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clickable menu items (even those introducing submenus) MUST have callbacks I clicked on the "Panel size" item itself instead of any of the options in its submenu, and: Segfault!
author corvid <>
date Thu, 26 May 2011 02:51:18 +0000
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#ifndef __DW_LISTITEM_HH__
#define __DW_LISTITEM_HH__

#include "core.hh"
#include "alignedtextblock.hh"

namespace dw {

class ListItem: public AlignedTextblock
   int getValue ();
   void setMaxValue (int maxValue, int value);

   static int CLASS_ID;

   ListItem(ListItem *ref, bool limitTextWidth);

   void initWithWidget (core::Widget *widget, core::style::Style *style);
   void initWithText (const char *text, core::style::Style *style);

} // namespace dw

#endif // __DW_LISTITEM_HH__