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README: Last update Oct 2008  --jcid

 This documents need a review. They were current with dillo1 and
now, with dillo2, most of them are obsolete, specially Dw*txt, but
Dw2 is fully documented in html using doxygen.

 The other documents will be reviewed when I have some time. They
will give you an overview of what's going on but take them with a
pinch of salt.

 Of course I'd like to have these as doxygen files too!
If somebody wants to make this convertion, please let me know
to assign higher priority to updating these docs.


       FILE                    DESCRIPTION                   STATE
   NC_design.txt       Naming&Coding design (Be sure to     Current
                       read it before any other doc)
   Dillo.txt           General overview of the program      Current
   IO.txt              Extensive introduction               Current
   Cache.txt           Informative description              Current
   Images.txt          Image handling and processing        Current
   HtmlParser.txt      A versatile parser                   Current
   Dw.txt              The New Dillo Widget (Overview)      Current
   Imgbuf.txt          Image buffers                        Pending
   Selection.txt       Selections, and link activation      Current (?)
   Cookies.txt         Explains how to enable cookies       Current
   Dpid.txt            Dillo plugin daemon                  Current
 [This documents cover dillo's internal working. They're NOT a user manual]

 * Ah!, there's a small program (srch) within the src/ dir. It searches
 tokens within the whole code (*.[ch]). It has proven very useful.
 Ex:  ./srch a_Image_write
      ./srch todo:

 * Please submit your patches with 'diff -pru'.

 Happy coding!