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date Sun, 14 Oct 2007 04:21:53 +0200
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  This  is  an  alpha release of the next generation of the Dillo
web  browser.  The  code  underwent  a major rewrite: significant
parts  of  the  codebase  were  ported  to C++, and the rendering
engine now uses the FLTK2 library instead of GTK1.

  With  regard to Dillo 0.8.6, dillo-f15f has some advantages (as
antialiasing and utf-8), and some disadvantages. The problems are
simple  to  solve and only need some man months to complete. When
we're  there,  dillo-f15f  will be easily regarded as better than
the former series.

  This is release should be regarded as alpha.

  Here's a list of some well known problems:

    * no iteration inside simple lists
    * image links haven't been hooked yet
    * you may experience crashes from "assert" statements from
      unfinished code.
    * the scrolling position is not yet updated (when following a
      link, the former scroll position is kept).
    * viewport scrolling is not yet optimized (takes lots of CPU)
    * context menus are not yet completely hooked or activated

    * no FRAMES rendering
    * no https            -- read the FAQ to enable a protoype.

Dpi programs

  These  are  installed by "make install". If you don't have root
access,  copy  "dillo"  and "dpid" to some directory in your path
and  install  the  dpis by running "./install-dpi-local" from the
top directory (they will be installed under ~/.dillo).


  Dillo  may  compile on *BSD systems; please report on this.
Please note that you'll need GNU make.

  From  OpenBSD  >=  3.3,  gethost* calls are not thread safe. If
your dillo crashes or locks at times, just use:

    ./configure --disable-threaded-dns

  so dillo uses a single thread for name resolving.


  Dillo may compile and run OK on Solaris but (please report):

    * use gmake (a symbolic link make -> gmake works OK)

  Solaris is very inconsistent so you may need to add/remove:

  -lrt -lposix4

  at link time.

Sep 30, 2007