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Switched menu item callbacks to Fl_Menu_Item (instead of Fl_Widget) (segfaulted in Win32 with mingw) * Also lots of cosmetic whitespace
author Jorge Arellano Cid <>
date Tue, 31 May 2011 17:28:09 -0400
parents 6c8346ed1073
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#ifndef MISC_NEW_H
#define MISC_NEW_H

int a_Misc_close_fd(int fd);
Dstr *a_Misc_rdtag(int socket);
char *a_Misc_readtag(int sock);
char *a_Misc_mkdtemp(char *template);
char *a_Misc_mkfname(char *template);
char *a_Misc_mksecret(int nchar);