirection chains.
   * Fixed the character escaping logic in directory listings (BUG#564).
   * Added a small hack to view UTF-8 encoded quotation marks.
   * Added a "start_page" option to dillorc (to override the splash screen).
   * Tuned the buffering scheme for local directory listings (more speed).
   * Set some initial socket-buffering for dpis (in dpid).
   * Disallowed the "about:" method on non-root URLs (BUG#573).
   * Made the rendered area keep its focus after a form submition.
   * Fixed some include files in src/IO/.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Added hints (icons and tooltip text) to buttons featuring a right-click
     context menu.
   * Now you can copy & paste an URL into the "Clear URL" button.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Made the save and open file dialogs remember the last directory (BUG#211).
   Patch: Diego Sáenz

dillo-0.8.1 [May 14, 2004]

 - * Fixed dirent.h includes inside dpid.
   Patch: Joseph Myers
 - * Fixed a slippery bug with certain interlaced gif images (BUG#500).
   Patch: Andreas Mueller
 - * Fixed libpng-1.2.4 detection in
   Patch: Rubén Helguera
 - * Added proxy authentication support through the "http_proxyuser" option
     in dillorc (the password is asked at run time).
   Patch: Ivan Daniluk, Jorge Arellano, Francis Daly
 - * Moved tooltips to DwStyle, tooltip event handling to DwPage, and applied
     this also to the TITLE attribute of <a> and <abbr>.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed a bug related to spaces after anchors and breaks.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Removed two "type punning" gcc warnings (dw_gtk_viewport.c).
   * Added some missing "static" qualifiers.
   * Improved a_Strbuf_chars() so no list reversion is required.
   * Removed an unused data list (dns.c), and redundant code (selection.c).
   * Switch one realloc() call to g_realloc(), to match g_free() (dpi.c).
   * Removed unnecessary NULL-checks and NULL initializations.
   * Added Html_get_attr_wdef(), it lets providing a default return value.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed so pthreads are only linked where needed.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano
 - * Modified a_Misc_stuff_chars for simplicity and removed a memory leak.
   * Made the dpi framework send the HTTP query to the https dpi
     (this allows for an SSL-lib dpi and for easier session caching).
   * Cleaned up the int2void and void2int casts in CCC parameters.
   * Added container|inline model information to the HTML element table, and
     made the bug-meter and the parser aware of it. This both improves bug
     detection and rendering. 
   * Fixed newly detected HTML bugs in bookmarks dpi and file.c.
   * Fixed opening files with a ':' character in its name (again).
   * Added binaryconst.h (allows for binary constants in C).
   * Fixed The ladder effect with lists (BUG#534).
   * Made the bug-meter detect tags lacking a closing '>' (BUG#532).
   * Made the bug-meter detect excluded inline elements from <PRE>.
   * Eliminated a segfault source with tricky <input> tags (BUG#552).
   * Fixed <address> to render as a block element (BUG#527).
   * Added a content test for "name" and "id" attribute values (BUG#536).
   * Fixed the URL resolver handling of the "//" sequence in <path> (BUG#535).
   * Added "show_extra_warnings" and removed "use_old_parser" (dillorc).
   * Added minor support for the deprecated <MENU> element.
   * Eliminated a race condition that produced segfaults when a dpi transfer
     was cancelled before the contents were sent (a very rare case).
   * Added a test for socklen_t in
   * Fixed the downloads dpi to handle both new savenames and target directory.
   * GdkRgb: fixed handling of not usable system default visual and colormap.
   * Made dillo recognize unhandled MIME types, and offer a download dialog!
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.8.0 [Feb 08, 2004]

 - * Added a right-mouse-button popup for images!
   Patch: Frank de Lange, Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made main document window grab focus on startup, fullwindow,
     and after open url (BUG#330)
   * Set Ctrl-U to focus the location entry,
     Ctrl-R to reload, and Ctrl-H to hide controls.
   Patches: Johan Hovold, Jorge Arellano, Stephan Goetter
 - * Added a missing handler for broken-connection condition.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Phil Pennock
 - * Introduced a new way of handling dillo plugins! Now the
   communications and managing is done by a daemon: dpid.
   This comes with a lot of advantages described in Dpid.txt.
   Patch: Programming: Ferdi Franceschini; Design: Jorge Arellano
 - * Wrote documentation for dpid (Dpid.txt).
   * Removed a memory leak in Get_line().
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Ferdi Franceschini
 - * Developed a plugin for downloads. It uses wget and can handle several
   connections at the same time.
   * Developed stress tests for both dpid and the downloads dpi.
   Patches: Ferdi Franceschini
 - * Adapted dpi.c to manage plugins through dpid.
   * Improved the incoming dpi-stream processing to accept images from a dpi.
   * Added/updated lots of dpi-related comments.
   * Updated the dpi1 spec.
   * Removed the forced end-to-end reload that was set upon dpis. Now,
     dpi-generated pages can be cached.
   * Made dillo able to handle multiple plugins (still lacks a dynamic API)
   * Wrote bare bones plugins for handling: FTP and HTTPS.
   * Wrote an example plugin: HELLO  --kind of "Hello world".
   * Made all the bindings to make it work (fully commented).
   * Added code for automatical and non-blocking dpid start!
   * Added an extensible secondary URL convenience for popup menus.
   * Attached the image popup to the link menu (when the link is an image).
   * Removed a memory leak in the selection code (commands.c).
   * Cleaned up memory handling when reusing the GioChannel for IPv6.
   * Removed a race-condition-polling-CPU-hog bug in IO! (hairy... ;)
   * Adapted the generic parser to make HTML error detection, providing
     the line number and a hint (expected tag) in the error message!
   * Added a bug-meter button that shows the count of detected HTML errors
     (left click shows the errors, right click offers a validation menu).
   * Added information about optional, required and forbidden end tags.
   * Modified the parser's handling of closing tags to account for elements
     with an optional close tag, and for more accurate diagnosis messages.
   * Added 'use_old_parser' option to dillorc (boolean).
   * Fixed the handling of HEAD and BODY elements to account for their
     double optional condition (both open and close tags are optional).
   * Added the MSG() macro to msg.h and replaced g_print() with it.
   * Added the "show_msg" dillorc option to disable MSG().
   * Increased the number of warning messages reported by gcc.
   * Solved a lot of signed/unsigned problems.
   * Made the necessary cleanups/bug-removals for the new warning level.
   * Connected the dpi stream to the cache using the CCC!
   * Fixed the cache API by introducing the new call a_Capi_get_buf().
   * Fixed a race condition and a multiple request problem.
   * Cleaned up the code for the progressbar widgets.
   * Standarized unix domain sockets with AF_LOCAL for portability.
   * Minor cleanups for a smooth compile on older systems (libc5).
   * Fixed the handling of P element for the HTML nesting checks.
   * Set Ctrl-B for bookmarks shortcut (instead of Alt-B).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano
 - * Enhanced the speed of the actual selection of text.
   * Added command line option --debug-rendering.
   * Added "button_sensitive" attribute to DwWidget, which is needed to
     make <BUTTON>'s accessable at all. (They were inaccessable since the
     introduction of text selection!)
   * Changed behaviour of DwButton, see NOTE at beginning of dw_button.c.
   * Added "collapsing margins" to DwPage.
   * Added CSS "list-style-type" and "display" equivalents to DwStyle, changed
     definition of "font", replaced "nowrap" by "white-space", and renamed
     "link" to "x_link".
   * DwBullet now uses DwStyle for the bullet type, made necessary changes
     in HTML parser.
   * Changed DwStyleLength, now only pixel values and percentages are
     supported. (For CSS, anything else will be done elsewhere.)
   * Added word backgrounds to DwPage (not yet used.)
   * Added the possibility to clip widget drawings (new function
   * Made images showing the ALT text as long as no image data has been
   * Cleaned up event handling and related code: "link_*" signals now return
     gboolean, and DwWidget events are signals.
   * Moved DwRectangle and related to dw.c.
   * Rewrote idle drawing, fixed BUG#202.
   * Removed p_Dw_widget_queue_clear*.
   * Added --enable-rtfl option to configure.
   * Fixed a bug in findtext (wrong highlighting).
   * Many changes in scrolling: added x coordinate (except for anchors), and
     DW_[VH]POS_INTO_VIEW position. Added x coordinate also to DilloUrl.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed bug in DwImage::link_clicked signal.
   Patch: Stephan Goetter, Frank de Lange (simultaneously and independent :-)
 - * Fixed memory leak in Html_tag_open_isindex.
   * Added numerical keypad cursor keys navigation.
   * Changed return values of Dw event methods from gint to gboolean.
   * Cleaned up debug message generation by using glib wrappers.
   * Replaced DwStyle::SubSup by new DwStyleVAlignType values, and
     DwStyle::uline and DwPage::strike by new DwStyle::text_decorations.
   * Added new convenience macros DW_WIDGET_HEIGHT, DW_WIDGET_CONTENT_HEIGHT,
   * Added configure options to disable either: png, jpeg or gif.
   * Fixed for proper library linking for dpis and dpid.
   * Improved libpng detection.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed wrong handling of coordinates in ISMAP and USEMAP images.
   * Added a hand-shaped cursor to input controls of type image.
   * Fixed a off-by-one memory leak in Dw(Ext)Iterator.
   * Fixed NULL result handling of p_Dw_widget_text_iterator() in DwBullet,
     DwHRuler and DwImage.
   * Made dpid/ aware of $(DESTDIR).
   * Fixed wrong return value of a_Findtext_search for widget == NULL.
   Patches: Frank de Lange
 - * Fixed a bug in Dw cursor code.
   Patch: Frank de Lange, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Corrected marshal functions for DwWidget signals.
   Patch: Anders Gavare, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added support for anchors using the "id" attribute (BUG#495).
   * Defined dillo's version-string in one place only:
   Patch: Francis Daly
 - * Removed a segfault source with corrupted MIME types in HTTP (BUG#501).
   * Made SPAM-safe URLs aware of image buttons (BUG#508).
   Patch: Francis Daly, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added a web search dialog (with toolbar icon, shortcut: Ctrl-S).
     The search engine can be set in dillorc (defaults to google).
   Patch: Johan Hovold, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a problem with libpng options detection (
   Patch: Rubén Fernández
 - * Added "pthreads" (with an "s") detection to
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Added the "-geometry" switch to the CLI.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Jan Dittmer

dillo-0.7.3 [Aug 03, 2003]

 - * Some more selection goodies:
     - Redesign of the selection state model, now the selection is preserved
       as long as possible.
     - Highlighted text is now drawn inverse (new DwWidget::bg_color).
     - Selection of images, list bullets and hrulers (as text), with a common
       text iterator for the respective widgets.
   * Borders may now be drawn inverse (needed for selection).
   * Improved the speed when selecting large areas. (BUG#450)
   * Fixed a bug in DwPage extremes.
   * Fixed a wrong implementation of incremental resizing for DwPage.
     (Affected functions: Dw_page_rewrap and a_Dw_page_add_widget)
   * Fixed a bug in a_Dw_widget_size_allocate.
   * Made jumping to anchors faster (removes CPU hog).
   * Fixed a bug in Dw_page_get_extremes().
   * Made (invalid) <li>'s without <ol> or <ul> defined, and independent of
     each other.
   * Fixed rendering of <frameset>.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Made a new set of toolbar icons!
   Patch: John Grantham (
 - * Added support for the hspace and vspace attributes of the IMG tag.
   * Made only left button activate the image input type (BUG#367,#451).
   * Fixed SELECT with "multiple" but without "size" (BUG#469).
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added titles to bookmark server's html pages.
   Patch: Kelson Vibber
 - * Made IFRAME to be handled like FRAME (shows link).
   Patch: Nikita Borodikhin, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a bug in 'a_Misc_stristr' that permeated findtext. (BUG#447)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, "squirrelblue"
 - * Finished handling of single and double quotes inside dpi tags.
   * Fixed a bug for named-entities' character codes greater than 255.
   * Introduced a small UCS to Latin1 converter to help rendering.
   * Added a check for Unix98's "socklen_t" (BUG#466).
   * Added the missing EINTR handlers in IO.c and file.c.
   * Fixed the problem of adding garbage anchors.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.7.2 [Apr 30, 2003]

 - * Implemented text selection! (aka: Copy&Paste) (BUG#59)
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken, Eric Gaudet
 - * Fixed IPv6 support when the unthreaded server is used.
   Patch: Damien Couderc, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed the IPv6 socket connection code for *BSD.
   Patch: Daniel Hartmeier, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made the URL_SpamSafe flag be inherited by the BASE element.
   Patch: Melvin Hadasht
 - * Switched to use AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM instead of 'uname'.
   Patch: Patrice Mandin
 - * Added "image/x-png" to MIME types (obsolete, but should be recognized).
   Patch: Paolo P.
 - * Fixed the code that handled the installation of "dillorc".
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Fixed a lot of glitches in notably libpng and libjpeg
   detection, enabling and disabling. (BUG#: 386, 407, 392, 349)!
   Patches: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Fixed two leaks in Dw(Ext)Iterator.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Repaired some minor misbehaviours in the cookie-strings parser.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano
 - * Enabled entities parsing in HTML-given hidden and password values.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Francis Daly
 - * Implemented character stuffing in dpi (Fix bookmarks with quotes) BUG#434.
   * Added a HTML warning message for META outside HEAD.
   * Removed a segfault source when the server doesn't send content/type info.
   * Added file type detection for filenames without extension.
   * Removed the warnings detected with gcc 3.2.2.
   * Fixed the VERBATIM parsing mode and replaced the SCRIPT mode with it.
   * Fixed the problem with CR handling in TEXTAREA (BUG#318).
   * Fixed initial value parsing within TEXTAREA tags (BUG#400).
   * Fixed loading files with spaces in the name (command line) BUG#437.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo- [Mar 11, 2003]

 - * Fixed a bug in the bugfix that used uninitialized memory contents
     causing all kind of undesirable side effects.
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer

dillo-0.7.1 [Mar 10, 2003]                      -- bugfix release

 - * Fixed the setting of the FD_CLOEXEC flag.
   Patch: Raphael Barabas
 - * Added an automatic file-locking alternative for systems lacking flock().
   Patch: Yang Guilong
 - * Fixed a memory leak with pixmaps.
   Patch: Keith Packard
 - * Fixed the link color switch with scroll wheel mouses (BUG#348)
   Patch: Stephen Lewis
 - * Made the bookmarks server keep a backup file: bm.txt.bak.
   * Fixed not loading the bookmarks file (and erasing the bookmarks).
   * Added some missing EINTR handlers.
   * Added a handler for unresponsive dpi sockets!
   * Restricted dpi-requests to dpi-generated pages only.
   * Used -1 instead of WAIT_ANY (some systems don't have it). (BUG#413)
   * Fixed a source bug when G_DNS_THREADED is not defined. (BUG#421)
   * Switched sprintf to g_snprintf which is safer.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.7.0 [Feb 17, 2003]

 - * Added IPv6 support! [./configure --enable-ipv6] (BUG#351)
   Patch: Philip Blundell
 - * Fixing char escaping/encoding problems with file URIs (BUG#321)
   * Fixing buffer overflow sources in file.c.
   * Switched the image tooltip from "alt" to "title" attribute.
   Patch: Francis Daly, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added code so that tooltips stay within the screen.
   Patch: Pekka Lampila, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed a problem occurring when scrolling with the "b" key.
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed a memory leak in DwAlignedPage.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Moved stuff into remove_cookie() and add_cookie() functions.
   * Made cookies sort once in add_cookie().
   * Removed some unneeded casts and calls in cookies.
   * Repairing some minor misbehaviours in Cookies_parse_string().
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano, Madis Janson
 - * Fixed a bug in Dw_widget_mouse_event.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a bug in DwPage ("height" argument).
   Patch: Pekka Lampila
 - * Removed a segfault source in http.c
   Patch: Madis Janson
 - * Removed space around tables.
   * Implemented the <button> tag! (BUG#276)
   * Added iterators (DwItetator, DwExtItetator, DwWordItetator).
     - Rewrote findtext, added highlighting and "case sensitive" option.
     - Improved findtext dialog placement too!
   * Implemented "ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER}" for <table>, and
   * Implemented character alignment, applied it on ALIGN=CHAR and CHAR for
     <tr>, <td> and <th>.
     - New widget DwTableCell.
     - Some smaller changes in DwAlignedPage and DwPage (virtual word_wrap,
   * Implemented vertical alignment of table cells.
     - Changed behavior of Dw_page_size_allocate.
     - Applied it on "VALIGN={TOP|BOTTOM|MIDDLE|BASELINE}" for <tr>, <td> and
     - Fixed splash screen.
   * Set the height of <BR>'s in non-empty lines to zero.
   * Moved some code from html.c to a_Dw_page_change_link_color.
   * Made bullets size depending on the font size.
   * Fixed too wide widgets in lists (e.g. nested lists).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added support for <input type=image...> (BUG#313)
   Patch: Madis Janson, Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made a better EAGAIN handler, and enabled FreeIOVec operation in IOWrite.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed include directives for config.h
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Claude Marinier
 - * Made lots of minor cleanups.
   Patches: Lex Hider, Jorge Arellano, Rudmer van Dijk
 - * Added a simple command line interface, and enabled some options (BUG#372).
   * Added full-window option in command line and dillorc.
   * Added an option to set offline URLs from CLI.
   * Made dillo embeddable into other GTK applications.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Melvin Hadasht
 - * Made drafts for dillo plugins protocol (dpi1)
   Work: Jorge Arellano, Eric Gaudet
 - * Avoided a file lock when cookiesrc disables cookies (BUG#358).
   * Fixed scroll-jumping between widgets when pressing Up&Dn arrows.
   * Added a tiny warning/handler for meta refresh.
   * Concomitant Control Chain (CCC):
     - Extended the theory to allow bidirectional message passing.
     - Renewed the API.
     - Improved the debugging code.
     - Redesigned the old CCCs, and made a new one for plugins (dpi).
     - Reimplemented dillo's core with the new chains.
   * Input/Output engine (IO):
     - Extended the functionallity with a threaded operation that
       allows buffered writes of small chunks on the same FD.
     - Created a new IO API, and adapted dillo to it.
   * Used the new CCC and IO to implement dillo plugins! (dpi).
   * Implemented the internal support for a bookmarks dpi.
   * Wrote a dpi-program for bookmarks.
   * Created capi.c, a meta module for cache.c.
   * Restructured Html_write so custom HTML can be inserted.
   * Set BackSpace and Shift+BackSpace to work as Back/Forward buttons.
   * Set the escape key as a dialog closing shortcut.
   * Removed a segfault in find text with a string of spaces (BUG#393)
   * Added wrappers/whitespace filtering for pasted/typed/CLI URLs. (RFC-2396)
   * Added an HTML warning message for illegal characters inside URLs.
   * Made dpi communication go through unix domain sockets.
   * Enabled dillo to launch the bookmarks plugin!
   * Made some cleanups in IO/.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.6 [May 30, 2002]

 - * Added a few canonical casts to fix some obvious 64bit issues.
   Patch: pvalchev
 - * Fixed a bug with cookies path parsing.
   * Fixed persistent-cookies obliteration (BUG#312, BUG#314)
   * Set max 20 persistent cookies for each domain.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Switched flock to lockf.
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Made a little bugfix in doc/
   Patch: Grigory Bakunov
 - * Removed the < 256 hostname length restraint from http queries.
   * Made a date-parser that copes with three HTTP date-syntaxes (BUG#335)
   * Made the HTML parser a bit more robust with bad HTML (BUG#325, BUG#326)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.5 [Apr 26, 2002]

 - * Improved a bit table rendering speed.
   Patch: Mark Schreiber
 - * Extended Dw crossing events.
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added code to autoresize the "View source" window (BUG#198).
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Improved *BSD detection code at './configure' time.
   Patch: Andreas Schweitzer, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added a (pthread_t) cast in dns.c
   * Fixed a problem with #fragment hash-lookup (in anchors_table).
   * Added code to install/test usr/local/etc/dillorc (BUG#287)
   * Added control-character filtering for pasted/typed URLs.
   * Replaced the old cache list with a hash table!
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed a momentous memory leak in png decoding.
   * Fixed a segfault source in GIF colormap handling.
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added fontname selection to dillorc.
   Patch: Arvind Narayanan
 - * Removed a segfault source under G_IO_ERR conditions in IO.c.
   Patch: Madis Janson
 - * Removed a wild deallocation chance in klist.c
   Patch: Pekka Lampila
 - * Fixed saving of pages that result from POST.
   Patch: Nikita Borodikhin
 - * Fixed a tiny bug with dillorc parsing on certain locales (BUG#301)
   Patch: Lars Clausen, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added support for cookies! RFC-2965 (BUG#82)
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Lars Clausen, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added code to detect redirect-loops (BUG#260)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Chet Murthy
 - * Added support for missing Content-Type in HTTP headers (BUG#216)
   * Added support for a bare '>' inside attribute values (BUG#306)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Andreas Schweitzer
 - * Allowed enter to submit forms when there's a single text entry.
   * Added 'generate_submit' and 'enterpress_forces_submit' to dillorc.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Mark Schreiber.
 - * Added support for rendering adjacent <BR>, Tabs in <PRE>, and linebreak
     handling (BUG#244, BUG#179, BUG#291).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Mark Schreiber, Sebastian Geerken.
 - * Switched a_List_* methods to three parameters (and wiped BUG#286)
   * Fixed two little bugs within url.c (BUG#294)
   * Created an API for nav_stack usage (a handy cleanup).
   * Set the attribute parser to trim leading and trailing white space.
   * Fixed a problem with NULL requests to the dns (BUG#296).
   * Added Tru64(tm) detection code at './configure' time.
   * Fixed the parser to skip <style> and <script> contents (BUG#316).
   * Bound the space key to PgDn, and 'b' | 'B' to PgUp.
   * Allowed 'query' and 'fragment' in POST submitions (BUG#284).
   * Changed the url module API (the URL_* macros), and updated the calling
     modules, removing several potential bugs at the same time --toilsome.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.4 [Jan 29, 2002]

 - * Implemented remembering of page-scrolling-position! (BUG#219)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Moved jpeg's include directory from CFLAGS to CPPFLAGS in
   Patch: John L. Utz, Lionel Ulmer
 - * Made a standarization cleanup to every *.h
   * Cleaned some casts to use the GPOINTER_TO_INT and GINT_TO_POINTER macros.
   * Added the 'static' qualifier to some module-internal variables.
   * Added the 'static' qualifier to module-internal functions!
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * New widget DwAlignedPage for alignment of vertical arrays.
     - New widget DwListItem for nicer list items (based on some extensions
       of DwPage) BUG#271.
   * Implemented text alignments (except CHAR).
     - Extension of DwStyle and DwPage.
     - Applied it on "ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER}" for <hr>, and
       "ALIGN = {LEFT|RIGHT|CENTER|JUSTIFY}" for <p>, <hN>, <div>, <td> and
       <th>. Implemented <center> --BUGs #215, #189.
   * Small change in DwPageWord (space_style), fixes problems with spaces and
     underlining (BUG#278).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added 'force_visited_colors' to dillorc. It asserts a different color
   on visited links, regardless of the author's setting.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Updated and improved several #include directives inside *.c
   * Added history.c for linear history and scroll-position tracking.
     Now the navigation-stack references linear history and nav-expect
     holds a DilloUrl (history.c provides an API).
   * Fixed a rare data-integrity race-condition with popups (BUG#225)
   * Made small icons a bit narrower.
   * Fixed a problem with image-maps handling code (BUG#277)
   * Added support for several domains in dillorc's 'no_proxy' variable.
   * Fixed a small boundary-bug in named-colors parsing.
   * Implemented IOs validity-test with klist (avoids a rare segfault source).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.3 [Dec 23, 2001]

 - * Removed a_Dw_widget_set_usize.
   * Removed *_indent in DwStyle, this is now done by nested widgets.
   * List items are now single widgets, this fixes bug #78.
   * Extended queue_resize and related code, removed fast resizing.
     - Applied these changes on DwPage (many changes!).
   * Changes in requisition of DwPage.
   * Added a nice indenter to the pagemarks! ("Jump to..." menu).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Reworked the dicache to use a hash table and use image versions.
   * Wiped some dicache glitches, and added a dillorc option turn it off!
     (reducing memory usage significatively).
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Added support for OSes that use a slightly different 'struct sockaddr'.
   Patch: Johan Danielsson
 - * Removed a cache leak when reloading (BUG#257).
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added full-screen mode! (left double-click toggles it).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Extended interface customization options in dillorc (a must for iPAQ).
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Sam Engström
 - * Rewrote the whole tag-parsing code with a new scheme (single pass FSM!)
     (BUG#190, BUG#197, BUG#207, BUG#228, BUG#239) --Big work here.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Set form encoding to escape everything but alphanumeric and -_.* (BUG#236)
   * Rewrote Html_tag_open_input.
   * Extended BACK and FWD key shortcuts to: {ALT | MOD*} + {, | .}    :-)
   * Fixed URI fragment parsing (BUG#247).
   * Centered FindText and OpenUrl dialog windows.
   * Structured dillorc (now it's more readable! ;)
   * Added a dillorc option to force transient_dialogs.
   * Fixed a subtle bug with HTTP end-to-end reload (BUG#234).
   * Fixed form submition when action has <query> or <fragment> (BUG#255)
   * Added fast URL resolving methods! (96% rfc2396 compliant by now) BUG#256
   * Switched form-urlencoded CR to be sent as CR LF pair (BUG#266).
   * Fixed leaving open FDs when the socket connection fails (BUG#268).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.2 [Oct 17, 2001]

 - * Added code to parse away <?...> tags (BUG#203).
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Made an explicit ISO8859-1 requirement in font loading (BUG#193).
   Patch: Karsten M. Self
 - * Added a temporary handler for frames! (lynx/w3m like).
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Added gtk_set_locale to dillo's init sequence (BUG#173).
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Martynas Jocius
 - * Added support for <big> and <small> tags (BUG#221).
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added back and forward history popup menus! (BUG#227)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Eric Gaudet, Olaf Dietsche
 - * Removed anchors from to-proxy queries (also added some checks, BUG#210).
   * Removed a leak in url.c
   * Fixed a bug with command-line HTML files that reference images (BUG#217).
   * Improved status-bar messages a bit, modified toolbar pixmaps and
     reduced the number of a_Url_dup calls.
   * Set Ctrl-Q to close window and Alt-Q to quit.
   * Devised an abstract model for parsing, wrote it into HtmlParser.txt and
     made dillo compliant with it!
   * Fixed CR/LF entities parsing inside <PRE> (BUG#188)
   * Added an error message for unsupported protocols (BUG#226)
   * Removed some warnings detected with different gcc versions.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.1 [Sep 13, 2001]

 - * Changed calculation of shaded colors.
   * Eliminated redundant code when drawing background colors.
   * Fixed a bug in DwStyle drawing functions.
   * Fixed a bug in Dw_page_calc_widget_size.
   * Some changes for <hr> (also BUG#168).
   * Added <tr> backgrounds.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added support for hexadecimal character references, as &#xA1; (BUG#183)
   Patch: Liam Quinn
 - * Replaced atoi(3) calls with strtol(3).
   * Made path comparison case sensitive in a_Url_cmp.
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Added a tiny handler for <DIV>
   Patch: Robert J. Thomson
 - * Fixed a segfault source in color parsing, and extended it a bit.
   Patch: Scott Cooper, Jorge Arellano
 - * Removed a leak with the DilloImage structure (when image is not found).
   * Fixed (and made faster) Url_str_resolve_relative (BUG#194)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini
 - * Added parsing support for %HexHex escape sequences in file URIs
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Livio Baldini, Agustín Ferrín :)
 - * Implemented Ctrl-W (close window) (BUG#87)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Martynas Jocius
 - * Fixed a segfault when dillo cannot access ~/.dillo for some reason.
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Amit Vainsencher
 - * Fixed the segfault from untrue Content-Length in HTTP header (BUG#187)
   * Fixed closing an active browser window from the window manager (bug#91)
   * Eliminated anchors from HTTP queries (BUG#195)
   * Fixed the repeated reload segfault (BUG#69)
   * Updated some docs in doc/ dir.
   * Added a keyed-list ADT (klist.[ch])
   * Removed a segfault source in dns.c.
   * Massive changes in Cache module: redesigned the external and internal API,
     implemented new methods, changed several algorithms, removed transitory
     and obsoleted code, removed a segfault source and improved CCC operations.
   * Changes in Http module: extended error handling, improved abort sequences,
     and added code that's aware of race conditions (based on klist ADT).
   * Uniformed CCC start operation in IO, http and cache modules.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.6.0 [July 31, 2001]

 - * Fixed a bunch of memory leaks!
   * Fixed links on pages with only one line, tuned text-entries size and
     fixed the HTTP header problem (BUG#180)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Improved dialogs handling: find_text, view_source, open_url, open_file,
     save_link and save_page (also removed a leak here).
   Patches: Jorge Arellano, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Modified GtkDwScrolledWindow and GtkDwViewport, now scrollbars work much
     better. This also fixes of the wrong viewport length (BUG#137).
   * Implemented tables! (incomplete)
     - Changes in Dw: DwTable and DwWidget::get_extremes.
     - html.c: extended DilloHtmlState, added code for table parsing, moved
       some attributes from DwPage into the HTML linkblock.
   * Restructured code for image maps (works now with tables).
   * Removed "alt" attribute from <a> tag (no standard).
   * Fixed a bug in a_Url_dup.
   * Extended Dw events: leave_notify_event is now called for more widgets.
   * Extended DwPage and DwImage signal "link_entered".
   * Extended DwStyle by CSS-style boxes, background colors and border_spacing:
     - Implemented borders around image links (BUG#169).
   * Fixed the wrong PNG background? (BUG#172)
   * Corrected handling of styles by the html parser.
   * Added alternative, "fast" resizing method.
   * Added a simple possibility to scroll long option menus (BUG#158)
   * Added backing pixmap, this prevents flickering (BUG#174).
   * Changes and extensions in handling lenghts, see doc/DwStyle.txt.
   * Added option "limit_text_width".
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added nowrap attribute to DwStyle, and applied it to <pre> (BUG#134),
     <td> and <th>.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Added a_List_resize to list.h methods.
   * Added debug.h to standarize debugging messages.
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added file selection while saving pages or links.
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Added a few 'const', a missing header and some strength reductions.
   Patch: Aaron Lehmann
 - * Made dillo to also check '/etc/dillorc' for options.
   Patch: Eduardo Marcel Maçan, Jorge Arellano
 - * Made a help page, and linked it to 'about:help' (BUG#72)
   Patch: Jorge Arellano, Kristian A. Rink
 - * Added an "alt" camp to DilloUrl
   * Fixed the linkblock memory-leak (BUG#163)
   * Fixed local file loading from the command line (BUG#164)
   * Fixed server-side image maps support (BUG#165)
   * Added code for accel-keys on toolbar buttons
   * Fixed the segfault with unconnected servers (BUG#170)
   * Fixed the open HTTP-sockets problem (BUG#171)
   * Reimplemented the low-level file descriptor handling with GIOChannels
     (and dillo became even faster!)
   * Made reload-button to request an end-to-end reload (BUG#64)
   * Fixed the multiple-POST problem, and added a confirmation dialog (BUG#175)
   * Finished fixing the repeated link-click problem (BUG#74)
   * Misc: rewrote the 'about:splash' method, tuned DwPage for minimal
     memory usage, improved a_Color_parse and Html_read_coords, cleaned-up
     popup-menus and linkblock initialization, eliminated a lock-source in
   * Added DEBUG_HTML_MSG macro for invalid HTML messages.
   * Fixed the nav-stack (and multiple #anchors) problem (BUG#177)
   * Added code to avoid segfaults with unhandled MIME types.
   * Fixed dns.c from solving the same address on different channels (BUG#178)
   * Improved error handling and extended the CCC scope! (mainly HTTP).
   * Fixed a Dw-leak that was affecting: hr, bullets, images, tables (&pages)!
   * Made several cleanups and added/fixed comments in various places.
   * Reimplemented find-text with a faster algorithm and extended semantics!!
   * Fixed some oddities with our autoconf stuff.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.5.1 [May 30, 2001]

 - * Designed a new URL handling scheme, and integrated it throughout the code!
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Removed a significative memory leak in dw_page.
   * Added support for EAGAIN in IO.c
   Patches: Livio Baldini
 - * Removed 6 memory leaks! (of varying significance)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a bug in DwPage (BUG#162, crash when clicking on links).
   * Removed a_Dw_gtk_viewport_queue_anchor and related code (becomes obsolete
     with the new URL handling scheme).
   * Speed-optimized key moving in GtkDwScrolledFrame (no more blocking).
   * Fixed two memory leaks, in Dw_style_color_remove, and
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Implemented the splash screen with "about:" (No more splash-file saving!)
   * Set all pthreads to run in detached state.
   * Reworked dillo's interface so now there're six options; available by
     changing 'panel_size' and the new 'small_icons' in dillorc.
   * Removed a minor leak in dns.c and a wild-deallocation source.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.5.0 [May 10, 2001]

 - * Implemented <IMG> ALT as tooltip.
   * Fixed bug #135 (incorrect update of statusbar when leaving "ismap" img).
   Patches: Livio Baldini, Sebastian Geerken
 - * Completed image scaling (BUG#75).
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed proxy support (BUG#150).
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed two bugs in the Dw event handling.
   * Fixed bugs in DwEmbedGtk and GtkDwViewport: idle functions are now
     removed properly.
   * Fixed bug in DwEmbedGtk (added call of parent_class->destroy).
   * Moved DwPageAttr into a new submodule (DwStyle).
     - Applied DwStyle to DwBullet (BUG#146).
     - Implemented immediate changing of link color provisionally (BUG#152).
   * Fixed positioning of headers (half of BUG#118).
   * Fixed rendering of <b><i> and <i><b> (BUG#145).
   * Fixed unrecognized dillorc text_color setting (BUG#151).
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Changed word/line structure of DwPage
   * Improved FORM sending (standar name/value submits) and processing;
     added READONLY, SIZE, MAXLENGTH attributes, type=BUTTON and some cleanups
   * Fixed VERBATIM parsing mode (BUG#130)
   * Fixed a bug in calculating the page width (BUG#136)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added a dillorc option to set the location entry within the menu bar.
   Patch: Eric Gaudet
 - * Integrated some modifications to ease compiling on GNU Darwin.
   * Added support for leading whitespaces in HREF (BUG#120)
   * Fixed anchor's hash_table and a few more quirks (were warnings on Alpha)
   * Fixed entities parsing in URI attributes (BUG#114)
   * Fixed stop button's sensitivity on plain files (BUG#142)
   * Made filesize more accurate on directory listings (BUG#143)
   * Introduced the new Concomitant Control Chain (CCC) design!
     - All the way in the quering branch
     - Halfway in the answering branch
     - Introduced more error handling and status messages
     - Started implementing error control using the CCC!
     - Fixed too much caching (BUG#84)
     - Fixed a CPU hog error condition (BUG#144)
     - Eliminated the segfault from outdated dns answers (BUG#140)
     - Fixed repeated Back (faster than rendering) segfault.
   * Cleaned the header include files
   * Incremented the valid-charset for dillorc identifiers (BUG#149)
   * Added support for unterminated quotation of attribute values (BUG#155)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.4.0 [March 3, 2001]

 - * Rewrote most of the Dw module from scratch:
    - Page widget: ported, added support for relative sizes of widgets, and
      changed behaviour for pressing button 2 on a link.
    - Removed the now unnecessary event boxes for check and radio buttons.
    - Modified the code outside to use new Dw.
   * Started to implement relative sizes for images (in html.c)
   * Implemented attributes WIDTH, SIZE and NOSHADE of the <hr> tag.
   * Added focus adjustment for selection lists (<SELECT>)
   * Implemented TAB, Shift+TAB navigation in FORMS (BUG#86)
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Included a scaling font_factor into dillorc!
   Patch: Bruno Widmann
 - * Fixed bugs #125 and #129 (menu item focus and radio reset in forms)
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added code to ignore anything inside STYLE tags.
   Patch: Mark McLoughlin
 - * Implemented image rendering based on GdkRGB and DwImage!
   * Fixed 4 bit color planes support, cleaned the image code,
     removed a few leaks and added documentation (Images.txt).
   * Ported every patch from 0.3.2 to 0.4.0
   Patches: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.3.2 [February 22, 2001]

 - * Added the option to use oblique font instead of italic (dillorc)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Sebastian Geerken, Jorge Arellano
 - * Changed Dw_page_find_line_index to use a binary search
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added a visual hint for visited links (BUG#117)
   * Repaired the dillorc parser to skip unknown symbols (BUG#119)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet
 - * Fixed the segfault for controls outside FORM and SELECT elements (BUG#121)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added support for SUB and SUP tags (BUG#115)
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Added a geometry directive to dillorc (sets initial browser size)
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed bookmarks loading in new browser windows (BUG#110)
   * Included a workaround for BUG#71
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Fixed a CPU hog when clicking ftp URLs (BUG#123)
   * Set a 64 bytes threshold on pagemark headers
   Patch: Jorge Arellano
 - * Added check for negative image sizes.
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Sebastian Geerken

dillo-0.3.1 [December 22, 2000]

 - * Implemented basic Find-text functionality
   Patch: Sam Dennis, Sebastian Geerken, Allan Clark and Jorge Arellano :-)
 - * Implemented "Pagemarks" (Kind of a headings-based page index!)
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken and Eric Gaudet
 - * Fixed nested-lists numbering, and added support for "type" (BUG#76)
   * Added support for image maps, both usemap and ismap! (BUG#27)
   * Set "on" as default value for check boxes
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added "Copy link location" to the link menu
   Patch: Eric Gaudet
 - * Removed redundant functions from misc.c
   * Added support for BASE, CODE, DFN, KBD, SAMP and VAR tags (BUG#106)
   * Added support for TAB characters in plain text files (BUG#112)
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed a_Url_squeeze (BUG#100)
   Patch: Livio Baldini, Jorge Arellano
 - * Added gamma support and basic transparency for PNG images (BUG#60)
   * Moved menu_popup into the 'bw' structure (BUG#96)
   * Fixed the gif decoder to get image size from the right place (BUG#98)
   * Made the new browser window size the same as the parent (BUG#55)
   Patch: Livio Baldini
 - * Added support for ISINDEX method (BUG#15)
   Patch: Sam Dennis
 - * Added support for bare '<' character parsing
   * Removed every sign-conflict warnings given by gcc with '-W -Wall'
   * Fixed several identation problems (rendering)
   * Implemented "Save link as" (link menu)
   * Removed the subtle bug that used to segfault when deleting and processing
     queue clients at the same time (BUG#111).
   * + Some comments, cleanups, size reductions, minor optimizations etc.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.3.0 [November 13, 2000]
(Lots of patches are pending!)

 - * Added support for <strike>, <s>, <del> and <u> tags.
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a bug in #anchors code
   Patch: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Parsed text between script tags, out of the rendering part.
   * Added support for decimal entities that start with 0.
   * Added some comments to html.c
   Patches: Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
 - * Added support for corrupted png images (avoids segfaults!)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet, Jorge Arellano
 - * Fixed empty title bookmarking (BUG#85 and #88)
   Patch: Livio
 - * Fixed view-source to take its URL from the right place.
   Patch: Sam Dennis
 - * Added font support for the compaq iPaq linux distribution.
   Patch: Eric Christianson
 - * Fixed spaced attribute parsing (BUG#79).
   * Fixed concurrent save and downloading!
   * Added alpha support for external (simple) plugins.
 ? * Added a workaround (maybe a bug fix) for BUG#77 (No segfault).
   * Introduced a new design layer between the IO and Dw:
    - The imgsink stuff was completely removed.
    - The dicache was rewritten from scratch and integrated
      into the normal cache.
    - A single client queue is being used for both caches.
    - The file descriptors were replaced by cache keys that serve
      as connection handlers.
    - The image data structure and related sources got changed.
    - Every decoder (png, gif, jpeg) was adapted to the new scheme.
   * Fixed the file-images caching problem and the associated memory-leaks.
   * Improved progress bar accuracy for images.
   * Added progress bar functionality for plain text (+comments +cleanups)
   * Fixed the right-click-over-plain-text segfault (BUG#80).
   * Started improving the right-mouse-button menus.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.4 [August 21, 2000]

 - * Fixed the white square bug with PNG images (BUG #4)
   Patch: Luca Rota
 - * Added support for #anchors! (BUG #10)
   * Added support for resolving relative #anchors (BUG #65)
   Patches: Sebastian Geerken
 - * Fixed a segfault-source that produced BUG #61.
   * Made several cleanups and standarizations in html.c
   * Extended entity-parsing scope, and the list of supported entities.
   * Rearranged TagInfo data into a new structure.
   * Added the base for refresh support in META tags.
   Patches: Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
 - * Added support for TEXTAREA tags!
   Patch: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Improved and fixed Html_parse_entities.
   * Reimplemented the Stash buffer with a GString.
   * Fixed a bug with \r\n-terminated HTML lines.
   * Added redirection support for relative URLs (BUG #73).
   * Added some comments and minor fixes to patches.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Linked "open link in new window" to mouse button #2 (#3 also works)
   Patch: Eric Gaudet

dillo-0.2.3 [August 4, 2000]

 - * Removed "search.h" include in http.c (freeBSD compatibility).
   Patch: Kurt J. Lidl
 - * Removed several memory leaks that were sprinkled through the code.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a segfault crash when hitting PgDn in the URL box (BUG #54).
   * Removed a segfault source in commands.c
   * Made some minor fixes to Dw and added more comments to the code.
   * Made changes in dw_gtk_view.c, and fixed the rendering problem that
     arise when changing from a scrolled page into another (BUG #58).
   * Changes in hruler dynamic resize --not finished though.
   * Removed a floating point exception bug in image handling code (image.c)
   * Dramatically improved rendering speed!!! Most notably long HTML pages
     with lots of links; Improvement ranges from 2 to 5 times faster! (aprox.)
   * Fixed misplaced rendering of small pages (BUG #35)
   * Fixed the bookmark bug with empty title strings (BUG #57, #67)
   * Completed support for "\r", "\n" and "\r\n" in PRE tags.
   * Fixed text rendering between multiple selection boxes (BUG #56)
   * Added several minor enhancements (comments, formatting, speed, etc)
   * Added extensive documentation! (IO.txt, DilloWidget.txt and Dw.txt)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.2 [July 9, 2000]

 - * Added a gtk_window_set_wmclass to all windows to prevent dialogs
     from having the same size as the main window. (Ex: with Sawfish)
   * Made some width and height changes to the SELECT-stuff
   * Added "submit" to submit buttons without a value.
   Patches: Jörgen Viksell
 - * Fixed a segfault when calling "about:" method
   Patch: Dominic Wong
 - * Added an option to force dillorc-defined colors (Try it with slashdot!)
   * Fixed display of encoded-URL-links on the status bar
   Patches: Adam Sampson
 - * Removed several compiler dependencies
     (detected with lcc on a 64 bit machine)
   * Modified mime.c and Url.c to use list.h, and eliminated hdlr.c
   * Standarized unsigned types to glib all around the code
   * Added some includes for libc5 compatibility
   * Modified IO_callback to avoid a CPU-hog (it happened in some systems).
   * Fixed a bug that added a trailing ampersand to GET and POST queries.
   * FIxed attribute parsing. It had nasty side effects; as providing
     wrong attribute values to POST and GET methods.
   * Joined Url.c and url.c into a single module.
   * Reimplemented URL resolving functions.
   * Implemented a new parser for "file:" URLs  (Try "file:" & "file:.").
   * Removed child_linkblock and changed the HTML stack handling
     (both changes result in a simpler, easier to understand code).
   * Modified and removed a segfault source in Html_lb_new.
   * Modified forms handling to be more tolerant with messy HTML.
   * Linked "image/pjpeg" in MIME types (progressive jpeg)
   * Fixed form submittion when there's no submit button (bug #49)
     Now dillo can search on freshmeat, altavista, etc!
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.1 [June 17, 2000]

 - * Modified the pixmaps for better interface perception ;)
   * Modified Dw_gtk_view_adjustment_value_changed to update the visible
     rectangle even though the widget is not realized; it seems to work!
   * Implemented the horizontal ruler as a Dw  --dw_hruler.[ch]
     Fixed its expose problems (Bug #13). (todo: resizing).
   * Changed Dw_gtk_progressbar module to "progressbar" --naming stuff
   * Added Content-length in file headers (avoids reallocations)
   * Modified form submittion and encoding to use dynamic memory allocation
   * Eliminated a dns.c hack that passed an int as a void* ;)
   * Updated the documentation with an extensive IO description.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added some functionality to reload button (not complete yet)
   Patch: Luca Rota , Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Fixed hash handling within URL parsing. (Bug #9)
   Patch: Marcos Ramírez , Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.2.0 [June 2, 2000]

 - * Finally reimplemented the whole networking process (***BIG changes***)
        Rewrote from scratch: IO, cache, web, http, socket, ...
        Modified: gif, png, jpeg, html, nav, plain, ... (Every client)
     All the querying, retrieving, caching and delivering is NEW!!!
   * Eliminated CPU-hogging while waiting for a DNS query to complete
   * Eliminated CPU-hogging when facing redirections
   * Implemented basic redirection functionality
   * Eliminated several segmentation fault bugs
   * Modified autoconf stuff
   * Modified source-code tree and libraries
   * Reduced binary size
   * Eliminated a memory leak in socket connections
   * Created a new socket connection scheme
   * Implemented Cache as the main networking abstraction layer
   * Joined almost every URL-retrieving module into libDio
   * Set the basis for save-link-as functionality (see save function)
   * Modified the navigation stack to a cleaner design
   * Improved status bar messages when connecting
   * Changed some function names
   * Created new pixmaps for the toolbar!
   * Added a "new" button near the URL to clear the entry!
   * Added a_List_remove to list.h
   * Updated documentation in doc/
     (README, Cache.txt, store.txt, Dillo.txt, Images.txt and IO.txt)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added a workaround patch for BUG #35 (page expose problems)
   Patch: Andrew McPherson

dillo-0.1.0 [Mar 30, 2000]

 - * Fixed a bug that used to lock hostname queries.
     ('DNS can't resolve name' mesg.)
   * Fixed the wrong parent link when browsing directory contents
   * Changed the file/directory HTML-output-layout
   * Finally rewrote the whole file.c module :-)
   * Made Http_query buffer overflow-safe
   * Commented and cleaned web.c
   * Changed the licence to GPL. (Raph agreed on that)
   * Fixed a tag-search bug in html.c; it produced rendering problems.
   * Fixed a parsing problem with tags that were split on different lines
   * Fixed the after-tables parsing problem
   * Added a startup page
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Fixed a bug with http queries that sometimes produced infinite loops
   Patch: Marcos Ramírez

dillo-0.0.6 [Mar 9, 2000]

 - * Readded an old, wiped-by-mistake, bug fix.
   * Added preferences settings using a readable config (dillorc)
   * Added a page-title trimmer facility (39 chars) to bookmarks saving.
   Patch: Luca Rota
 - * Fixed three memory leaks in bookmarks reading
   * Added 'Open link in a new window' within the right button pop-up-menu
   Patch: Sammy Mannaert
 - * Fixed a bug that used to put two slashes on directory file anchors
   * Actualized plugin.txt to current code base (and a bit of fix)
   * Changed "fprintf(stderr..." to "g_print(..."
   * Improved list.h
   * Fixed image URLs both for HTTP and local files!
   * Fixed tag attribute parsing (The trimmed-text-inside-buttons bug)
   * Wrote several documentation files (placed them in doc/)
   * Fixed transparent image rendering
   * Implemented a binary search for HTML tags (just a bit faster)
   * Small leak fixes and some corrections to http.c
   * Made style fixes, added function comments and things like that.
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.0.5 [Feb 3, 2000]

 - * Added progress bars (to be improved)
   Patch: James McCollough, Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Rearranged, changed and commented the decompressed image cache code
   * Fixed autoconf stuff to include zlib
   * Added memory deallocating functions to cache, dicache, socket, http & dns
   * Fixed memory leaks in jpeg.c, png.c and gif.c
   * Made several changes in dw_page.c and dw_image.c
   * Introduced 'list.h' source, and standarized the whole code to use it
   * Fixed image rendering (Fixed algorithms and data structures) BIG CHANGES
   * Removed some false comments and added true ones (I hope ;)
   * Made several "standarizing" changes all over the code and
   * some other changes (not worth listing)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added support for 'text' and 'link' colors inside <BODY> tags
   * Standarized all memory management to glib functions
   * Fixed the plugin API to work again (forked)
   * Removed a warning (remove not implemented for Dw_view and Dw_scroller)
   * Solved the page-without-title bug in bookmarks.
   Patches: Luca Rota

dillo-0.0.4 [Jan 4, 2000]

 - * Removed the test widget
   * Added a jpeg image decoder error-handler
   Patches: Sammy Mannaert
 - * Changed some ADTs to glib to be compatible with newer glibc2 systems
   * Added background color alternative when bg. is white (or not specified)
   * Improved connecting time status messages
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid
 - * Added background color support.
   Patch: Luca Rota, James McCollough
 - * Added support for <OL></OL> tags
   * Added view-source and view-bookmarks functionality
   * Improved PgUP/PgDown and Up/Down response. (No need to grab focus!)
   * Fixed openfile gtk run-time warning
   * Fixed the focus problem with text camps
   * Fixed the title-linger bug with pages that don't specify title.
   * Added a preliminary right button menu
   * Added POST method support
   Patches: Luca Rota
 - * Added PNG image support.
   Source Code: Geoff Lane, Patch: Jorge Arellano

dillo-0.0.3.tar.gz [Dec 18, 1999]

 - * Finished the whole Naming&Coding effort!!!
   Stage 2 worked by: Luca Rota and Jorge Arellano
 - * Removed all compile time warnings (at least with gcc
   * Added more documentation inside the code
   * Removed the '~/.dillo' directory creation bug.
   * Integrated a patch for menu module
   * Renamed menus.c to menu.c
   * And some other minor things...
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.0.2.tar.gz [Dec, 1999  --Does anyone remember the day?]

 - * Finished stage one of the naming&coding design (Hey, it's 1.3 Mb of code!)
   Worked by: Jorge Arellano, Sammy Mannaert, James McCollough and Luca Rota
 - * Removed some bugs and renamed the source files.
   * Heavily rearranged URL/ an IO/ files for better understanding & debugging
   * Added more documentation within the sources
   * Recoded automake stuff
   * Integrated some queued patches
   * (And several things that I have no time to write now! :-)
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid

dillo-0.0.1.tar.gz [Dec, 1999]

 - * Halfway release, amidst stage one of the naming&coding effort.
   Worked by: Jorge Arellano, Sammy Mannaert, James McCollough and Luca Rota

dillo-0.0.0.tar.gz [Dec, 1999]

 - * Applied a cleanning patch to menus.[ch]
   Patch: Sammy Mannaert
 - * Made a threaded DNS scheme (several improvements: now it works with gdb)
   * Bug fix on TMP_FAILURE_RETRY
   * Bug fix on links not been followed (Url parsing)
   * Changed the default pixmaps
   * Maked automake, autoconf, autoheader, changes
   * Changed binary name
   Patches: Jorge Arellano Cid