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Updated the about:splash page.
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date Sun, 21 Dec 2008 08:16:09 -0300
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--- a/src/IO/about.c	Sun Dec 21 08:05:34 2008 -0300
+++ b/src/IO/about.c	Sun Dec 21 08:16:09 2008 -0300
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@
 "    <tr>\n"
 "    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"
 "    <td>\n"
-"     <a href=';cvsroot=dillo'>\n"
+"     <a href=''>\n"
 "     ChangeLog</a>\n"
 "    <tr>\n"
 "    <td>&nbsp;&nbsp;\n"
@@ -240,22 +240,14 @@
 " <td bgcolor='#CCCCCC'>\n"
 "  <h4>Release overview</h4>\n"
-"  October 14, 2008\n"
+"  ??, 2009\n"
 " <td bgcolor='#FFFFFF'>\n"
 "  <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='5'>\n"
 "  <tr>\n"
 "   <td>\n"
-"This is a rewrite of dillo, using FLTK2, that comes\n"
-"with lots of improvements and fixes.\n"
-"Our users will surely enjoy this new release as it will give them\n"
-"the  same  things they're accustomed plus tabbed browsing,\n"
-"antialiasing, different\n"
-"character  sets,  accepting  compressed pages, control over image\n"
-"loading, smaller footprint, fewer dependencies, better table\n"
-"rendering, bugfixes, improved GUI, ... In brief, a better dillo.\n"
 "Remember that dillo project uses a release model where every new\n"
 "browser shall be better than the former.\n"
@@ -272,69 +264,20 @@
 " <td bgcolor='#CCCCCC'>\n"
 "  <h4>ChangeLog highlights</h4>\n"
 "  (Extracted from the\n"
-"  <a href=';cvsroot=dillo'>full\n"
+"  <a href=''>full\n"
 "  ChangeLog</a>)\n"
 " <td bgcolor='#FFFFFF'>\n"
 "  <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='5'>\n"
 "  <tr>\n"
 "   <td>\n"
-"<li>Ported Dillo from GTK1 to FLTK2."
-"<li>Ported a susbstantial part of the code from C to C++ (FLTK2 is in C++)."
-"<li>Wrote a new library: Dlib. With 'Dlib' Dillo doesn't need glib anymore."
-"<li>Ported all the code to Dlib."
-"<li>Made Dillo's UI Control Panel resizable on-the-fly."
-"<li>Implemented a new, simpler, dillorc parser."
-"<li>Reimplemented the Concomitant Callback chains into a uniform scheme!"
-"<li>Removed threads from IO. Now it only uses select-based watches."
-"<li>Simplified http.c by reusing the new non-blocking writes in IO."
-"<li>Implemented Stop button to not only stop rendering but also networking."
-"<li>Bound Ctrl+Space to toggle fullscreen mode."
-"<li>Added a http_referer preference. See details in dillorc."
-"<li>CCC: added reentrancy control to the OpEnd and OpAbort operations."
-"<li>CCC: enhanced the debug function and implemented OpAbort for dpi."
-"<li>Hooked a decoder for text/plain with charset."
-"<li>Forbid dpi GET and POST from non dpi-generated urls."
-"<li>Implemented tabbed browsing."
-"<li>Added a image-loading toggle button to the UI."
-"<li>Added line numbers and enabled wrapping in the 'View Source' window."
-"<li>Added HTTP-1.1's chunked transfer support!"
-"<li>Made the stop button sensitive when loading an image."
-"<li>Added support for 'charset' in the HTTP header field for Content-Type."
-"<li>Added support for 'charset' in the META element."
-"<li>Added the multipart/form-data encoding method to form submission."
-"<li>Made zlib a configure requirement, and cleaned up"
-"<li>Enabled the file dpi to look inside gzipped files."
-"<li>Added code for optional image loading (nice interface)!"
-"<li>Fixed data guesser to detect ASCII, LATIN1, UTF8, KOI8-R, CP-1251 as"
-" text."
-"<li>Fixed void to int conversions for 64bit-arch."
-"<li>Set the url resolver to escape illegal chars instead of stripping."
-"<li>Big cleanup. New classes, form API, source split."
-"<li>Added int32_t, EAI_NODATA and iconv tests for FreeBSD."
-"<li>Replaced the findtext dialog with an in-window widget!"
-"<li>Enabled clipped redraws (avoids some flickering)."
-"<li>Added combination of drawing rectangles into a larger one."
-"<li>Made getWidgetAtPoint() a virtual method of widget and implemented a"
-"   custom one for TextBlock, reducing CPU usage on pages full of links."
-"<li>Set FltkViewBase::draw to intersect with view area for expose."
-"<li>Added double buffering for partial redraws!"
-"<li>Reduced memory usage in 30% by reusing styles, reducing the size"
-"   of struct Content, and not preallocating in SimpleVector. !"
-"<li>Moved highlighting information from struct Word into Textblock"
-"   to save memory."
-"<li>Reduced memory usage 10% with a custom memory handler in Textblock."
-"<li>Implemented selection of multibyte glyphs (UTF-8)."
-"<li>Fixed a slithery BUG in lout::misc::Stringbuffer."
-"<li>Added 'enter' and 'leave' signals into class Resource."
-"<li>Enabled mouse wheel scrolling."
-"<li>Added setDeleteCallback(DW_Callback_t func, void *data) to widget."
-"   This allows to hook a callback when the widget is destroyed."
-"<li>Changed the table-apportion algorithms + bug fixes. Big work!"
 "  </table>\n"