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clickable menu items (even those introducing submenus) MUST have callbacks I clicked on the "Panel size" item itself instead of any of the options in its submenu, and: Segfault!
author corvid <>
date Thu, 26 May 2011 02:51:18 +0000
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#ifndef __UICMD_HH__
#define __UICMD_HH__

#include "bw.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif /* __cplusplus */

BrowserWindow *a_UIcmd_browser_window_new(int ww, int wh,
                                          uint32_t xid, const void *v_bw);
BrowserWindow *a_UIcmd_get_bw_by_widget(void *v_wid);
void a_UIcmd_send_event_to_tabs_by_wid(int e, void *v_wid);
void a_UIcmd_open_urlstr(void *vbw, const char *urlstr);
void a_UIcmd_open_url(BrowserWindow *bw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_open_url_nw(BrowserWindow *bw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_open_url_nt(void *vbw, const DilloUrl *url, int focus);
void a_UIcmd_back(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_back_popup(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_forw(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_forw_popup(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_home(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_reload(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_repush(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_redirection0(void *vbw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_save(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_stop(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_tools(void *vbw, void *v_wid);
void a_UIcmd_save_link(BrowserWindow *bw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_open_file(void *vbw);
const char *a_UIcmd_select_file();
void a_UIcmd_search_dialog(void *vbw);
const char *a_UIcmd_get_passwd(const char *user);
void a_UIcmd_book(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_add_bookmark(BrowserWindow *bw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_fullscreen_toggle(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_findtext_dialog(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_findtext_search(BrowserWindow *bw,const char *key,int case_sens,
                             int backwards);
void a_UIcmd_findtext_reset(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_findbar_toggle(BrowserWindow *bw, int on);
void a_UIcmd_focus_main_area(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_focus_location(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_page_popup(void *vbw, bool_t has_bugs, void *v_cssUrls);
void a_UIcmd_link_popup(void *vbw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_image_popup(void *vbw, const DilloUrl *url, bool_t loaded_img,
                         DilloUrl *page_url, DilloUrl *link_url);
void a_UIcmd_form_popup(void *vbw, const DilloUrl *url, void *vform,
                        bool_t showing_hiddens);
void a_UIcmd_file_popup(void *vbw, void *v_wid);
void a_UIcmd_copy_urlstr(BrowserWindow *bw, const char *urlstr);
void a_UIcmd_view_page_source(BrowserWindow *bw, const DilloUrl *url);
void a_UIcmd_view_page_bugs(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_bugmeter_popup(void *vbw);
int *a_UIcmd_get_history(BrowserWindow *bw, int direction);
void a_UIcmd_nav_jump(BrowserWindow *bw, int offset, int new_bw);

void a_UIcmd_close_bw(void *vbw);
void a_UIcmd_close_all_bw(void *p);

const char *a_UIcmd_get_save_dir();
void a_UIcmd_set_save_dir(const char *dir);

// UI binding functions -------------------------------------------------------

void a_UIcmd_get_wh(BrowserWindow *bw, int *w, int *h);
void a_UIcmd_get_scroll_xy(BrowserWindow *bw, int *x, int *y);
void a_UIcmd_set_scroll_xy(BrowserWindow *bw, int x, int y);
void a_UIcmd_set_scroll_by_fragment(BrowserWindow *bw, const char *f);
void a_UIcmd_scroll(BrowserWindow *bw, int icmd);
char *a_UIcmd_get_location_text(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_set_location_text(void *vbw, const char *text);
void a_UIcmd_set_page_prog(BrowserWindow *bw, size_t nbytes, int cmd);
void a_UIcmd_set_img_prog(BrowserWindow *bw, int n_img, int t_img, int cmd);
void a_UIcmd_set_bug_prog(BrowserWindow *bw, int n_bug);
void a_UIcmd_set_page_title(BrowserWindow *bw, const char *label);
void a_UIcmd_set_msg(BrowserWindow *bw, const char *format, ...);
void a_UIcmd_set_buttons_sens(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_fullscreen_toggle(BrowserWindow *bw);
void a_UIcmd_set_pointer_on_link(BrowserWindow *bw, int flag);
int a_UIcmd_pointer_on_link(BrowserWindow *bw);

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __cplusplus */

#endif // __UICMD_HH__