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author Jorge Arellano Cid <>
date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 13:41:15 -0400
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--- a/	Sun Jun 14 08:42:04 2009 +0200
+++ b/	Mon Jun 15 13:41:15 2009 -0400
@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@
 dnl Detect the canonical host and target build environment
-AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(dillo, 2.0)
+AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(dillo, 2.1)
--- a/src/IO/about.c	Sun Jun 14 08:42:04 2009 +0200
+++ b/src/IO/about.c	Mon Jun 15 13:41:15 2009 -0400
@@ -240,14 +240,20 @@
 " <td bgcolor='#CCCCCC'>\n"
 "  <h4>Release overview</h4>\n"
-"  ??, 2009\n"
+"  June 15, 2009\n"
 " <td bgcolor='#FFFFFF'>\n"
 "  <table border='0' cellspacing='0' cellpadding='5'>\n"
 "  <tr>\n"
 "   <td>\n"
+"This is the second release of the dillo2 series. It comes with with\n"
+"substantial improvements, among which, the most important is a basic\n"
+"CSS infrastructure!\n"
+"There're also configurable keybindings among ather goodies. Please read\n"
+"the Changelog highlights below. This time they were sorted in two groups;\n"
+"a bit by relevance and user visibility.\n"
 "Remember that the dillo project uses a release model where every new\n"
 "version shall be better than the last.\n"
@@ -273,11 +279,58 @@
 "   <td>\n"
+"<li>Implemented basic CSS infrastructure!\n"
+"<li>Read user style from ~/.dillo/style.css.\n"
+"<li>Added configurable keybindings! (in ~/.dillo/keysrc)\n"
+"<li>Implemented \"search previous\" in string searches.\n"
+"<li>Ported the command line interface from dillo1\n"
+"<li>Set middle click to submit in a new TAB. (Helps to keep form data!)\n"
+"<li>Implemented Basic authentication!\n"
+"<li>Implemented a close-tab button for the GUI.\n"
+"<li>Implemented a tools menu.\n"
+"<li>Added dillo(1) man page.\n"
+"<li>Added \"font_max_size\", \"font_min_size\" dillorc options.\n"
+"<li>Added instant client-side redirects (aka. zero-delay META refresh).\n"
+"<li>Proxy support for HTTPS.\n"
+"<li>Updated the URL resolver to comply with RFC-3986.\n"
+"<li>Fixed Bookmarks modify's HTML so it wraps nicely on handhelds.\n"
+"<li>Made cookierc parsing more robust.\n"
+"<li>Fix: recover page focus when clicking outside of a widget.\n"
+"<li>Added support for the Q element. BUG#343\n"
+"<li>Added a right-click menu to form controls (show hiddens, submit, reset)\n"
+"<li>Added the \"http_language\" dillorc option for setting HTTP's Accept-Language.\n"
+"<li>Replace image loading button and page menu option with a tools menu option.\n"
+"<li>Implemented the \"overline\" text-decoration.\n"
+"<li>Enhanced and cleaned up text decorations for SUB and SUP.\n"
+"<li>Added \"View Stylesheets\" to the page menu.\n"
+"<li>System config files have moved to sysconfdir/dillo/\n"
+"<li>Allowed compilation with older machines by removing a few C99isms.\n"
+"<li>Switched SSL-enabled to (./configure --enable-ssl).\n"
+"<li>Removed redundant caller NULL checks already in the API.\n"
+"<li>Added use of inttypes.h when stdint.h isn't found.\n"
+"<li>Made the parser recognize \"[^ ]/>\"-terminated XML elements.\n"
+"<li>Brought in Sebastian's CSS parser from dillo-0.8.0-css-3.\n"
+"<li>Support CSS @import directive.\n"
+"<li>Improved CSS selector matching performance using hash tables.\n"
+"<li>Added support for descendant and child selectors.\n"
+"<li>Support selector specificity.\n"
+"<li>Replace bg_color dillorc option.\n"
+"<li>Remove text_color, link_color, and force_my_colors dillorc options.\n"
+"<li>Replace visited_color dillorc option.\n"
+"<li>Allow negative values for specific CSS properties only.\n"
+"<li>Disable negative margins for now as dw/* does not support them yet.\n"
+"<li>Disable form widgets while stylesheets are loading.\n"
+"<li>Implement --xid command line option (used by claws mail client).\n"
+"<li>Added the \"middle_click_drags_page\" dillorc option.\n"
+"<li>Set the File menu label to hide when the File menu-button is shown.\n"
+"<li>Made a big cleanup of cache.c WRT charset decoding (fixes bugs).\n"
+"<li>Made an extensive cleanup/fixup of the whole image handling process.\n"
+"<li>Fixed handling of META's content-type with no MIME type (e.g. only charset).\n"
+"<li>Added support for a quoted URL in META refresh.\n"
+"<li>Updated the GPL copyright note in the source files.\n"
 "  </table>\n"
--- a/src/	Sun Jun 14 08:42:04 2009 +0200
+++ b/src/	Mon Jun 15 13:41:15 2009 -0400
@@ -690,6 +690,20 @@
+static void Menu_fontsize_inc_cb(Widget *wid)
+   MSG("Menu_fontsize_inc_cb\n");
+   prefs.font_factor += 0.2;
+   a_UIcmd_repush(popup_bw);
+static void Menu_fontsize_dec_cb(Widget *wid)
+   MSG("Menu_fontsize_dec_cb\n");
+   prefs.font_factor -= 0.2;
+   a_UIcmd_repush(popup_bw);
  * Tools popup menu (construction & popup)
@@ -705,6 +719,11 @@
    if (!pm) {
       pm = new PopupMenu(0,0,0,0, "TOOLS");
+       it = new Item("Larger fonts");
+       it->callback(Menu_fontsize_inc_cb);
+       it = new Item("Smaller fonts");
+       it->callback(Menu_fontsize_dec_cb);
+       new Divider();
        it = new ToggleItem("Use remote CSS");