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cookies comments I was going to say something in the comments about simplicity and not implementing every little bit of the rfc when we don't know of cookies that make it necessary, but then I suppose that's all implied with dillo.
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date Tue, 17 May 2011 22:48:50 +0000
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 Dillo web browser

  Dillo 2.2 features a major overhaul of the cookies subsystem,
a reimplementation of the Dillo Plugin (DPI) API, a configurable
connection limit, and various CSS improvements.

  This release is part of the Dillo2 series. In Dillo2, significant
parts of the codebase were ported to C++, and the rendering engine was
modified to use the FLTK2 library rather than GTK1.

  Here's a list of some well-known problems:

         * no FRAMES rendering
         * no https (there's a barebones prototype).


  The FLTK2 library is statically linked into Dillo2.
  You can get it from
The recommended version is >= r6916. e.g. in:

Dpi programs

  These  are  installed by "make install". If you don't have root
access,  copy  "dillo"  and "dpid" to some directory in your path
and  install  the  dpis by running "./install-dpi-local" from the
top directory (they will be installed under ~/.dillo).


  Dillo   compiles on *BSD systems; please report on this anyway,
and note that you'll need GNU make.

  If your dillo crashes or locks at times, just use:

    ./configure --disable-threaded-dns

  so dillo uses a single thread for name resolving.


  Dillo may compile and run OK on Solaris but (please report):

    * use gmake (a symbolic link make -> gmake works OK)

  Solaris is very inconsistent so you may need to add/remove:

  -lrt -lposix4

  at link time.

June, 2009