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remove unused order_count parameter It seems that in dillo-0.8.0-css-3 it was used to make sure that later definitions of the same CSS property have more weight than previous ones. If for example a first stylesheet sets background-color to black, and a second stylesheet sets it to green, green should win. But as we currently parese everything in order (throughing away all parsed CSS data when a new CSS stylesheet has arrived), we don't need to remember the original ordering of stylesheets.
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date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 07:40:23 +0100
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                              Dillo project's team
   Project maintainer:
          * Jorge Arellano Cid 
   Core Developers:
          * Jorge Arellano Cid 
          * Sebastian Geerken 
          * Johannes Hofmann
          * Place (aka corvid)

   Steady developers:
          * Livio Baldini
          * Eric Gaudet
          * Jeremy Henty
          * Jörgen Viksell
          * Lars Clausen
          * Geoff Lane 
          * Sammy Mannaert 
          * James McCollough 
          * Philip Blundell
          * Francis Daly
          * Sam Dennis 
          * Melvin Hadasht
          * Madis Janson
          * Andrew McPherson 
          * Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
          * Marcos Ramírez
          * Adam Sampson
          * Andreas Schweitzer
          * Dominic Wong 
   Web site logo:
          * Eric Gaudet
          * Jarrod Henry 
   Gzilla author:
          * Raph Levien 

Up to gzilla-0.1.7:

Raph Levien <> is the author of gzilla.

Christoph Thompson <> and Tomas O"gren <>
 added pixmaps for the buttons and the code encessary to make them work.
 They also reorganized the source tree and gave general advice and tips.
 (Tomas will be pleased to find that my personal bookmarks file is no longer
 hard-coded into Gzilla. :))

Ian Main <> did the bookmarks.

Thanks to Otto Hammersmith, David Mosberger-Tang, and Peter Mattis for

Contributions are always welcome!