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use output parameter in StyleEngine::computeValue() This way an assignment is avoided in case of an invalid or unsupported value for the given property. E.g. it is not allowed to specify a percentage for border-width.
author Johannes Hofmann <>
date Tue, 09 Dec 2008 20:09:35 +0100
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#ifndef __STYLEENGINE_HH__
#define __STYLEENGINE_HH__

#include "dw/core.hh"
#include "doctree.hh"
#include "css.hh"
#include "cssparser.hh"

class StyleEngine : public Doctree {
      class Node : public DoctreeNode {
            dw::core::style::Style *style;
            dw::core::style::Style *wordStyle;
            const char *styleAttribute;
            bool inheritBackgroundColor;

      dw::core::Layout *layout;
      lout::misc::SimpleVector <Node> *stack;
      CssContext *cssContext;

      dw::core::style::Style *style0 (CssPropertyList *nonCssHints = NULL);
      dw::core::style::Style *wordStyle0 (CssPropertyList *nonCssHints = NULL);
      void apply (dw::core::style::StyleAttrs *attrs, CssPropertyList *props);
      void computeValue (int *dest, CssLength value, dw::core::style::Font *font);
      void computeValue (int *dest, CssLength value, dw::core::style::Font *font,
         int percentageBase);
      void computeLength (dw::core::style::Length *dest, CssLength value, dw::core::style::Font *font);

      StyleEngine (dw::core::Layout *layout);
      ~StyleEngine ();
      /* Doctree interface */
      inline const DoctreeNode *top () {
         return stack->getRef (stack->size () - 1);

      inline const DoctreeNode *parent (const DoctreeNode *n) {
         if (n->depth > 1)
            return stack->getRef (n->depth - 1);
            return NULL;

      void parse (const char *buf, int buflen, int order_count, CssOrigin origin);
      void startElement (int tag);
      void setId (const char *id);
      void setClass (const char *klass);
      void setStyle (const char *style);
      void endElement (int tag);
      void setPseudo (const char *pseudo);
      void setNonCssHints (CssPropertyList *nonCssHints);
      void inheritBackgroundColor ();

      inline dw::core::style::Style *style () {
         dw::core::style::Style *s = stack->getRef (stack->size () - 1)->style;
         if (s)
            return s;
            return style0 ();
      inline dw::core::style::Style *wordStyle () {
         dw::core::style::Style *s = stack->getRef (stack->size () - 1)->wordStyle;
         if (s)
            return s;
            return wordStyle0 ();