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cookies comments I was going to say something in the comments about simplicity and not implementing every little bit of the rfc when we don't know of cookies that make it necessary, but then I suppose that's all implied with dillo.
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date Tue, 17 May 2011 22:48:50 +0000
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#include <FL/Fl_Group.H>
#include <FL/Fl_Scrollbar.H>

#include "core.hh"
#include "fltkcore.hh"
#include "fltkviewbase.hh"

namespace dw {
namespace fltk {

class FltkViewport: public FltkWidgetView
   enum GadgetOrientation { GADGET_VERTICAL, GADGET_HORIZONTAL };

   enum { SCROLLBAR_THICKNESS = 15 };

   int scrollX, scrollY;
   int scrollDX, scrollDY;
   int dragScrolling, dragX, dragY;

   Fl_Scrollbar *vscrollbar, *hscrollbar;

   GadgetOrientation gadgetOrientation[4];
   lout::container::typed::List <lout::object::TypedPointer < Fl_Widget> >

   void adjustScrollbarsAndGadgetsAllocation ();
   void adjustScrollbarValues ();
   void hscrollbarChanged ();
   void vscrollbarChanged ();
   void positionChanged ();

   static void hscrollbarCallback (Fl_Widget *hscrollbar, void *viewportPtr);
   static void vscrollbarCallback (Fl_Widget *vscrollbar, void *viewportPtr);

   void updateCanvasWidgets (int oldScrollX, int oldScrollY);
   static void draw_area (void *data, int x, int y, int w, int h);

   int translateViewXToCanvasX (int x);
   int translateViewYToCanvasY (int y);
   int translateCanvasXToViewX (int x);
   int translateCanvasYToViewY (int y);

   FltkViewport (int x, int y, int w, int h, const char *label = 0);
   ~FltkViewport ();

   void resize(int x, int y, int w, int h);
   void draw ();
   int handle (int event);

   void setCanvasSize (int width, int ascent, int descent);

   bool usesViewport ();
   int getHScrollbarThickness ();
   int getVScrollbarThickness ();
   void scroll(int dx, int dy);
   void scroll(dw::core::ScrollCommand cmd);
   void scrollTo (int x, int y);
   void setViewportSize (int width, int height,
                         int hScrollbarThickness, int vScrollbarThickness);
   void setScrollStep(int step);

   void setGadgetOrientation (bool hscrollbarVisible, bool vscrollbarVisible,
                              GadgetOrientation gadgetOrientation);
   void addGadget (Fl_Widget *gadget);

} // namespace fltk
} // namespace dw

#endif // __DW_FLTKVIEWPORT_HH__