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make Doctree a non-virtual class Doctree now is a proper class with it's own implementation. StyleEngine no longer needs to provide the Doctree interface itself. This hopefully make the code easier to understand and should also be a bit faster as no virtual methods are involved.
author Johannes Hofmann <>
date Thu, 07 Jan 2010 16:23:05 +0100
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#ifndef __CACHE_H__
#define __CACHE_H__

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#endif /* __cplusplus */

#include "chain.h"
#include "url.h"

 * Cache Op codes
#define CA_Send    (0)  /* Normal update */
#define CA_Close   (1)  /* Successful operation close */
#define CA_Abort   (2)  /* Operation abort */

 * Flag Defines
#define CA_GotHeader       0x1  /* True after header is completely got */
#define CA_GotContentType  0x2  /* True after Content-Type is known */
#define CA_GotLength       0x4  /* True if Content-Length is known */
#define CA_GotData         0x8  /* True if we have all Data in cache */
#define CA_Redirect       0x10  /* Data actually points to a redirect */
#define CA_ForceRedirect  0x20  /* Unconditional redirect */
#define CA_TempRedirect   0x40  /* Temporary redirect */
#define CA_NotFound       0x80  /* True if remote server didn't find the URL */
#define CA_Stopped       0x100  /* True if the entry has been stopped */
#define CA_MsgErased     0x200  /* Used to erase the bw's status bar */
#define CA_RedirectLoop  0x400  /* Redirect loop */
#define CA_InternalUrl   0x800  /* URL content is generated by dillo */
#define CA_HugeFile     0x1000  /* URL content is too big */
#define CA_IsEmpty      0x2000  /* True until a byte of content arrives */

 * Callback type for cache clients
typedef struct _CacheClient CacheClient_t;
typedef void (*CA_Callback_t)(int Op, CacheClient_t *Client);

 * Data structure for cache clients.
struct _CacheClient {
   int Key;                 /* Primary Key for this client */
   const DilloUrl *Url;     /* Pointer to a cache entry Url */
   int Version;             /* Dicache version of this Url (0 if not used) */
   void *Buf;               /* Pointer to cache-data */
   uint_t BufSize;          /* Valid size of cache-data */
   CA_Callback_t Callback;  /* Client function */
   void *CbData;            /* Client function data */
   void *Web;               /* Pointer to the Web structure of our client */

 * Function prototypes
void a_Cache_init(void);
int a_Cache_open_url(void *Web, CA_Callback_t Call, void *CbData);
int a_Cache_get_buf(const DilloUrl *Url, char **PBuf, int *BufSize);
void a_Cache_unref_buf(const DilloUrl *Url);
const char *a_Cache_get_content_type(const DilloUrl *url);
const char *a_Cache_set_content_type(const DilloUrl *url, const char *ctype,
                                     const char *from);
uint_t a_Cache_get_flags(const DilloUrl *url);
uint_t a_Cache_get_flags_with_redirection(const DilloUrl *url);
void a_Cache_process_dbuf(int Op, const char *buf, size_t buf_size,
                          const DilloUrl *Url);
int a_Cache_download_enabled(const DilloUrl *url);
void a_Cache_entry_remove_by_url(DilloUrl *url);
void a_Cache_freeall(void);
CacheClient_t *a_Cache_client_get_if_unique(int Key);
void a_Cache_stop_client(int Key);

#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* __cplusplus */
#endif /* __CACHE_H__ */