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Moved the table border model flag from style to DilloHtmlState (i.e. stack)
author Jorge Arellano Cid <>
date Mon, 15 Nov 2010 17:07:15 -0300
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#ifndef __HTML_COMMON_HH__
#define __HTML_COMMON_HH__

#include "url.h"
#include "bw.h"

#include "lout/misc.hh"
#include "dw/core.hh"
#include "dw/image.hh"
#include "dw/style.hh"

#include "image.hh"

#include "form.hh"

#include "styleengine.hh"

 * Macros

// "html struct" to Textblock
#define HT2TB(html)  ((Textblock*)(html->dw))
// "html struct" to "Layout"
#define HT2LT(html)  ((Layout*)html->bw->render_layout)
// "Image" to "Dw Widget"
#define IM2DW(Image)  ((Widget*)Image->dw)
// Top of the parsing stack
#define S_TOP(html)  (html->stack->getRef(html->stack->size()-1))

// Add a bug-meter message.
#define BUG_MSG(...)                               \
   D_STMT_START {                                  \
         html->bugMessage(__VA_ARGS__);            \

 * Typedefs

typedef struct _DilloHtmlImage   DilloHtmlImage;
typedef struct _DilloHtmlState   DilloHtmlState;

typedef enum {
} DilloHtmlDocumentType;

typedef enum {
} DilloHtmlParseMode;

typedef enum {
   DILLO_HTML_TABLE_MODE_NONE,  /* no table at all */
   DILLO_HTML_TABLE_MODE_TOP,   /* outside of <tr> */
   DILLO_HTML_TABLE_MODE_TR,    /* inside of <tr>, outside of <td> */
   DILLO_HTML_TABLE_MODE_TD     /* inside of <td> */
} DilloHtmlTableMode;

typedef enum {
} DilloHtmlTableBorderMode;

typedef enum {
} DilloHtmlListMode;

typedef enum {
   IN_NONE        = 0,
   IN_HTML        = 1 << 0,
   IN_HEAD        = 1 << 1,
   IN_BODY        = 1 << 2,
   IN_FORM        = 1 << 3,
   IN_SELECT      = 1 << 4,
   IN_OPTION      = 1 << 5,
   IN_TEXTAREA    = 1 << 6,
   IN_MAP         = 1 << 7,
   IN_PRE         = 1 << 8,
   IN_BUTTON      = 1 << 9,
   IN_LI          = 1 << 10,
} DilloHtmlProcessingState;

 * Data Structures

struct _DilloHtmlImage {
   DilloUrl *url;
   DilloImage *image;

struct _DilloHtmlState {
   DilloHtmlParseMode parse_mode;
   DilloHtmlTableMode table_mode;
   DilloHtmlTableBorderMode table_border_mode;
   bool cell_text_align_set;

   DilloHtmlListMode list_type;
   int list_number;

   /* TagInfo index for the tag that's being processed */
   int tag_idx;

   dw::core::Widget *textblock, *table;

   /* This is used to align list items (especially in enumerated lists) */
   dw::core::Widget *ref_list_item;

   /* This is used for list items etc; if it is set to TRUE, breaks
      have to be "handed over" (see Html_add_indented and
      Html_eventually_pop_dw). */
   bool hand_over_break;

 * Classes

class DilloHtml {
   class HtmlLinkReceiver: public dw::core::Layout::LinkReceiver {
      DilloHtml *html;

      bool enter (dw::core::Widget *widget, int link, int img, int x, int y);
      bool press (dw::core::Widget *widget, int link, int img, int x, int y,
                  dw::core::EventButton *event);
      bool click (dw::core::Widget *widget, int link, int img, int x, int y,
                  dw::core::EventButton *event);
   HtmlLinkReceiver linkReceiver;

public:  //BUG: for now everything is public

   BrowserWindow *bw;
   DilloUrl *page_url, *base_url;
   dw::core::Widget *dw;    /* this is duplicated in the stack */

   /* -------------------------------------------------------------------*/
   /* Variables required at parsing time                                 */
   /* -------------------------------------------------------------------*/
   char *Start_Buf;
   int Start_Ofs;
   char *content_type, *charset;
   bool stop_parser;

   size_t CurrTagOfs;
   size_t OldTagOfs, OldTagLine;

   DilloHtmlDocumentType DocType; /* as given by DOCTYPE tag */
   float DocTypeVersion;          /* HTML or XHTML version number */

   /* vector of remote CSS resources, as given by the LINK element */
   lout::misc::SimpleVector<DilloUrl*> *cssUrls;

   lout::misc::SimpleVector<DilloHtmlState> *stack;
   StyleEngine *styleEngine;

   int InFlags; /* tracks which elements we are in */

   Dstr *Stash;
   bool StashSpace;

   int pre_column;        /* current column, used in PRE tags with tabs */
   bool PreFirstChar;     /* used to skip the first CR or CRLF in PRE tags */
   bool PrevWasCR;        /* Flag to help parsing of "\r\n" in PRE tags */
   bool PrevWasOpenTag;   /* Flag to help deferred parsing of white space */
   bool InVisitedLink;    /* used to 'contrast_visited_colors' */
   bool ReqTagClose;      /* Flag to help handling bad-formed HTML */
   bool TagSoup;          /* Flag to enable the parser's cleanup functions */
   bool loadCssFromStash; /* current stash content should be loaded as CSS */

   /* element counters: used for validation purposes */
   uchar_t Num_HTML, Num_HEAD, Num_BODY, Num_TITLE;

   Dstr *attr_data;       /* Buffer for attribute value */

   int32_t non_css_link_color; /* as provided by link attribute in BODY */
   int32_t non_css_visited_color; /* as provided by vlink attribute in BODY */
   int32_t visited_color; /* as computed according to CSS */

   /* -------------------------------------------------------------------*/
   /* Variables required after parsing (for page functionality)          */
   /* -------------------------------------------------------------------*/
   lout::misc::SimpleVector<DilloHtmlForm*> *forms;
   lout::misc::SimpleVector<DilloHtmlInput*> *inputs_outside_form;
   lout::misc::SimpleVector<DilloUrl*> *links;
   lout::misc::SimpleVector<DilloHtmlImage*> *images;
   dw::ImageMapsList maps;

   void freeParseData();
   void initDw();  /* Used by the constructor */

   DilloHtml(BrowserWindow *bw, const DilloUrl *url, const char *content_type);
   void bugMessage(const char *format, ... );
   void connectSignals(dw::core::Widget *dw);
   void write(char *Buf, int BufSize, int Eof);
   int getCurTagLineNumber();
   void finishParsing(int ClientKey);
   int formNew(DilloHtmlMethod method, const DilloUrl *action,
               DilloHtmlEnc enc, const char *charset);
   DilloHtmlForm *getCurrentForm ();
   bool_t unloadedImages();
   void loadImages (const DilloUrl *pattern);
   void addCssUrl(const DilloUrl *url);

 * Parser functions

int a_Html_tag_index(const char *tag);

const char *a_Html_get_attr(DilloHtml *html,
                            const char *tag,
                            int tagsize,
                            const char *attrname);

char *a_Html_get_attr_wdef(DilloHtml *html,
                           const char *tag,
                           int tagsize,
                           const char *attrname,
                           const char *def);

DilloUrl *a_Html_url_new(DilloHtml *html,
                         const char *url_str, const char *base_url,
                         int use_base_url);

DilloImage *a_Html_image_new(DilloHtml *html, const char *tag,
                             int tagsize, DilloUrl *url);

char *a_Html_parse_entities(DilloHtml *html, const char *token, int toksize);
void a_Html_pop_tag(DilloHtml *html, int TagIdx);
void a_Html_stash_init(DilloHtml *html);
int32_t a_Html_color_parse(DilloHtml *html,
                           const char *subtag, int32_t default_color);
dw::core::style::Length a_Html_parse_length (DilloHtml *html,
                                             const char *attr);
void a_Html_tag_set_align_attr(DilloHtml *html, const char *tag, int tagsize);
bool a_Html_tag_set_valign_attr(DilloHtml *html,
                                const char *tag, int tagsize);

void a_Html_load_stylesheet(DilloHtml *html, DilloUrl *url);

#endif /* __HTML_COMMON_HH__ */