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support multiple classes per doctree node
author Johannes Hofmann <>
date Sat, 11 Jul 2009 10:54:22 +0200
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#ifndef __DOCTREE_HH__
#define __DOCTREE_HH__

#include "lout/misc.hh"

class DoctreeNode {
      int num; // unique ascending id
      int depth;
      int element;
      lout::misc::SimpleVector<char*> *klass;
      const char *pseudo;
      const char *id;

 * \brief HTML document tree interface.
 * The Doctree class defines the interface to the parsed HTML document tree
 * as it is used for CSS selector matching.
 * Currently the Doctree can be represented as stack, however to support
 * CSS adjacent siblings or for future JavaScript support it may have to
 * be extended to a real tree.
class Doctree {
      virtual ~Doctree () {};
      virtual const DoctreeNode *top () = 0;
      virtual const DoctreeNode *parent (const DoctreeNode *node) = 0;